My Favorite Jams of 2018

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In 2018 I listened to less music then usual but still a lot of good bops and jams.

Here a list of what I was getting down to in 2018. Some old, most new, all dope!


Kacey Musgrave- Golden Hour:

Favorite Tracks:

High Horse, Slow Burn, Butterflies, Lonely Weekend, Space Cowboy, Wonder Women

Golden Hour by Kacey Musgrave is that album. It’s a country album yes but you won’t know it at first listen. It’s got that great country story telling as well as those country guitars but it also has some beautiful lyrics and even some ‘70s vibes on some songs. High Horse, Slow Burn, Butterflies, Lonely Weekend, Space Cowboy & Wonder Women are all such different songs but they all tie together so well. As a newer country artist of the 2010s Kacey stands out for trying new things both musically & lyric wise which I think any person could get into country fan or not.

Princess Nokia- 1992 (Deluxe):

Favorite Tracks:

Brujas, Excellent, Goth Kid, Saggy Denim, Mine

I think I found out about her like I find out about everyone else these days through the Internet. I think I heard her name through the grape-vine and then saw her interview with Brown University and loved they way she spoke and what she spoke about. In the interview she talked about her spirituality, urban feminism, loving pop-punk and being the weird kid in school. There was something about this that I could relate to and I was able to find that in her music as well. The way she talks about being a emo/goth/raver kid who makes hip-hop music I love it. I also love the way she talks about her spiritual background being Taino and black. She says she grew up going to pow-wows and being very connected to her Native American roots. She also owns being a young, brown, queer women from the Bronx.

Twenty One Pilots- Trench:

Favorite Tracks:

Morph, Legend, Levitate, My Blood, Chlorine, Nico & the Niners, Leave the City

Florance + the Machine- High As Hope:

Favorite Tracks:

Grace, Hunger, 100 Years, The End of Love, No Choir, Big God, Patricia 

This Florence + the Machine album High As Hope is incredibly beautiful like all of them are! Grace, Hunger, 100 Years, The End of Love, No Choir, Big God & Patricia alone are so big and grand and just Florence’s voice alone is aww inspiring with of course the instrumentation of the Machine which is amazing! Been one of my favorite groups since senior year of high school when I first discovered them and of course Florence Welsh style is fly!

Xiuhtezcatl- Brake Free:

Favorite Tracks:

Sage Up ft. Stic, Cavem, Matene Strikesfrist, Magic ft. Tru, One Day ft. Isa, Clockwork, Young ft. Nahko Bear and Shailene Woodly, Limits, Broken, Break Free

On October 5th, Xiuhtezcatl came out with his debut album Break Free & it is a bop! Previously he blessed us with some music on his EP Broken and then dropped a few more tracks on Break Free. Xiuhtezcatl to me is what I wish I could have been at his age. I feel I had the mind-set but didn’t fully act upon it then. He has been putting in work for the climate since he was 5 years old as apart of Earth Guardians. He is indigenous and he honors that to the fullest and I love it. He is a great voice for his generation and really holds the youth voice high which is very important in these crazy times. His music is really talking to the youth but also talking to adults who can’t get with the program and just do their part to help make the youth’s future better. He talks about mental health and the pressures of the youth growing up today on one track. He also talks about his indigenous culture & how he grew up. And of course he talks about the revolution a lot which I am all about.

J-Cole- KOD:

Favorite Tracks:

Motiv8, Brackets, Once an Addict, Friends, ATM

J. Cole has been one of my favorite rappers of the 2010s since 2011. Each one of his albums has just gotten better and better over time starting with 2014 Forest Hill’s Drive. This year on 4/20 Cole dropped his surprise album KOD and it was amazing. He talks a lot about modern mainstream hip-hop and trying to bring a message to the youth. He talks about the pit falls of drugs and depression and teaches us a new way of dealing with those challenges like meditation and self-love. He made a fire song about motivation which is my morning song before work. The ATM video was so good and brought me back to the videos of Missy Elliot and Busta Rhymes. Then of course there is the song brackets which teaches us about money and taxes and the way the government just takes your money and doesn’t let us decide where it goes. Over all another great album from Cole.

