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Waka Flocka Flame, Identity & Some Black People Not Considering Themselves to Be Black #AfroIndigenous #StayAware #StayEducated

Through out my life there has always been this question of wither “black” or African-American people are Indigenous to Turtle Island like Native Americans or if they in fact come from African slaves.

To me and this is just my personal option I think it’s possible if you look at it from the stand point as we all came from Africa and migrated out to different parts of the world then yes but other wise not necessarily. I do think that just Indigenous Native Americans who lived on Turtle Island before 1492 where here and then Africans came over from Africa as said in “They Came Before Columbus” by Ivan Van Sertima and traded and shared knowledge.

Now there are people today who don’t call themselves “African-American” due to them not having a connection back to Africa which I can understand. When you are so far removed from Africa and your ancestry there then it is easy for people to not really connect with that. Also the way modern African’s treat black Americans when they come here or we go there won’t necessarily make a person wanna connect to that. They see us a less than them because we were the ones who were “stolen” and taken away from the culture. But if you watch the 2016 version of Roots then you know (which I always knew) they show you how “our people” sold us down the river for the things that the Europeans could give them. Then today these people whose ancestors sold us want to basically shame us and make us feel less then.

Then of course you have people like me and many others who are black and Indigenous mixed where one parent is black the other Indigenous or maybe both parents have it. There is always that “black” grandmother who you always hear whispers from that your family is Cherokee or Blackfoot or some other tribe and you know it as they look Indigenous.

You also though have to bring up the fact that those “civile tribes” who let in black folks were really slave owners. And then of course there were those tribes who were already dark skinned and just got stuck under the “colored” banner during classification of our people who turned into black and confused a lot of folks who are really Indigenous. Plus back then if you said you were Native that was a crime worse than being black which no one talks about.

That brings me to Waka Flaka a new school rapper who music is not my favorite recently after way too long is finally making more “mainstream” music for us and has been doing radio interviews. He recently was on Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning show & then was on Sway in the Morning. On both shows Waka talks some really woke stuff like Veganism, knowing what you eat and also the power of water and I was here for both. He also talks about DJ’s not making rap albums as they are not MCs and also once you become famous you shouldn’t be reppin your old gang.  Then Waka starts talking about identity. Now I also like it when these artist and celbs come out and reveal some stuff most of the mainstream world are not wake to or down with as they have been sold lies. I do in theory understand and agree with what Waka was trying to get at but it fell flat when he couldn’t articulate himself very well. When a lot of these woke artist come on these radio shows they usually come correct with facts and everything to support their claims knowing that the mainstream folks will tear them apart IE B.O.B and his flat earth theory (which I don’t agree with).

Waka could have said ok yes my family has Indigenous ancestry and that’s cool but in these clips it just feels like he is trying to diss black folks when early in his career he was mr. black man. It reminds me of when Raven went on her rant on Oprah talking about not being black. Now I agreed with Raven when she said that yes I am black but I’m not an African-American my family is from Mississippi not Africa and to that I understand which is why I agreed with her.

At the end of the day though we all need to educate ourselves because I feel we all have this fantasy about the way things where pre-Columbus and some of that is true but not all of it. At the end of the day we are all human and we all have conflicts, wars, hard times. No one culture is perfect! So this idea that Indigenous folks were just chillin on this land in harmony with Mother Earth in peace and being the most enlightened beings on Earth is a fallacy. Same with Africa. I mean sure where these cultures as cruel as many European nations back then I don’t think and of course more educated but we were not perfect.

But on another note if there are black Americans who are just now finding out about their Native ancestors and want to learn more so they come to the tribe to learn then as that tribe you shouldn’t push them away. This happens too often that black folks don’t get the right education about the culture due to wanting to learn and being turned away. On the flip side though if you are really about that life and wanna learn more be respectful because there are black folks who are not. They just go with the mainstream version of Indigenous people and don’t learn. Like a few months ago when a black rapper wore this Pocahontas costume and a Native women called her on it. They were both at fault in this situation. If the rapper is afro-indigenous then more power to her that means she comes from two rich cultures & that’s awesome. On the one hand I understand where this women is coming from but she could have asked if she had native in her not just assuming she didn’t and if this rapper did or didn’t have native blood she should be way more educated on what costumes like this do to the image of indigenous women & the HIGH rate of missing and murdered indigenous women! Education on both ends is definitely needed.

Debate Emerges After Native American Woman Tells Black Woman to ‘Keep Hands Off Our Culture’

At the end of the day with people like Waka Flaka Flame and other folks claiming this, education is key about both black and Indigenous cultures in this country through history and today. But this none of this gives racist a pass so don’t get it twisted cause if you ain’t white you ain’t right in their eyes. 

I hope this was both educational and informative at the same time 🙂

Till Next Time…Stay Aware, Educated & Don’t Believe the Hype!

5th Annual Chesapeake Herb Gathering

Chesapeake Herb Gathering 2017

Two weekends ago I went to the 5th annual Chesapeake Herb Gathering held at Fox Haven Farms in Jefferson, MD. The Chesapeake Herb Gathering is an annual event organized by Centro Ashé bringing together inter-generational herbal, land-based, and healing communities to celebrate our stories, our knowledge, our culture and traditions. It was a two-day gathering of herbalist, farmers, activist, spiritual, cultural and plant-based people.

I went with my friend Sonia Keiner and helped her table for her organization Chesapeake Foodshed Network. The Chesapeake Foodshed Network emerged from an acknowledgement that there was a LOT of work being done to improve the food system in many different ways across the Chesapeake region, but not a lot of coordination or communication among the organizations, agencies, companies, and individuals doing that work. Building on models found across the US and around the world, the Chesapeake Foodshed Network is an effort to build connections to coordinate everyone’s efforts where possible to maximize the outcomes.

On Friday night the day before the gathering I spend the night at Sonia’s and then we traveled about an hour to the gathering. We brought along beautiful flowers and herbs from Sonia’s garden to trade and also make flower crowns with the kids.


When we got to Fox Haven Saturday morning Sonia and I set up our table and then we set up our tent for camping with the help of Sonia’s partner Mat. After that we ate a little breakfast and then the opening happened. 

Fox Haven is a farm, ecological retreat and learning center, and wildlife sanctuary situated in the rolling piedmont hills of central Maryland. It offers a beautiful farm setting for renewal and revitalization within a one hour drive of Washington DC and Baltimore, with comfortable accommodations in three recently renovated farmhouses and large meeting spaces in the big red barn and dairy parlor.

Before the opening Molly Meehan Brown gave a beautiful introduction to the weekend. Molly is the owner of Centro Ashe and the starter of the Chesapeake Herb Gathering. The opening was Gifts of the Desert: Protecting the Harvesting Heritage of the Tohono O’odham Nation with Staycie Francisco and Tanisha Tucker. This was about sister’s Staycie and Tanisha who are apart of the Tohona O’ odham tribe in Arizona and their herbal practices and how that connects to their culture. They talked about how their grandmother would pick their tribes traditional medicine herbs from a local park area for years. Then in the ’60s the government came along and made that area into a national park. Years later their grandmother had to go to them and tell them this land is sacred to the tribe and that they go get their medicine from there. Once they allowed her to go pick the herbs word got out about it and environmentalist and other folks started wanted to interview her and film her. Staycie and Tanisha said that was a great motivation for the youth to want to learn more about their herbs and rituals with them. They also said as great as that part was they didn’t want to see the environmentalist steeling their tribes traditions and rituals to make money off of them. We also watched a video that showed us their traditional herbs and they had samples for everyone to try of some flower & syrup made out of traditional herbs.

