Cooking with Ice Turtle Girl: Butternut Squash & Ginger Soup

Hello folks! Now that winter is officially here the days are shorter the nights are longer and it’s just cold. So I am bringing you a soup recipe I learned when I was at the RIC retreat in Boston a few weeks ago thanks to my family John the culinary master. I made it once for the RIC retreat, once for a winter solstice gathering and once for my parents. At this point I’m basically an expert and will teach to you.


Butternut Squash-

  • single 1 (I used 2) large
  • double 2 (I used 4) large

Sweet Potato-

  • single 1 (I used 2) large
  • double 2 (I used 4) large


  • single 1/4 cups
  • double 1/2 cups


  • single 1 large onion
  • double 2 large onions

Garlic Cloves-

  • single 4
  • double 8

Veg or Chicken Broth-

  • single 1 1/2 carton
  • double 3 cartons


  • single 3 pieces grated
  • double 6 pieces grated


  • single 1/8 teaspoon (or just eyeball it)
  • double 1/16th teaspoon (or just eyeball it)

Pinch of Salt & Pepper 


So first you put in a large pot your evoo, onions & salt till it all turns translucent 

Then add your squash, sweet potato, garlic and broth.


Bring to boil and then after 15 mins add the ginger and stir. Cook about 10 more mins or until squash and sweet potato’s are soft


Then use a blender (not food processor as it will take forever plus not be as smooth trust me I’d know) and puree your soup

Add nutmeg, salt and pepper

Then serve. You can top it with cheese, pumpkin seeds (or any other seeds you want) or creme fraiche/sour cream   



Alright well this is a super simple recipe which I hope you make some it’s delicious. 

Till Next Time… 

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