Janelle Monae- Dirty Computer:

Favorite Tracks:

Django Jane, Make Me Feel, Pynk, I Like That, I Got the Juice

Janelle Monae is one of my top three favorite artist of all time. When she first put out her first singles from the album Django Jane and Make Me Feel I was hooked of course. Every time Janelle puts out a new album I just get so excited. I haven’t been this happy for an artist in a long time and I’m just so happy for Janelle and what she is bringing to music. In this album she talks about black female power, queer power and coming up and becoming better than what the haters thought you’d be. She get political on some tracks and she just giving hope to those going through the struggle.

Lenny Kravitz- Raise Vibration:

Favorite Tracks:

Low, Raise Vibration, Johnny Cash, It’s Enough, Who Really Are the Monsters?

Leon Bridges- Good Thing:

Favorite Tracks:

Shy, If It Feels Good (Then It Must Be), You Don’t Know

Looking for some funky soul for your playlist then check out Leon Bridges. I have checked out Leon Bridges in the past but this album fully sucked me in. Songs like Shy which is basically my anthem as I am a very shy person with all relationships in my life, If It Feels Good is a funky soul groove that just feels like a throwback but with a modern twist and You Don’t Know this album just keeps the bops coming. Great album for those looking for a modern twist on that old soul and funk sound.

Santigold- I Don’t Want: The Gold Fire Sessions:

Favorite Tracks:

Run the Road, Wha’ You Feel Like, Why Me, Don’t Blame Me

I love Santigold. With this album she made me want to dance with this album full of dub, dance hall and reggae vibes. This album goes and it would be a great album for any party to just get down.

Phony Ppl- moza-ik:

Favorite Tracks:

Before You Get A Boyfriend, Move Her Mind, the Colours, on everything iii Love

I discovered Phony Ppl in 2015 off the recommendation of the group The Internet. The fell in love with this group and what they brought to music with their mix of a live band, R&B and rapping. They are a unique group of boys whose music is very atmospheric but also really fun with a message. Check out Before You Get A Boyfriend which is a lot of fun, Move Her Mind which about wanting a girl who can not only get down but stimulate your mind as well and the Colours which reminded me of all the good things about fall. Great fallow up to their album Yesterday’s Tomorrow.

Mariah Carey- Caution:

Favorite Tracks:

GTFO, A No No, Giving Me Life, Caution

This album actually surprised me. I haven’t listened to a Mariah album in a while but I love it. She brought it right out the gate with GTFO which I was here for and then I just randomly decided to listen to the album on Friday night and was surprised at how Mariah still got. A No No is more of a throwback with the lil Kim Biggie sample and then Giving Me Life has the legend on it Slick Rick which works so well with Mariah’s style. Great come back queen.

Supaman- Illuminatives:

Favorite Tracks:

Miracles, Talkboy Roundy, Crow Hop Mighty Few Remix, Best Friend, Truth Interlude, Prayer Loop Song

I discovered this rapper on Facebook one day when one of his tracks went viral of a performance of his Prayer Loop Song. It was dope to see him dressed in his full regalia and just giving us some hip-hop beats with a native flute. Then this year he came out with his full album and it has been on repeat all year. From the song Miracles ft. MuMu Fresh to the Talkboy Roundy, Truth Interlude and more this is a really great album that brings a lot of truth to power.

Revamp: The Songs of Elton John- Various Artist:

Favorite Tracks:

Tiny Dancer (Florance Welsh), Your Song (Lady Gaga), Don’t Go Braking My Heart (Q-Tip & Demi Lovato)

A beautiful cover album of the Great Sir. Elton John’s work.