Once the opening was over it was already lunch time. My friend and fellow Ecoheremanas Emmalee and I got some vegan chili they were serving. We then went over to were Caryl Henry Alexander was making medicine bags with people (inspired by yours truly) which was a hot ticket. Once lunch was over the first workshop happened. Sonia went to a workshop but I stated at our table and made flower crowns with the kids. I made one for myself and one for Molly’s niece who looked so cute with flowers in her hair. 


Next was the second workshop and then the third. The third workshop I went to was Tales of the Tired and Tenderhearted. A Holistic and Herbal Approach to Adrenal Fatigue and Prioritizing Self-care with Sunny Majeedah. This workshop started off with Sunny doing an interpretive dance on her life and then later she started telling us about how to release our adrenal fatigue and to take better care of ourselves. Basically she said that she could give you all the herbal remedies she knows but if you are not changing your mind and spirit or else you will never change anything else which I resonated with.

Later was dinner which Cryz who is Piscataway and her partner Amanda made pulled turkey, corn bread and with roasted sweet potato salad with corn pudding as desert. I was delicious! After dinner it was chill time with DJ MeRmAlien


On Sunday after a really nice night of camping we all got up and had some breakfast of oatmeal and then we all went to the first workshop of the day.


Southern African American Rootwork: A Tool for Survival with Ikeoma Divine. This workshop was all about spirituality from a black rootworker from South Carolina. She talked about a lot of the things I already knew or personally have experienced before in my life. She talked about being empathic, having ancestor alters, gree gree bags, putting salt in the corners of your house and many other things. I was interesting. 

Collective Healing Recipes with Landis Pulido was my next workshop. This was a workshop for kids and adults where we made healing collages of this we find heal us.


Lunch came next which was when I saw fellow Ecohermanas Terican Gross & Aleya Fraser which it was really nice to connect with both of them as I hadn’t seen either in a while. For lunch we had wild rice salad, and turkey soup made by Cryz and Amanda.


The second to last workshop I went to was an edible plant walk done by Hayden Stebbins. I learned about many different plants and herbs around the garden at Fox Haven. I learned that when you pick Poke Weed you pick the leaves and boiling them for 15 mins 3 times to make them edible. I also learned if you go up not down a Stinging Nettle plant you won’t get stung.



The last workshop I went to was Diosa Vulgaris – Urban Herbs of the Goddess with Liana Maria. There I learned about different goddesses and also different herbs that are good for different things. I learned Mugwort is great to have in the raw form in your medicine bag or in your car when you are traveling, Chickweed is a great spell breaker and Violet is great for intuitive/indigo kids. 

After that it was time to pack up and go so we did our closing circle and then packed up. We took a Ecohermanas photo and then Sonia and I took down our tent and went home.


This was a nice weekend and a great get away from life and seeing everyone I haven’t seen in a while. Look forward to going again next year.



Self Care is Revolutionary!: How to Stress Less & Take Care of Yourself During Times of Intensity #SelfCare


Self Care is Revolutionary!

“Amid all of the chaos in the world right now, it’s so important that everyone actively works to preserve their mental health so that we’re able to heal and create change.”

– Amandla Stenberg

Lately especially in my life but also socially, life has been rough. Between all the celebrity and musical deaths & then of course all the climate change, racism, sexism, and all the other isms, our crazy government and everything else that has been going on a daily bases forever.

I wanted to come on here and give you some tricks and tips on self care. I find that if you are going to be a revolutionary then you must take care of your spirit, mind, physical health and everything in between. Last year when I was heavily into the #noDAPL movement I got super into it and I would watch videos, audio, pictures, went to protest, and even traveled to Standing Rock yet during all of this I didn’t really have a good self care regiment to persevere my spirit & my mental health.

So here is my self care retinue that I have come up with since then so that I can function in these times of chaos.

Mediation & Spirituality:

I am a big advocate of having a spiritual practice & the value of mediation. To me being spiritually grounded is the best way to combat all of this negativity. I find mediation to be a really great way to clear your mind and give your mind a break from all the craziness going on in the world. Also prayer is an important way to keep you not feeling all the effects of this world. I have been fortune to have been able to grow up in a house hold that always taught me to have a spiritual practice and to always pray. I made a video on my YouTube channel where I do a nature mediation/affirmation which you should check out.


I have made many playlist with music to help through these hard times. I have playlist like one I made on Spotify which is my Rebel Chants! playlist which has all of my songs were I can turn these songs on when I feel like fighting. They hype me up and help me get my anger out but also help me to put what I’m feeling in to perspective. Other playlist I have are quiet beautiful songs that make me feel calm and happy & also my indigo and my meditation playlist for some spiritual tunes.

Go follow me on Spotify & Cymbal: icedog49    


Food can be so healing. Depending on the way you make, grow, eat your food you can bring a lot of healing into your life. Having intention with the way you handle food is power and medicine. Knowing how to grow your food & harvest food is power. Being able to cook food with love, good intention and prayer is power. The amount of food you eat, how you eat it & when you eat it is all power. I feel so alive when I go out and scavenge for food & medicine as I feel this deep connection with Mother Earth & that we are both feeding each other. So start a farm, garden, container garden, forage in your local woods (as long their not spraying chemicals on the plants) buy non-GMO and cook & eat slow with purpose.

Be Happy & Love: 

The biggest and best way to take care of yourself is through just being happy, having fun and enjoying life while spreading love. Love is the answer & showing that while just living your best life in the face adversity is a super powerful thing. Everyone should do this at all times and not allow this to stuff to get you down. I made a playlist on YouTube of People of Color & Indigenous artist just showing people having fun. Songs just showing our people just having a good time and being happy. I made this playlist after so many police killings of our people. Spread that LOVE like it’s your job! Yess!!!

Other Small Things You Can Do To Pamper Yourself:

  • DRINK WATER: One of my very good friends works for this really dope org in Berkley called the Ecology Center and him & his co-workers and the youth helped to pass a soda tax in the city a few years ago and also have made these dope campaign posters reminding people to drink more water. And it’s true folks if you do nothing else please stay hydrated it’s probably the most important thing in our lives and as we know we are made of water and water is life water is sacred and it’s important we honor the water inside of us and also the water found in nature. So in the all mighty words of Mista Drink More Water aka Dante: Drink More Water!
  • Drink Tea: Buy yourself a really dope mug & some really great tea like chamomile, green and jasmine.
  • Take A Bath: Now some people don’t like to take baths as they find them to be dirty and gross but to me it’s a time to soak all your troubles away and really just feel the warm water on your body. You can even put on some soft music, burn some candles, read a good book, and just chill.
  • Moisturize: After you have taken your bath it is important to come out and make sure your skin is beautiful and moisturized from your head to your toes. Put on some lotion or shea butter or coco oil and let it sink into your skin. Give yourself facial masks and foot scrubs. Make your skin feel smooth and easy to touch.
  • Wear Your Power: I wear a medicine bag which I have prayers, crystals, rocks, sage, tobacco and other stuff in there and I wear it everyday. It grounds me and it makes me feel connected to Mother Earth and also lets me know I am protected. Make your own medicine bag, wear your crystals around your neck or around your wrist or as earrings. Wear your protection and wear your power to keep you feeling whole.
  • Dress Your Best: This has nothing to do with size, shape or frame. Dress the best way you feel makes you feel comfortable but also look good and feel sexy. We all deserve to look our best as it will help us to feel happy about ourselves and who we are. And if your not happy with how you look then make small changes to fix that but find that beautiful dress that makes you feel really happy and put it on. Not going anywhere who cares when I get dressed in the morning and I look and feel good to myself then the rest of my day tends to go a lot better.
  • Journal/Write: So I write & I am writing this post write now. I also have journals which I try to write in when I get the chance. I have a regular journal and also a goal journal. I find it’s important to write down what your thinking because you have to get it out there. It’s therapeutic and very helpful.
  • Hangin/Communicating with Good Friends: Find your tribe. Find those friends or friend who is happy, healthy, loves you and wants only the best for you and vise versa. If your going through it let them know and go hang with them and just have fun.
  • Sleep: 8 hours of sleep is not a falsie. Sleep is something I cherish on levels and have since I was a kid. Sleep is so important to help you to even function at all.
  • Exercise: While you eat good you must also exercise. Get out and do something physical. Hike, bike, walk, run, swim, go to the gym, do yoga and be happy.
  • Sex: Ok remember now I am 25. Anyway if you have a partner or not sex can be a great way to get away from the stress & the hard times. We all need to feel some type of validation as a person and this is a way that can help you to feel that if you are with a person who loves and values you. Also remember spiritual sex is a thing and that part of your body is very sacred and should be treated as such. If treated with the respect it deserves then you can get a lot out of it.
  • Get off Social Media: While you are on your self care day or days get off social media. Take a day, two days, a week and just get off social media. Don’t check any of it and just do a cleanse. Social media can be great platforms but can also be very toxic & be a little too much. Remember the times before social media and cell phones when things were just a little bit more easy to process.
  • Affirmation Jar: Make an affirmation jar with kind words or phrases that you can look at and read everyday that will make you feel very good. It’s important to remind yourself you are beautiful or you are loved.
  • Go Out in Nature: Become one with Mother Earth. Take long walks, go visit a body of water, talk to the trees, watch the skies, commune with grandmother moon, commune with the animals and just be.



  • Dance!: I love to Dance! If you follow me on social media or have hung out with me at all then you know that. I find dancing to be an amazing way to release stress & just have fun.

Well there you have it folks some self care things you can do to get away from all the stress life can bring you. Check out this video of #blackgirlmagic that is Amandla Stenberg give you some simple self care exercises you can do just about anywhere you are if you have 5-10 mins.            

Till Next Time…Remember Self Care is Revolutionary!

Rooted In Community 2017: Greensboro, NC #RICisLit #RIC2017 #Greensboro2017


#RICisLit was on the tip of everyone’s tongue this year at the annual Rooted In Community Youth Leadership Summit. Rooted In Community or RIC is a national youth leadership network that works to make leaders of our young people through food justice & related environmental justice work. The vision of RIC is of a just and healthy food system in which youth take leadership and offer their gifts to build resilient and thriving communities through food systems transformation. They see youth as designers and creators of dynamic food and health programs, socially responsible enterprises, and people centered policy, in order to generate vibrant communities and equitable economies.

This year RIC was held in Greensboro, NC hosted by the organization Center for Environmental Farming Systems & the youth group Food Youth Initiative.

Bevelyn Afor Ukah first came to RIC last year when we had it in Olympia, Washington. She then expressed interest in hosting the next RIC in North Carolina and so when her and Noah McDonald who is a NC Food Corps member came to our Winter Leadership Institute we held for the adult allies in Boston/Sandwich, MA we talked about the plans for that. Then Bevelyn, Noah and an incredible North Carolina local planning team took on the tasks of planning this whole summit with a little help from the RIC national board for over 7 months. They were amazing, worked together well, we’re organized and got a lot of stuff done together.

So my story starts this year the day before RIC started where I got to hang out with Bevelyn at her house with her partner and have amazing food cooked by her and her husband who is from Nigeria. We went to a really dope co-op market down the street & bought some dope cookies. The food was amazing and we talked and watched movies. It was a lot of fun! Big ups to Bev!!!

The next day was the first day of RIC so we got ready and left Bev’s house then headed to Bennett College were RIC was being held for the week.

In 1873, Bennett College had its beginning in the unplastered basement of the Warnersville Methodist Episcopal Church (now known as St. Matthew’s Methodist Church). Seventy young men and women started elementary and secondary level studies. In 1874 the Freedmen’s Aid Society took over the school which remained under its auspices for 50 years.

Within five years of 1873, a group of emancipated slaves purchased the present site for the school. College level courses and permanent facilities were added. In 1926, The Women’s Home Missionary Society joined with the Board of Education of the church to make Bennett College in Greensboro, N.C., formerly co-educational, a college for women. The challenges that were overcome to establish Bennett demand that today’s challenges be met and overcome to ensure her survival.

For more than 128 years women have found Bennett to be the ideal place to foster the constant rhythm of ideas. Each student’s individual need for self-expression and desire for achievement is constantly nurtured. The College fosters a strong respect for every student. Today, in the midst of a very active renaissance, Bennett is preparing contemporary women to be well educated, productive professionals, informed, participating citizens, and enlightened parents. The College offers twenty-four areas of study in Education, the Social Sciences, the Humanities, and in Natural and Behavioral Sciences and Mathematics. Numerous opportunities to study at other higher education institutions at home and abroad are available to continue the educational enrichment of Bennett’s students.

The goals of the College continue to focus on the intellectual, spiritual and cultural growth of young women who must be prepared for lifelong learning and leadership. Since 1930 more than 5,000 women have graduated from Bennett College. Known as Bennett Belles, they continue to be among contributing women of achievement in all walks of life.


We met up with Noah and the rest of the North Carolina Planning Team and started getting things ready for the groups to arrive. Then once it was lunch time myself and one of the planning committee members Katie Rainwater drove over to a local Vietnamese restaurant to grab food for people. Then we just waited for folks to show up. One of the first groups to show up were from Mississippi called Mileston Cooperative Associations (NCAT) then many other groups started to show up. A few organizations and people who I knew from other years came this year but was more new organizations came which was awesome. We had folks come from the Virgin Islands, New Orleans, California, New Mexico, Philly, New York, St. Louis, North Carolina, Washington State and more. After registration we all went to the dinning area to have dinner and then made our way back to the big conference building to do our opening ceremony.



The opening ceremony was led by Noah, another youth who works with FYI and Re Re who were the two MCs for the gathering and myself. I started it with the ceremony part which other folks came up and did some blessings including a local kid from the Lumbe Tribe local to North Carolina. Then Noah told us some history about Bennett College and Shawn from Mississippi did an icebreaker with everyone. When they were done a dope MC did some spoken word. Then they did some community agreements and another icebreaker before getting into their narrative partner groups. Once the opening was over the adult allies had a meeting and then the day was over.

