How to Rock the Fit: A Guide to the Style of Ice Turtle Girl #boho #eclectic #comfortable

How to Rock A Fit

“Styles Upon Styles Upon Styles is What I Have”

-A Tribe Called Quest

Hello good people. Today’s post is going to be a fun little one just because why not. So I am in no way a fashion blogger if you knew me back in high school then you know I used to wear sweat pants & an oversize t-shirt almost everyday (some times I’d even where my pajama pants). But over time I have had to become an “adult” so my fashion has changed over time since I’ve been in my 20s. So today I am just going to take you through some of my favorite outfits I have worn and kind of show you how they came together. You’ll learn how you can be stylin like Ice Turtle Girl.

Grandma Chic: 


This outfit I wore recently. My mom gave me one of her cardigans she didn’t want and then I paired it with a navy blue grandpa/grandma sweater my sister gave me and I had a dark blue long sleeve shirt under that and a camisole under that. Then I wore some boyfriend jeans and my running shoes. My hair is of course afro style because it’s too short to do anything else with it right now and I put my Native American purple and blue hair clip that went with my old regalia when I was little. For jewelry I wore my crystal earrings that were a gift and then my blue dream catcher type necklace. I also wore my medicine bag which is a staple in my wardrobe these days. This is actually a very easy outfit to do and the reason I called this one “Grandma Chic” is because it reminds me of something a grandmother would wear.

Denim on Denim on Denim:


 2017 was the year of denim. I love denim and wear it often. I am always wearing jeans but this year I got even heavier into the denim game. My mom got this nice denim jacket from the thrift store (which is where most of my clothes come from) and gave it to me. I loved it! It has embroidered flowers on it with some beads on it. The flowers run on each side of the front on my jacket and then on a big flower on the back. I get so many complements on this jacket and it’s just so comfortable and lovely. I also got another jean jacket my mom got me in New Mexico from a thrift store and it’s from Chicos. So yea I defiantly recommend getting yourself a jean jacket. This spring the way I styled my jean jacket was with some capri pants that have pink flip-flops on them. I wore that with a white t-shirt my old medicine bag with my fake moccasins that I got from Payless. I loved my iconic red sunglasses but they broke so now I own some thrift store cat eye sunglasses. In the middle picture I am wearing my snake bone earrings and fake pearl necklace. And in the last picture I have my blue peace sign earrings which I also have purple ones as well. Plus you’ve gotta wear your pins they are the best. Show what you care about and wear your pins.

Turtle Neck Sweater & The Vest Combo:


In this fit I am wearing my blue long turtle neck sweater with my brown vest on top. I was also wearing my bootcut jeans with my running shoes. For my jewelry I wore my tree of life earrings, my medicine bag and my favorite ring my best friend/sister made that glows in the dark. Then of corse I got the classic red sunglasses and a dead flower behind my ear. This is one of my favorite outfits as it’s just very comfortable and keeps me warm.

Fall Vibes In Montana:


Here you will see me in my natural habitat. I was at a food youth conference in Missoula, Montana in early October 2013 and we went to a farm for dinner one night and they were growing kale and it was the best kale ever. I love farm fresh food its the best! Anyway on this farm I was wearing a green stripped long sleeve shirt and my favorite yellow flannel that I no longer have and need to get a new one. Then which I also don’t have anymore but were awesome that my sister got me was some long sleeve fingerless mittens. For bottoms I was wearing the classic denim with some tan boots. On my head is my mushroom beanie (that’s what someone at Standing Rock said it looks like lol). For jewelry I am rockin a necklace that my dad brought me back from Ghana a few years ago and then my medicine bag and another medicine bag with snake medicine in it. Also for earrings I was wearing some studs probably my skull ones.


Gimme Jimmi: 


This outfit is a little throwback to right when I am back from AmeriCorps when I was out saving the world for 10 months. First off in this I am rockin the straight hair. Then my t-shirt is of the icon Jimi Hendrix in purple and my pants are the dark jeans which I need to buy more of with my goth-emo belt. For jewelry I am rockin rings and a million bracelets on my arms and croakies around my neck holding my white sunglasses. Oh and at this point I don’t have pierced ears.


AmeriCorps: We Save Lives:


For 10 months in 2010-2011 I participated in AmeriCorps a program for 18-24 year olds who wanna make a difference in this world. It’s like a domestic Peace Corps. Anyway this was an early picture when I first got to Denver where our campus was. I was in my dorm room at the old school building we were staying in for a month. I was wearing a green long sleeve shirt and a red short sleeve shirt on top. On top of that is my red vest and bottoms are my dark wash not skinny jeans. Oh and yes I know I’m wearing crocks sue me lol.


Move Your Feet & Be United:


Last new years I was hype. After a not so great year I was so glad for it to be over so I tried to make the new year lit. I got all kinds of glittery for the new year. For this outfit I repurposed my summer time shorts overalls with some leggings and then I wore a cream-colored sweater. In my hair I wore a very glittery headband and for jewelry I had my love earrings on and my medicine bag. Plus check out my cute video with Junior Seniors Move Your Feet playing.


There’s A Snow Storm A Blowin’:


As you can see over the years I have gotten a lot of use out of my red vest and yellow flannel combo. In this its no different I was rockin that combo here with my earrings I made with beads that I tried to color coordinate with my fit. I probably matched this with some jeans and boots as it was snowing that day and my parents & I were on our way to my little cousins’ birthday party. I also had on my favorite pin the peace and justice pin my Rooted In Community brother gave me.


Hi Ho-Boho:


This is another favorite fit of mine and I am obsessed with the pants. Here I am in ABQ New Mexico at a Rooted In Community Summit. My hair is in a french braid and I’m wearing a head scarf we got in Guatemala. Then I wear a t-shirt from the thrift store with an aboriginal design on it and for bottoms I am wearing my black, tan and red harem pants which are the most comfortable pants ever! For jewelry I wear my ten thousand bracelets and my earrings from Mexico that my Ecohermanas sister Angela got me. On my feet I am rockin my TOMS when I was in that phase.

Graduation In the Nation:


I love this dress. Thanks to moving a lot over the past few years a lot of my clothes ended up in storage and I didn’t get to wear them for at least two years. So when I finally got this out of storage I got excited and found a way to wear this dress to my friends graduation last year and I love it. It kind of African or Aboriginal design on the dress which is great then the rest of my outfit is pretty simple. Got the iconic red sunglasses, my white sandals, my fringe purse and my white cardigan with my red anklet.


Honorable Mentions:

Alright folks that’s it. Something different but was fun to do.

Well Till Next Time…Express Yourself










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