Social Justice News Update #4


Time for another Social Justice News Update from around the world. Giving you news and my perspective on it all from those fighting the good fight all around our Mother Earth.

Peace y’all Happy 2020!

2020 has been givin it to us! We started this year off crazy and it’s only March. If your tired raise your hand…anyway lets get into the news.

In General Social Justice News…

As we all know Covid-19 aka Coronavirus is ramped in these streets. It all started a few months ago in Wuhan, China we heard whispers of this crazy virus that hit China but of course us on this side of the world we where too busy with our first world problems to really care. We watched people getting quarantined and things kept getting worse and worse but what did we do nothing. Then as people who were coming back from over seas on boats and planes they were put under self-quarantine for two weeks and then nothing. As of today March 19th the world is going crazy. Italy is under quarantine, the US is not letting anyone from Europe over to America & mass hysteria is running ramped. People all over the country have been buying in bulk TP, bulk amounts of food, & bulk hand sanitizer. People are price gouging, people are self quarantining (which they should), people are scrubbing their hands like crazy and the anxiety levels are on like level 100 it’s honestly ridiculous. Now me I’m one of those conspiracy theorist so of course from day one I was like who cooked this up in a lab or what government is trying to do this for population control? I was like what is going on behind the scenes while they get us all riled up over this. Weeks later I of course still believe all of this to be true but that doesn’t take away the severity of this virus and what the potential harm of it can be to the elderly and those most at risk with pre-existing conditions. Now things we shouldn’t be doing during this time is hoarding recourses from high risk communities like the elderly, poor & homeless, being fearful, not self isolating and social distancing when your sick as to not catch the virus or spread it around, the government & our dumb president not nipping this in the butt back when it wasn’t as wide spread.

Now it came out back in February that there was Bird Flu or H5-N1 found in the chickens in China near where the first cases of Caronavirus were which is crazy. Now if you remember in the late-2000s we had an outbreak of H1-N1 or Swine Flu happen in the US and then spread to the world. In that case since it was so different from any other case of H1N1 in the past it was effecting children who had never been exposed to this virus. It also took until November of 2009 for them to create a vaccine for the virus. From April 12, 2009 to April 10, 2010, CDC estimated there were 60.8 million cases (range: 43.3-89.3 million), 274,304 hospitalizations (range: 195,086-402,719), and 12,469 deaths (range: 8868-18,306) in the United States due to the H1N1 virus. Definitely not saying this to scare people but just to be vigilante & pay attention especially over the next few years as things for this country and the world could get a lot worse.     

Anyway so now the world is on isolation for 8 weeks or more with our kids not going to school and our 80 rolls of TP. Remember to wash your hands, stay healthy, self isolate & spread love. Have fun world cause it’s a crazy world out there…

In Climate Justice News…

A big oil company in Alberta, Canada is under some hot water. X-Site Energy Services—an Alberta-based oil and gas service provider is under fire for producing a sticker depicting the teen Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg in a very sexual position were it shows her from her back with her braids being pulled by two hands with their logo on her lower back. As a women, a climate activist myself and a advocate of youth movements I find this to be totally disgusting and the work of patriarchy at it’s finest. The fact that these big oil companies, climate deniers & governments think it’s ok to make threats, tease and de-frame these young climate activist just for standing up to them and wanting a better planet for them and the next generations is sick. Since Greta first started climate striking people have thought she was the being used as a government pawn when that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Now I have seen a few people become outraged by this and I’m very glad but also I know the support wouldn’t be as big if she was a girl of color just saying. Anyway Greta is a very classy young women who went through a lot and becoming a climate activist has helped her over come a lot of those things. But thankfully Greta isn’t sweating this whole thing and is used to threats and obscene things being thrown her way. In a very classy tweet Greta said “They are starting to get more and more desperate…This shows that we’re winning.” Greta took the high road and brought it back to the issues that our world is dying all around us and if we don’t wake up and take action it’s all gonna be over for us. I am proud of her for being a champion and not letting them get her down. Shout out to you Greta keep fighting the good fight lil sis!