On Thursday we had our youth led workshops & creative workshops. We had breakfast on the campus and then did an hour on Equity in Environmental Justice. We first did an “I Am Poem” which was actually pretty hard to write out but was very beautiful to reflect on your own story. Afterwords we all split up into 12 groups and did some defining of words then we came back together to read our words and definitions out loud. The words Social Justice, Food Justice, Environmental Justice, Community Ownership, Resilience, Cooperatives, Equity, Inequity, Collective, Culture, Environmental Justice, System and Action. My groups word was system and we came up with some really good definitions. Groups came up with really great definitions for the 12 words.

Once the Equity in Environmental Justice workshop was over we then went into the youth led workshops. I attended the Ecology Center’s workshop on the Berkley Soda Tax and the aftermath of that incredible win for the city. The Ecology Center is a nonprofit organization located in Berkeley, California that focuses on improving the health and the environmental impacts of urban residents. Farm Fresh Choice is the Ecology Center’s food justice program that engages low-income East Bay residents in reclaiming their optimal health through youth empowerment, nutrition education, and weekly produce stands. We make fresh, organic, regionally grown, and culturally appropriate foods convenient and affordable. Adult mentors and teen leaders facilitate peer-education workshops that raise critical health awareness.

Berkeley’s soda tax passed in a landslide in November 2014. This was a victory for health, for communities of color and their kids, and for people-powered democracy against one of the biggest global industries – Big Soda. Berkeley community members took on the soda tax campaign because we face a serious health crisis: 40% of kids will get diabetes in their lifetimes unless we do something about it. The link between sugary drinks and diseases like diabetes is undeniable. As of January 2017, Berkeley’s soda tax has generated more than $2.5 million for community nutrition & health efforts, including school garden programs. The City of Berkeley has used the initial funds raised by the soda tax to support public school garden and nutrition programs, and other programs that address health disparities in our community.

Next was lunch and then the second round of youth led workshops. I didn’t go to a workshop during that time due to helping move some puppets out of a van that we would be using for the Day of Action. During that time I hung out with Alyzza May who makes her own herbal products with her partner. I bought some really great chap stick form her and others had bought some body butter creme as well. She even had little pins featuring queer & transgender activist. I took a pin that had transgender poc women who started the Stonewall Riots Martha P. Johnson.

After workshop block two ended Alyzza did a talk on 7 Principles of Cooperatives and then people broke into their block three workshops which were the creative writing and art workshops. Before I went to the media workshop we had a RIC national check in on a few things and called our brother Travis who was in Oakland that weekend at the Roots and Remedies conference. I helped CC or Cecelia Polanco who took a class on social media and tought it to us. It was a very well thought out presentation that went over statistics, how to tell your story on social media and was very hands on.

It was then dinner time and then we had the last workshops of the day which included dance, poetry writing & a movie. I went to the movie screening of Wilmington On Fire. “Wilmington on Fire” is a feature-length documentary that chronicles The Wilmington Massacre of 1898. The Wilmington Massacre of 1898 was a bloody attack on the African-American community by a heavily armed white mob with the support of the North Carolina Democratic Party on November 10, 1898 in the port city of Wilmington, North Carolina. It is considered one of the only successful examples of a violent overthrow of an existing government and left countless numbers of African-Americans dead and exiled from the city. This event was the spring-board for the White Supremacy movement and Jim Crow segregation throughout the state of North Carolina and the American South. This incident has been barely mentioned and has been omitted from most history books. It was not until 2006, after the North Carolina General Assembly published a report on it, that the tragedy became known to the general public.

Friday was our field trip day and people slit up into many different field trips including a Greensboro History Tour, Food Systems in Greensboro & Triangle Migration and Food Tour. I went on the Triangle Migration and Food tour which was led by Noah and Jada Drew who was part of the local planning team. We first visited the Stagville Plantation. Located in Durham, Historic Stagville comprises the remnants of one of the largest plantations of the pre-Civil War South. The plantations belonged to the Bennehan-Cameron family, whose combined holdings totaled approximately 900 enslaved people and almost 30,000 acres of land by 1860. Stagville offers a view of the past, especially that of its African-American community, by allowing visitors to guide themselves around its extensive grounds. In addition, Stagville offers the public many learning opportunities. When we first arrived there we checked out the gift shop and then went to the outsides of the barns and other buildings and did a little exercise where there were folks in an inner and outer circle and we were lined up with a partner and asked questions that we would have to answer with our partner and then with each new question we would move to a different partner. Most of the questions were about slavery and what that meant to us what we new about Africa before slavery and other questions. This was led by Noah & Jada Drew.

Next was our tour which we learned about the houses, barns and buildings that the enslaved Africans had built on the land. The Bennehan House was the first house built for the plantation owners family on the land. Enslaved African craftsmen also built the four timber-framed slave dwellings at Horton Grove in 1851. There was a barn that enslaved African carpenters built over five months in the summer of 1860. We also toured the inside of The Bennehan House which was the house of the plantation owner Richard Bennehan, his wife and two children. After our tour we had lunch then had a group discussion on what we saw during the tour and how it made us feel and how slavery affects us.

Our next stop on field trip was Transplanting Traditions Community Farm in Chapel Hill. Transplanting Traditions Community Farm (TTCF) is located on 269 acres of preserved farmland owned by Triangle Land Conservancy (TLC). With a grant from Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC in 2010, TLC was able to set up the initial infrastructure of the land in partnership with TTCF with the goal to host an educational farm project on the property forever. This unique partnership between TLC and TTCF is the only one of its kind in the Southeast. Transplanting Traditions began in 2010 with complete funding support from a 3-year federal grant through the Office of Refugee Resettlement. In May of 2013, TTCF was due to end this 3-year funding cycle. In response, we launched our first major fundraising effort through the crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo. We managed to raise $15, 571 from 193 individual donors, mostly from the local community. These funds were equally matched with donation from a local family foundation. TTCF is forever grateful to the supportive and enthusiastic local community. This video was made during this fundraising effort.

While there we took a tour of the farm, learned about their CSA program and had a cooking demonstration of traditional Asian foods like long been salad which was really good. They also had a bamboo house on the farm which was really cool I wish I had the space to build one. The rest of the day was just chillin and taken in the beauty of the farm which was nice. After a while we had dinner and a few people went on a slip n’ slide people made. After dinner a cypher ended up happening which was dope. Then as we were getting ready to leave an all out water balloon fight started and it was all over from there lol. That day was a lot of fun.

Saturday was our Day of Action. We bored buses to go to downtown Greensboro where we had our action at a local park. For about an hour we had our prep for the Day of Action were the puppet show folks could rehearse and the media team could go interview people and the muralist got to go paint on a Greensboro mural. Once that hour was up the puppet show began which was really cool and had been brought up to DC during the People’s Climate March. We then had speakers come up and from Noah, local youth from the Lumbe tribe, Mercy one of the adult allies, Bevelyn and Jada. Jada and Bevelyn introduced our special guest who were staples in the Greensboro community. Next was our stroll down the streets of downtown Greensboro were we passed historic Woolworth st. were the first lunch counter sit ins in the ’60s were held by high school students. We were led by local band who does marches. Lunch came next which we had meditation food.

Pool time was next so we went back to campus grabbed our bathing suites and headed to the pool which was 45 mins away from campus. Unfortunately since I just gotten a fresh tattoo a few weeks before I was unable to go swimming but still was able to sit in the kiddie pool and chill which was nice because it was so HOT in Greensboro that whole week. We stayed at the pool for about 2 hours then went back to campus and on the way it rained hard.


Once we got there we ate some really good pupas from CC’s food truck which she gives some of the proceeds of the food she sells goes to giving undocumented students scholarships for college. They were so good!



Later that night we had our open mic and dance party with DJing by DJ Alee. We had a dope MC for the night and everyone who performed from poetry to singing to hula hoop & hacky sack contest to dancing. It was very lit and a lot of fun. Then we had our dance party for an hour and a half. DJ Alee did a great job but I started to show my age after a few songs lol even though I’m not even that old. Towards the end of the night though was when the old school jams came on and then I felt right at home.


During the summit we had a “late night crew” that got together after the day ended and would chill in the 2nd or 3rd floor lounge. People would order pizza and other stuff it was a lot of fun. Due to this I got very little to no sleep this RIC but it was worth it. The last night after the dance party one of my suite mates Lou from GRUB in Olympia, Washington and I went down to the second floor to play Cards Against Humanity with Dante Kaleo from the Ecology Center in Berkley and some folks and then ended up staying up all night till like 6 am and then we went on a sunrise walk which was really nice.


The next morning was our closing ceremony. That involved pros and crows, regional circles and the biggest fan icebreaker. Once that was over I with the help of Irene from Food What?! did the closing prayer and smudged everyone and then we did the RIC chant. After that it was really time for folks to leave so they took pictures together and said their goodbyes as shuttles took them to the airports or they jumped in their cars and make their way back home.

This years RIC was truly awesome and I am so excited to keep in contact with all the beautiful people I met along the way and come visit them where they live and they can come visit me in the DMV. I meet some really cool people this year and got to hang out with people who have been coming to RIC for a while like Dante, Irene from Food What?!, Demetrius and the other youth from Pie Ranch, Lou and folks from GRUB, Shawn from Mississippi, East New York Farm folks and many others . Each year I make a new bunch of family members who I can feel their energy around the country doing amazing things.

Hope to see a lot of you all next year or in the future!


Check out a video that was filmed of interviews of youth at the summit:

The Get Down: A Trip into ’70s Hip-Hop & Disco History #HipHopHistory


“If you know better then you gotta do better each one teach one then come together”

So I just finished the Get Down & now I’m shook and will now tell you my thoughts on the story, how well I think it represented the beginnings of hip-hop and of course the music. PS I’m just as mad as everyone else that the show got cancelled. Thanks a lot Netflix. :C #SideEye

Oh and before I get started I will talk about how I found out about hip-hop and why I love it. So when I was a little kid I was always very fascinated with my older siblings being the youngest of 5 and all my siblings being in high school when I was little. My siblings listed to many different genera of music from R&B to Rock to oldies to whatever was on the radio and hip-hop was defiantly one of them. My sister and my brother both listened to it and when I was really little my bother would leave the house and I would sneak into his room and listen to whatever he had in his stereo. That is where I learned about hip-hop from Snoop Doggy Dog, Bone-Thugs & Harmony, the Beastie Boys, A Tribe Called Quest and Common Sense among others. Of course at the time I didn’t know what I was listening to but I liked the flow and beat of it. It wasn’t until I was in high school and started to rediscover a lot of hip-hop from when I was a kid I was starting to appreciate it more. Now I am a huge fan of it and honestly try to learn from it and keep current with the culture all the time (sadly even the stupid parts of it sometimes).

Now On to The Get Down:

The Get Down is an American musical drama television series created by Baz Luhrmann and Stephen Adly Guirgis. Its six-episode first part premiered globally on August 12, 2016, on Netflix. Produced by Sony Pictures Television, the series is set in the South Bronx region of New York City in the late 1970s; its title refers to parts of disco and R&B records that could be repeated using multiple turntables and were enjoyed most by dancers. A five-episode second part concluding the series was released on April 7, 2017. On May 24, 2017, Netflix announced that the series is concluded after part 2 and that there would be no more parts.

Original I heard about this series and just never got around to watching it like many other things due to many other things keeping me busy last summer. Looking back though I do wish I had watched it so the ratings would have been better in hopes of saving this very diverse, culturally relevant, unifying story of resilience & hard work of how to help make a bad situation better.

Ok so this show goes from a little slow to more interesting as the show goes on. It starts off with Ezekiel and his friends in the Bronx just going through their everyday lives in the Ghetto of New York as teenagers. It starts off with them on their last day of school were Ezekiel writes a poem that he submits to his teacher who wants him to read it aloud to the class yet he refuses due to not wanting to look like a punk. After class he reads it to his teacher and basically moves her to tears. She tell Zeke that he is very smart with a lot of potential yet he blows it off.

Then you have the love story of Ezekiel and Mylene a kind of hip-hop/disco version of Romeo & Juliet. Zeke helps Mylene record a demo for a record producer and is always writing her beautiful poetry. At first Zeke is in love with Mylene yet she blows him off due to her one dream of becoming a big disco star. Only problem is her father is this super religious guy who things disco is “devil music for sinners”. That night after the last day of school Zeke finds out that Mylene and her girls Yolanda & Regina are headed to this club called Les Inferno where this old crime boss mother Fat Annie who owns the joint stays with her Disco loving son Cadillac. Mylene things someone there will be able to help her make her disco dreams come true.  


So Zeke plans to go over there to dance with her and win her over. Before going over he gets into an altercation trying to find her favorite recording of this made up disco star Misty Holloway’s song & meets one of his mentors Shaolin Fantastic who would later teach him about the Get Down, DJing and wordsmithing. Anyway Shaolin at the time is working for Fat Annie drug pushing but is also trying to be the apprentice of the one great Grandmaster Flash & taging. Flash sends Shaolin out to find a wordsmith for his Get Down & the Misty record. He finds it but comes up against Zeke and they have an altercation before Shaolin makes an agreement with Zeke that if he lets him have the record at the end of the night he will help him get into the club as they wouldn’t let him in earlier.

Once they’re in Zeke is able to get the record played but not before Mylene gets hit on by Cadillac & he dances his disco number. Once the Misty track hits Mylene is so over whelmed and happy her and Zeke dance and kiss on the dancefloor before Cadillac steals her for his dance partner. Before they can finish their dance a rival gang comes in and shoots up the place but luckily Mylene her friends and Zeke get out without getting hurt. With Zeke thinking him and Mylene have a thing now she tells him to get lost which hurts him a lot and breaks his heart. Unfortunately for Mylene after words her dad finds out she went to Les Inferno and flips out kicking her out to which she calls on her uncle for help.


Where her uncle comes in is he is working for Ed Koch who is running for office in the Bronx and he is also a crime boss yet he cares about his city and the people very much and wants to help save them and give them affordable housing. Anyway when Mylene tells her uncle that she wants to sing he tries to make it happen for her.


This episode ends with Zeke and his friends coming back into contact with Shao and him taking them to their first Get Down held by Flash. This is when we first see Zeke as the wordsmith to Shao’s DJ and that’s where it all beginnings.


Ezekiel has 3 other friends who are brothers who help him on this road through the Get Down.


Ronald “Ra-Ra” Kipling: The oldest of the Kipling brothers he is the voice of reason in all their scams and is very responsible who loves sy-fi movies like Star Wars.

Miles “Boo-Boo” Kipling: The youngest of the Kipling brothers who wants to hang out with the big boys and gets in trouble for it. He can also sing very well.