In Indigenous News…

Since late 2019, Indigenous First Nation communities across “so called” Canada have been fighting back against the corrupt system of the police and government against their sovereign rights on their land. Just like the Standing Rock movement back in 2016 where the US government refused to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline an oil pipeline from coming on to the Standing Rock tribe’s reservation and poisoning their water, the Canadian government refused to listen to the hereditary Wet’suwet’en chiefs’ rejection of the Coastal GasLink pipeline. Because of that hundreds of ongoing disruptions to transportation infrastructure have forced a reckoning on every level imaginable. Now these fossil fuel companies, their families & friends have threatened Indigenious youth fighting for their sovereignty to clean water on their land. The police have threatened and inflected harm on the Wet’suwet’en nation. All of this is blatant racism and as someone who is Indigenous and who travelled to Standing Rock to the camps and participated in many protest against the DAPL I’ve seen it first hand. Over the past few months we’ve been seeing more and more solidarity movements across Canada & Indian Country to help spread awareness & keep these companies that are supporting this pipeline and police brutality accountable. The Indigenous DJ group A Tribe Called Red released a song called Land Back in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en nation & the land back movement. A camp has been set up near the tribe and basically like what happened with Standing Rock this will probable be a long process that we must pray and send good energy and good smoke to. Like I said I was all up in the Standing Rock movement against the DAPL and got to go to the camps so I saw the power of community, the power of resilience and the power of prayer. It’s what got everyone through that very difficult but important time for the rights of Indigenous people & the fight for clean water. So may all those fighting this fight against the Costal GasLink pipeline be safe and stay in prayer & ceremony.

In Black Lives Matter News…

First off we are going to debunk this rumor right here: BLACK FOLKS CAN CATCH THE CARONAVIRUS!!! I know at first it seemed as if our communities globally weren’t catching it as fast as other communities especially in Africa which was true. But then a few cases start to pop up in Africa and that was just Africa alone. In places like Europe, the US & Canada black folks are a lot more likely to get it as we all are. Just yesterday Idris Elba tested positive for the Caronavirus, Kevin Durant & also Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz caught it too. So this virus is not discriminating against anyone not minorities, celebs or anyone else. So please black folks & other people of color ESPECIALLY young folks TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY! Y’all have parents, grandparents, people with asthma, people with diabetes, people with cancer, even people with high blood pressure and maybe babies in your family that don’t deserve to be possible effected because you wanna be dumb.

Jada, her mom & the Smiths did a Red Table Talk episode on Covid-19 where they had professionals who know a lot of information on this virus come on via webcam to talk us through it all (which is more then I could ever say about our government or media). I recommend checking it out very informative. Also as an empath I get it Willow it’s a lot.

On Sunday January 26th, 2020 one of the worlds biggest and greatest basketball players to ever do it Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna died in a helicopter crash in LA and the world and internet are morning hard. It’s now been almost two months since and it still hurts. This was a big tragedy even for me who doesn’t watch sports or understand them well. I remember this man taking Brandy to prom and being on an episode of Moesha and Sister, Sister. He also had a “rap career” for a hot minute there and was on the remix for Destiny’s Child song Say My Name. He was featured in the music video for Bug-A-Boo & even won a Oscar for his basketball cartoon he made back in 2016. Anyway people are in serious morning and it’s very sad when someone from your childhood passes away. Last month was his public memorial & that was very hard to watch to say the least. From Vanessa Bryant’s beautiful yet heart breaking speech to the way Shaq & Michael Jordan gave us the laughs we needed during that time to the music played it was a a great yet heavy memorial service. 

Then don’t even get me started on Gayle, Snoop Dogg and his foolishness. First off Gayle what where you doing sis? When Koby first died some folks I know started bringing up the rape case and at first I felt like as a women who is 100% behind women and victims in general I was like well what about her feelings during this but then I checked myself and said nope ain’t falling for it. So when Gayle tried to bring it up I was like nah this ain’t it chef especially considering how her and her partner Oprah have treated our people over the years (just ask Michael Jackson). So then Snoop Dogg being Snoop came to Instagram to act a fool. Now I can’t say I agree with necessarily how he said what he said to her but I can say I agree with why he said it. Then Gayle tried to say she was getting death threats and stuff which maybe but don’t do ignorant stuff then. On the other hand you have folks calling Snoop out about his language & the things he said towards Gayle. The conversation started to become more and more about Snoop & black mens misogyny towards black women then about the actual conversation that was brought up which is the fact that black men feel as though certain black women don’t support them. Anyway the way I see it is we know Snoop enough to know that his whole career especially in the ’90s his music was so dirty and misogynistic that are we honestly surprised by what he said at all? Again not at all defending the way he said what he said but Gayle you and Oprah have messed up one too many times and we are all sick of it! So yea Snoop should of framed his words a little differently but what he meant is real and Gayle and Oprah are trash.          