Marcus “Dizzee” Kipling: My favorite character of the show Dizzee is the artistic one of the family who is a graffiti artist who goes by Rumi 411. He is also an “alien with a top hat”.

Their sister is Yolanda who is Mylene’s best friend and their dad is a musician and their mom runs a hair salon.

The rest of the story goes through ebbs and flows and in the end it has us wondering if the crew would ever work together again. Now due to the show being kind of drawn out and complicated and the fact that I defiantly think you need to watch this show and experience it for yourself, I am just going to talk about important and my favorite moments/themes of the show.

So I’ve seen this type of character/person before in other shows and in real life the kind who is super smart but doesn’t want to one up their friends so they fake dumb. That is Zeke in this show full of so much greatness yet to the world he is throwing it away on some crazy rhyming thing. Both his parents were killed when he was a kid due to his drug dealing and took his mom who was piano player down with him. Due to this Zeke has all this pent-up anger to the world and doesn’t want to walk around with a target on his back. All he cares about is his rhymes and Mylene. But when given a real opportunity to work with the big boys he doesn’t want to go for it at first but then with a little encouragement from Mylene’s uncle who gets him an internship working for the Koch admin he takes it. All of this goes to his head a little at one point until he is brought back to earth by Shao who comes to save him one day when he in “white boy land”. While there Shao gets him in trouble when some racist white boys come at him and the best thing happens he drop kicks him. Of course Zeke goes back to the internship but only for a little while until telling off the guy he was interning with due to him being racist. He goes back to his rhyming life only to realize it was all in vain and then gets into college.


Shaoline Fantastic is a sad kid who is an orphan like Zeke yet he was picked up off the streets by Fat Annie who uses him as puppet for her sick drug games which is the same thing she does to her own son. When he starts to find his passion with the DJing thing he tries to get free from Annie many times but to no avail he goes back to her time after time. He starts to find a brother hood with Zeke and his crew and under the watchful eyes of Grandmaster Flash he gets really good at the Get Down but that drug slinging life just keeps calling him even when he starts to win at the DJing thing. In the end he has no crew and is back at square one.


The Kipling brothers are a funny bunch of kids who all just want to hang with their boy and make this music. Boo-Boo wants to hang with the big boys and do to that gets himself into a lot of trouble for it due to Shaoline. Then you have Ra-Ra who is just trying to look out for everyone and gets them out of a pickle or two and gets a nice “queen” from the Zulu Nation for his trouble.


Then you have Dizzie. He is a graffiti artist who in the first episode is obsessed with Shaoline Fantastic when he was a graffiti artist at the time until he gives Dizzie his cans and goes on to DJ. Dizzie is a crazy artist and his tag is Rumi 411 and an alien with an afro and top hat. While tagging one day he meets this white guy named Thor who he becomes free with when he invites him to a drag show. Later Thor gets caught by the cops and does some time but once he gets out him and Dizzie start something good. They have this really cute scene where they are at Thor’s place and Dizzie and him paint each other and just go wild and free. Dizzie is also a dope comic.

His whole character is a great representation for all the weird cats in hip-hop even to this day. If he was a real person he would have been the first lgbtqia person in the game. Plus he represents what would come in hip-hop later in the game where kids were just on another level like De La Soul, Tribe and even now like Kid Cudi & Lupe.


Then you have Mylene and her friends trying to find Disco fame. Mylene’s uncle comes through for her and gets her a record contract but it comes with a price that she has to do church music to be able to make it. It works for a little while but then when the record company gets tired of it they push Mylene to do something out of her comfort zone but she does it anyway and sells her soul for a movie deal. In doing so it tears her already falling apart family more apart. In the end Mylene starts to control her own destiny and get what she wants.

This was sadly the story of the record business they take promising young artist and will try to crush their spirits and then pimp them out for the world to take. They make it seem that if they want it hard enough then they will conform to this new style. It’s really sad.


And Zeke and Mylene? Well they go through their ups and downs one minute she hates him then loves him then he hates her then loves her then they love each other and its pretty beautiful. Except for one time where he kisses his bosses white daughter who loves punk music Mylene and Zeke are pretty faithful to each other. She is his butterscotch queen! They are too cute!


Then the very last battle with all the crews all over the Bronx coming together the way they did when they heard hip-hop was about to go commercial was fire. Best scene of the show! It has always been about UNITY! Wish some of the young folks got this hip-hop is about UNITY! U-N-I-T-Y Coming together to save hip-hop! This moved me!

Basically this story is a classic story of love, faith, hardship, & fighting for what you believe in.

So How Do I Feel this Represented Hip-Hop?

I think this represents hip-hop very well. I learned a lot from this show from things from the ’70s like OJs which are taxi services that come with the newest mixtapes from the hottest DJs. I learned about what the Get Down actually means which is the drum beats of the records looped basically for the wordsmith to rhyme over. I learned a lot about music in general in the ’70s. It was very informative and as a lover of hip-hop I was so into it. And I know that a lot of people assume that the ’70s-’80s hip-hop cats don’t do drugs because they didn’t talk about it well sadly they did. Also the great thing about early hip-hop is that they didn’t really cuss or defile women or talk about materialism (all though there wasn’t anything for them to talk about) for the most part in their music. It was all very real and talked about exactly what was going on right there on the streets.

Actors Portraying Hip-Hop’s Roots:


  • Justice Smith as Ezekiel (“Zeke”) “Books” Figuero: I think Justice Smith did an amazing job as Ezekiel & he is cute. I saw him in another movie called Paper Towns which I didn’t like much but in this show he really embodied a young kid from the late 1970s. I hope to see him more projects as he is a great actor.
  • Shameik Moore as Curtis “Shaolin Fantastic”: Shameik Moore was the main star in Dope about the nerdy black kid in the hood of California who loves ’90s hip-hop and ends up in a situation were he has to sling dope on the internet. To be honest the role of Shaolin Fantastic was just a deeper level of his character in Dope. Lover of hip–hop or the Get Down and a dope pusher at the same time only in the 1970s. He did a really great job bringing Fantastic to the screen and the way he interacted with Flash and the Get Down Brothers was great to see as well. He played a bad ass pretty well.
  • Herizen F. Guardiola as Mylene Cruz: Herizen has an amazing voice who should have a record deal right now. She embodied Mylene and showed us the various sides of her character from powerful women to vulnerable kid who just wants to make her dreams come true. The way she works with Justice Smith is also very cute. They work together very well and make their love very real between Zeke and Mylene.
  • Skylan Brooks as Ronald “Ra-Ra” Kipling: He reminded me of any one of the Jackson brothers and was deep into that ’70s style. Skylan Brooks did a great job of making himself look and act like a kid from the ’70s.
  • Tremaine Brown Jr. as Miles “Boo-Boo” Kipling: He looked like the younger brother of the Jackson and was very convincing as a young kid back then.
  • Jaden Smith as Marcus “Dizzee” Kipling : Jaden basically took himself from 2016-2017 and channeled it into Dizzee in the ’70s. His character is very weird yet he brings that to the screen very well. The way he talks and what he talks about its next level and Dizzee’s relationship with the character Thor, Jaden really brings us that unadulterated passion and how to break free. Probably my favorite Jaden role since the Karate Kid and he brings it on the soundtrack with real bars.
  • Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Clarence “Cadillac” Caldwell:He plays a cold mother- in the best way. At only 30 at the time of filming this show he really embodied a gangster in the best way. Yahya brings a lot of heart to Cadillac from his cold exterior to his child like insides when he puts on a funky disco toon.
  • Jimmy Smits as Francisco “Papa Fuerte” Cruz: Jimmy is a seasoned actor from the ’90s who started in the law drama NYPD Blue and he does his thing to bring Papa Fuerte to life. The way he interacts with Mylene, Zeke, Mylene’s mom and dad his really good as he comes off as a good yet dangerous guy. 
  • Lillias White as Fat Annie: Lillias White brings Fat Annie to Life! Fat Annie is a bad mother- literally and figuratively and the way she makes her look old and worn down is impressive. She is cold and calculated and all she cares about is money & pushing dope which is basically killing the community as well as her family.
  • Daveed Diggs as adult Ezekiel “Mr. Books” Figuero: This guy was recently in Black-ish as Rainbow’s brother and in that he acts really hippie but in this he is basically Nas. During the show adult Zeke is telling the story back in the day of him and his crew while playing at Madison Square Garden. He does a good job the little we got to see of him.
  • Stefanée Martin as Yolanda Kipling: Stefanee plays the little sister of the Kippling Brothers and is Mylene & Regina’s best friend. She comes from a good home with two working parents and helps her friends make their dreams come true. I liked her style on the show with her fro & how loyal she is. I thought Stefanee did a great job bringing her to life on the show.
  • Shyrley Rodriguez as Regina: Shyrley plays Regina & Mylene’s best friend who is a down chick who helps her friends become famous. They tried to have a small story line between her and her boyfriend Little Wolf the son of one of the bodyguard at the Les Inferno club. Basically he was hitting her yet she was taking it due to her mother getting hit too growing up. Shyrley plays Regina well she is sexy and plays this down chick really well.
  • Noah Le Gros as Thor: Noah who plays Thor is only sceen a few times on the show but when he is it’s pretty cute the way Thor and Dizzee or Jaden interact througout their sceens is really special. He brings that unadulterated love and freedom to his character through his art and his relationship with Dizzee.
  • Mamoudou Athie as Grandmaster Flash: So we only get to see Grandmaster Flash a few times during the season and but when we do he makes an impact. Mamoudou Athie brings young Flash to the screen and gives him that mystery and class to such an important person in hip-hop history.
  • Eric D. Hill Jr. as DJ Kool Herc & Okieriete Onaodowan as Afrika Bambaataa: So you only get to see these historic hip-hop figures twice but when you do they make a big splash in the story. Herc you see when they try to trace the Flash tapes from his crew and Bambaataa comes in when we see him when Ra-Ra goes to the Zulu Nation with his girl. Eric Hill Jr. & Okieriete brings these two to the screen in a very good way and look like them too.

Now the music. So the soundtrack was fire! This show brought it with the toons and I loved it. So the Get Down Brothers had some bars and even though I know none them actually wrote any of that if they came out in 2017 they would be my new favorite group. Jaden brings it with his rhymes and has a track on here with Raury that is really spacey kind of and works with their styles well. All of the Nas as grown up Zeke tracks are of course amazing and even the non hip-hop tracks work well for the show. Telepathy by Christina fits well during the drag race scene (that drag queen lip synced for her life). One of my favorite tracks off the soundtrack is the Sam Dew cover of Use Me which I have loved this song since I was a kid & he does it justice. Sadly the one track I wish could have been on the soundtrack was Have You Heard by Miguel which is so good during the Dizzie paint scene. Overall a classic soundtrack to a great show.


Soundtrack Tracks are My Favorite:

  • Welcome to the Get Down- Jaden Smith
  • Losing Your Mind- Raury ft. Jaden Smith
  • Rule the World (I Came from the City)- (featuring Nasir Jones as Mr. Books)
  • Black Man in a White World (Ghetto Gettysburg Address)- (featuring Nasir Jones as Mr. Books)
  • Ball of Confusion- Leon Bridges
  • Telepathy ft. Nile Rodgers- Christina Aguilera
  • Hum Along and Dance (Gotta Get Down)- Janelle Monae
  • Just You, Not Now (Love Theme)- Grace
  • This Ain’t No Fairy Tale- Ezekiel Figuero
  • Get Down Brothers vs. Notorious 3- The Get Down Brothers
  • Kipling Theme- Kamasi Washington
  • Set Me Free (featuring Nile Rodgers & The Americanos)- Mylene Cruz
  • Zeke’s Poem (I Am the One)- Ezekiel Figuero
  • Break The Locks – The Get Down Brothers
  • ‘Bout That Bank – The Get Down Brothers
  • Mr. Bill – Grandmaster Caz
  • The Internationale Pt. 1 – The Get Down Brothers
  • Angels With Dirty Faces – Nasir Jones as Mr. Books
  • I’m My #1 – Mylene Cruz
  • Honor – DJ Cassidy feat. Grace & Lil Yachty
  • Use Me – Sam Dew
  • Shaolin’s Theme / Pray – Malay / 6LACK
  • The Other Side (The Duet) – Mylene Cruz

Oh and before I go I must talk about how messed up I think it was that this show got cancelled. I would have loved to see this taken into the ’80s during the crack area, Reaganomics, the commercializing of hip-hop and all that. Plus they had to end on some cliff hangers at the end due to their not being a season 2. That sucks but it was a great show for the time it got to be on and the stories it got to tell.

Also this is how hip-hop got started. The location of that birthplace was 1520 Sedgwick Avenue, and the man who presided over that historic party was the birthday girl’s brother, Clive Campbell—better known to history as DJ Kool Herc, founding father of hip hop.

Shout-out to Herc, Caz, Flash, Bambaataa and all those who revolutionized a new art form in the Bronx for the culture!

Thank You for Giving A Voice to Generations!

Until Next Time…Stay Hip-Hop!




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Hello World!

Time for another Social Justice News Update from around the world. Giving you news and my perspective on it all from those fighting the good fight all around our Mother Earth. It’s been a minute since I have put one of these out and since we have a new commander-in-chief who is wrecking havoc all over the world and people are just acting crazier and crazier I’m here to give you my thoughts on it all.

In Climate Justice News…

Kids climate lawsuit heads to trail. U.S. District Court Judge Ann Aiken issued an order Thursday denying motions filed by the Trump administration and the fossil fuel industry that sought to appeal her Nov. 10, 2016 order in Juliana v. United States to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Two weeks ago President Cheeto pulled out of the Paris Agreement putting us in more danger in this climate. This Paris thing man…Cheeto is Cheating us out of a future😟but Mother Earth will be the ultimate winner in the end she’s got her fate in her hands it’s us humans who should be worried but we can fight & win I know will be alright! #climatejustice

In Indigenous News…

As of this week a victory has been won in the fight against the DAPL. A federal judge ruled that the federal permits authorizing the pipeline to cross the Missouri River just upstream of the Standing Rock reservation, which were hastily issued by the Trump administration just days after the inauguration, violated the law in certain critical respects.  In a 91-page decision, Judge James Boasberg wrote, “the Court agrees that [the Corps] did not adequately consider the impacts of an oil spill on fishing rights, hunting rights, or environmental justice, or the degree to which the pipeline’s effects are likely to be highly controversial.” The Court did not determine whether pipeline operations should be shut off and has requested additional briefing on the subject and a status conference next week.