In Music News…

Well festival season & concerts have been cancelled until farther notice. That’s it that’s the story. If you have tickets to a show or festival I hope you get to see who ever it is at some point and or get your money back. Also to all the smaller musicians, venues, behind the scenes music folks and those that work festivals, I hope you are all getting by during this difficult financial time for you.

2020 is though giving us some great music so if you’ve been lacking the time to just check out some great tunes please spend this time listening to & discovering some great music. 

Oh and here is a playlist I created to get you through the Rona blues 🙂

In LGBTQ News…

Ok so if your a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race which I myself have watched a few episodes in the past you’d know that there is some drama in the Queendom *kiki* ok I’m done trying to claim I’m apart of the culture I’m just an ally so yea. Anyway so yes there has been a little bit of drama in the cast. Apparently one of the drag queens was dragged for some dirty stuff they did before getting on the show. According to this Buzzfeed article, “Joey Gugliemelli, better known by his drag persona Sherry Pie, is alleged to have deceived his former classmates at SUNY Cortland in New York, as well as actors he worked with in a Nebraska theater company.” Apparently some of these boys were made to do some sexual things as well as some just embarrassing things on tape because Sherry Pie made them believe they were auditioning for a performance with this lady named Allison Mossey. Thankfully Sherry Pie was disqualified from Drag Race and will not be in the season finale but is in a good portion of season 12 with a disclaimer at the beginning of each episodes due to wanting to honor the other queens. This is awful and I feel sorry for all the gay men who were effected by this awful monster. Of course Joey made a statement against all the backlash by owning up to it but also saying it was due to his “mental health” yea whatever. Once a predator always a predator get out of here now!   

Have you watched the movie Love, Simon? No me either but I will hopefully soon. The movie Love, Simon which is a movie about Simon Spier, a closeted gay high school boy who is forced to balance his friends, his family, and the blackmailer threatening to out him to the entire school, while simultaneously attempting to discover the identity of the anonymous classmate with whom he has fallen in love with online. So Disney was going to produce a Love, Simon tv show called Love, Victor on Disney+ but then of course they said nah we’re good this show is just not “family friendly” enough basically meaning that showing a real gay teenager living his life is not “family friendly”. Lame. Disney it’s 2020 get with it please. LGBTQIA+ people live in this world and I think it’s important to tell their stories. I mean to be honest you only made it so Raven could live with Chelsea as a front and be divorced from Davon Carter’s fine self so she could meet the sequel with kids thing and not make Raven have to be in a relationship due to Raven Baxter not being a lesbian. Grow up Disney I love you but I need you to come into the 21st century because times are moving fast and you need to catch up. So I guess Love, Victor will be going to Hulu so if your interested when it comes out and wanna support go check it out over there.       

In TV & Movie News…

First off the Proud Family is coming back! The new show is to be called “The Proud Family: Louder & Prouder coming to Disney+. Now if your like me then you are not too keen on reboots and sequels so long after a show has ended as it never really goes well. They are reporting that all the original voice actors will be back to voice all the characters. Now that makes me wonder who is going to voice our boy Sticky due to what is currently going on with Orlando Brown who isn’t even on Raven’s Home right now. Anyway no date has been announced & due to everything going on lately we might not see this for a while but once it does come out I’ll be excited to check it out.

Specking of a squeal series our beloved Lizzie McGuire is coming back maybe. Back in August 2019 at D23 Hilary Duff spilled the beans on a Lizzie squeal and had the world excited. In the months after we saw Lizzie’s parents on set and Jake Thomas Lizzie’s little brother Matt come aboard but what got everyone hype was seeing Adam Lamberg aka Gordo was joining the show. Everything sounded solid & was going to go well Terri Minsky the original creator was even going to be apart of this as well and things were good. Now this squeal was meant to be on Disney+ and of course Disney+ is meant to be for “young kids & families” so Disney wanted this squeal series to be in the same vain as a Girl Meets World or a Raven’s Home. They wanted a show that families & kids can watch which is something that Hilary was not ok with. She wants to explore Lizzie as 30 something all that comes with that which could include drinking, mental health, sex, etc. Disney+ though said nope this ain’t it chief and so now this show is in limbo. The original creator left the show, and Hilary has been getting annoyed and wants to switch the show over to Hulu which is owned by Disney and would work great but I don’t think Disney would go for it. But I do hope we get the Lizzie squeal we deserve and that Hilary wants to give us with adult plot lines and such as most of the Lizzie fans who grew up with her in the early 2000s are now in their late 20s and early 30s & I think would love a more mature Lizzie. At this point who knows what will happen with this especially with everything happening globally right now but even after that will we ever get the Lizzie we deserve?

Also check out my video I put out a couple months ago on some stuff I was watching on streaming and some of the new shows I was excited to watch. 

*This next thing is a a heavy one so feel free to click away and not read this last part if you have gone through this or feel you will be triggered by this topic which is child molestation in Hollywood & the world please go away now.* 

So Corey Feldman as most of you already know is a very well known child actor from the ’80s. He was in many of our favorites like the Goonies, Stand By Me, the Lost Boys and more. Him and his best friend Corey Haim were called the “two Coreys” and were two of the biggest young actors in Hollywood with movies together like Dream A Little Dream & License to Drive. Now while we saw the rise of the Coreys, behind the scenes some very devious stuff was going on with the youth. Corey Feldman has been talking about this for years that there is a pedo ring in Hollywood that is doing seedy things to children. He talked about these things for years especially when it comes to his own abuse as well as his best friend Corey’s abuse. People of course didn’t want to believe him even when he would come forward with the names of folks who did these horrible acts to him and his friend. Well after years and years of leaking names & trying to get the truth out there Corey last week came out with his documentary “My Truth: The Rape of Two Coreys” which exposed & told the truth of what really went down in the ’80s and what ultimately led to Corey Haim’s death in 2010. So the documentary was suppose to be online on Monday night March 9th for those who went to his website and payed $20 to watch it. People went to the site and nothing. 1 hour went by, 2 hours went by, 3, 4 nothing then Corey tells everyone that his site was hacked. Then the next day he puts it back up on the site for 24 hours and I was lucky enough to watch it a few times. So here is all the information I gathered from this documentary (most of it was told for many years before).

“this what all boys do its called the boy’s club”- What Corey Feldman said Corey Haim said to him when they first hung out for the first time. So these are the men Corey named in his doc: For Corey Haim: Dominick Brascia, Marty Wise & Charlie Sheen & for Corey Feldman: John Grissom & Bobby Hoffman’s son Alphy Hoffman. Now I won’t go into detail about the abuse but I will link a video that people upload of the doc so you can check out what Corey & others say about these men. Anyway Corey Haim’s mom has this wolf pack that she is using to send crazy messages to Corey Feldman and make him look like what he is saying is not true and he is just crazy. She is even going as far as to say that Corey’s abuser was not Charlie Sheen but Dominick Brascia because Corey told her that and if it was true about Sheen Corey would of told her.

Ok so the way I see it all these men are pervs and pedos, Hollywood 100% has a pedo ring yet so does the world and sex trafficking is real. I have believed Corey since day one & I still do as why in the world would he lie about something as big a child molestation?! So the biggest thing to come out of all of this is Corey’s help in passing some major legislation around this in California & New York. One thing he passed was the Statute of Limitation Legislation bill & helped get the victims 5 years to come forward. For more info look up Child USA.

All and all the biggest thing to really ask when these kinds of things happen is where are the parents? Why are you sending your son/daughter out with random men? Why are you not on set with them? Why would you let them come to your house with out you or let them go to this persons house without you? Be more active in your children’s lives. Check who they are talking to online, don’t let them go to concerts alone till old enough, if they wanna be in Hollywood or music stay with them always, check and cross check before you get them a manager or agent and if need be you be the manager it’s a lot safer. Just be cautious predators lurk in all facets of the world and they don’t discriminate either. #Kids2

Here is a blog I wrote last year when the whole R-Kelly mess was popping off.

Um I think that’s it but there is always more so be on the look on for more of these news updates to keep you in the know in the future.

Also if you’re looking for alternatives to the mainstream news check out these news outlets: Democracy Now!, RT, Young Turks, AJ+, Al Jazeera, etc.

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