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Receives Inaugural Henry A. Wallace Award

Cops are finally being sued for illegally spraying Standing Rock Protesters with water in freezing temperatures.

On South Dakota’s Pine Ridge Reservation, home to the Oglala Lakota people, one Lakota student at Red Cloud Indian School defied the negative statistics that continue to plague young people on Pine Ridge. Not only is nineteen-year-old Jacob Rosales going to college this fall, but he was accepted into seven of the nation’s eight Ivy League universities. Been to this rez and this is truly a blessing!

Oh and if you are a part of the Medicine Tribe go support this Salmon Run Doc that Nahko was apart of.

In Terrorist News…

About a month ago as we all know a bomb went off at a Ariana Grande concert killing some of her small young fans. It was said that the man who through the bomb pledged allegiance to ISIS. A couple of weeks ago a benefit concert was held by Ariana and many other artist and it was amazing! My favorite performances were from Justin Berber, Miley & Ariana singing Don’t Dream It’s Over which they original sang for Miley’s outdoor concert series for her charity Happy Hippie, the Black Eye Peas, Pharell, and Mac Miller. Then when Ariana sang with the children’s choir and the little girl started to cry it broke my heart and at the end of the concert when she sang her song One Last Time which has become an anthem for healing around this tragedy with all the artist lined up in back singing along.

The day before on June 3rd, an attack took place in the Southwark district of London, England, when a van mounted the pavement of London Bridge and was driven into pedestrians. The van crashed, and the three male occupants ran to the nearby Borough Market pub and restaurant area, where they stabbed people with long knives. Amber Rudd, the Home Secretary, stated that the attackers were Islamist terrorists. Eight people were killed and 48 were injured, including four unarmed police officers who attempted to stop the assailants. The three attackers, who wore fake explosive vests, were all shot dead by police. It was the third terrorist attack in Great Britain in just over two months, following a similar attack in Westminster in March and a bombing in Manchester in May.


In Black Lives Matter News…

June 16th the verdict came in on the shooting of unarmed black man Philando Castile that happened last July. Sadly (go figure) the officer in question was let off the hook and again we are forced to see that Black Lives Don’t Matter! I am so over this justice needs to be served and as much as I have hope that we can fix this it still gets me down and just frustrates me. I’ve written countless blog post about all of this so go check them out.

Last week Bil Mahr a late night talk show host on HBO came under fire for calling himself a “house n-word” when making a joke. Then Ice Cube goes on his show to tell him after he goes under fire that basically what he said was wrong and that word is now a term of endearment among black people and that no white person should ever say it but it’s ok for black people. I personally don’t agree with Ice Cube. On the one hand yes white folks should NOT EVER say this word but I don’t think ANYBODY should EVER say this word! Read my blog post on this issue and see what I think about it.

Hip-Hop, The World, The N word

Oh and then you have the real MVP Akon being better than all of us with his humanitarian spirit with all that he is doing for his continent of Africa.

In Music News…

Katy Perry Sucks! Miley Cyrus hates Hip-Hop and white female pop stars are so fickle and culture vultures. Basically Miley Cyrus is now back to her country/soft rock ways and has thrown the rachet wayz behind her and along the way has basically demoralized hip-hop by saying that all it is about it bitches, hoes, and suck my dick. Well Miley we all know your rachet self was only listening to that type of hip-hop so you have no idea about some concuss rhymes. Also Miley we all know you have the lugery of flip-flopping when you want to and throwing away our culture. Well now Katy Perry is doing the exact same thing only deference is she has basically been doing this her whole career. I haven’t listened to her album yet but probably won’t as Katy is Trash and a cultural appropriator who wants to cry on camera trying to act like she put all that behind her and is a “woke activist feminist” now. Lies! But I will admit that I kind of like the new Miley stuff (but don’t hate me).

Not the biggest Jay-Z fan as a person but I still respect him lyrically and today he came out on twitter with his influences in the hip-hop game both old and new after Obama inducted him into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. His list is actually pretty legit. I agree on almost all of the old heads he listed but not on all of his new area cats.

SHARE this & be careful about who you communicate with on the internet young kids! #AustinJones Child Pornography

And in general music news: pop is turning rock, rock is turning pop and hip-hop is trash except for the underrated, underground and woke mainstream artist.

Happy 50th Sgt. Pepper!

In LGBTQ News…

Last weekend was DC & LA pride and the day after pride was the Equality March which was well attended and even had a representative from the Two-Spirit community from the International Indigenous Youth Council. RuPaul was at the LA Equality March being the Queen he is. The day of actual Pride in DC groups of LGBTQIA+ of color came together to boycott the Pride parade which is basically just exploiting our communities by capitalizing the parade & festival. Also remember the victims of the Pulse shooting as this week marked the 1 year anniversary of their deaths.

In TV & Movie News…

THAT BLACK PANTHER THOUGH…SO LIT!!! Come through #BlackHistoryMonth2018 Also check out my review of Dear White People. Oh and Raven’s Home the sequel to That’s So Raven is coming out in July and they have released a little teaser trailer which is funny and Raven is still dope. (Raven Baxter guys not Raven Symone chill) Go support this kickstarter indie show! Apple now has the ability to know things beyond her means and age. Her father MATTHEW, a mid 30s university professor, is obsessed with her rapidly growing intellect and confidence, eager to engage her intellectually. Her mother CHARLENE, an early 30’s registered nurse and the backbone of the house, is more concerned about Apple’s equally growing impudence towards authority. Apple is developing claircognizance (all-knowing) abilities very quickly. With her newfound consciousness and knowledge comes a decision: assimilate and accept the world as is or use her abilities to speak up. The series stars Milan Williams, whose commanding presence in the Kickstarter video makes us all the more excited for the project, and is co-produced by Lisa Cortés (Precious). Remember that time Adam West voiced himself on Fairly Odd Parents? Will miss you Catman!

In General Social Justice News…

On Thursday June 15th a group of citizens went down to the Dollar Tree community stock owners and customers with the Campaign for Heathier Solutions and attend the company’s shareholder meeting in Virginia Beach, VA to push for the removal of toxics from Dollar Tree products and deliver 150,000 petition signatures urging the chain adopt better policies to prevent toxic chemical exposure.

Women, men, elderly, and children made their way to the city of Karbala on Sunday and Monday last week for the holy day of Arbaeen. Arbaeen is the event which marks the end of the 40-day mourning period following Ashura, the religious ritual that commemorates the death of the Prophet Mohammad’s grandson Imam Hussein in 680 AD. This took place during the holy month of Ramadan and was a walk to take a stand against ISIS and their demoralizing of the Islamic religion. In one of the largest organized marches in the history of the world, tens of millions of Shia Muslims made an incredibly heartening statement, by risking their lives to travel through war-stricken areas to openly defy ISIS. This massive event that would have undoubtedly helped to ease tensions in the West was almost entirely ignored by corporate media.

20 Million Muslims March Against ISIS and The Mainstream Media Completely Ignores It #SaveSNAP #SaveAmeriCorps

Happy 50th Anniversary to Interracial Marriage becoming legal!

Um I think that’s it but there is always more so be on the look on for more of these news updates to keep you in the know in the future.

Also if you’re looking for alternatives to the mainstream news check out these news outlets: Democracy Now!, RT, Young Turks, AJ+, Al Jazeera