Young the Giant- Mirror Master:

Favorite Tracks:

Heat of the Summer, Darkest Shade of Blue, Brother’s Keeper, Glory, Tightrope

One of their darker in tone albums then their previous ones. There lyrics are a lot more melancholy and their instrumentation is dark and they only have about two or three songs on the album that are really upbeat and happy. They didn’t go in too crazy a direction this time and mixed that indie/alt-rock vibe they always do with darker lyrics. They talk about the world around us in some songs as well as some songs about mental health & those feelings off loneliness, isolation and anxiety. Gives me very much Twenty One Pilots lyric wise in a few songs mixed with that Young the Giant sound. Over all not a bad album by any means but I think it is going to take me listening more to this album way more for me to really get into it because right now I only liked 5/12 songs and that is pretty low for me. Anyway check out the album it’s a good bop.

Willow Smith- 1st:

Favorite Tracks:

A Reason, Warm Honey, Human Leach, Lonely Road

My indigo queen!!! Plus I love her on the Red Table Talk.

Kids See Ghost- Kids See Ghost:

Favorite Tracks:

Kids See Ghost, Reborn, Feel the Love

Wasn’t going to listen to this album due to the fact that it was a Kid Cudi ft. Kanye West collab and I was in a war with Kanye like most people over most things he has said this year. But I eventually decided to listen to it in support of the one and only Mr. Kid Cudi. Cudi does he’s thing on this album and although it’s only a few tracks it’s still great to see Kid Cudi doing so well after his emotional 2016-’17. The tidal track Kids See Ghost, Reborn and Feel the Love are all amazing tracks even if I choose to skip the Kayne parts. Cudi is a real staple in music with his introspective lyrics. Reborn had that hopeful vibe to it and with Cudi singing it it gives us hope that things are on the up and up for the rapper. Feel the Love is an ode to loving yourself and the love you receive from others which always important to remember to give praise to. Over all not a bad project and I will always love Kid Cudi.


Finesse (Remix)- Bruno Mars ft. Cardi-B:

Bruno Mars and Cardi B have both had incredible 2018s so far. For Bruno he won a boat load of Grammy’s including Album of the Year and Cardi B dropped her much-anticipated debut album and is having a baby. Now say what you will about either artist (depending on if you like them) you can’t deny when Bruno dropped the visuals for Finesse and remixed it adding a little Cardi B verse it was fire. It almost broke the internet the day it dropped due to its throwback ’90s sound and the video being an ode to In Living Color recreating the stage and everything. Most people liked the video and song but of course some didn’t but for me I am obsessed with anything related to the ’90s at all so I enjoyed it plus although I am not really a Cardi B fan I do like Bruno and Cardi wasn’t that bad on the track. Great listen if you like that New Jack Swing sound from the ’90s.

The Last of the Real Ones- Fall Out Boy:

Over Again- Mike Shinoda:

In early 2018, Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park and Fort Minor came out with a 3 track EP entitled Postromatic. This EP basically goes through how it feels to lose someone super close to you. For Mike it was the lead singer of his band and his best friend/brother Chester Bennington who committed suaside last summer. It had not been an easy 6 months for him or the band and Mike put his whole raw and real self into this EP. He just let it all out in a way that was tangible for him but also helped a lot of fans still going through it feel a little better too. Also with these songs came three music videos Mike filmed himself on his iPhone and are so real with no big production.

Over Again might be my favorite song on the EP. “Sometimes you don’t say goodbye once you say goodbye over and over and over again” Mike details the night of the Hollywood bowl that him and the band put on in tribute to Chester with the fans. He talks about how he thought about cancelling the show and how hard he thought it be to get back up on stage and sing a song and then remember that his is gone. I also love the beat for this song in true LP and even Fort Minor fashion with the electronics in the background. He also talks about trying really hard to get some closer but it just keeps coming back to you and hitting you in the face for a while.

All the Stars- Kendrick Lamar ft. SZA:

As we all know Black Panther has been just a world-wide phenomenon over the past few months since it came out. And the soundtrack is not bad either. Now if your into trap type music then you’ll love this album and for me I’m not necessarily into that but I do like a few songs on the album. First I like the song with Kendrick Lamar & SZA for All The Stars. I love the video even though it is stolen art but that’s another story. The way they bring I beauty of Africa and black women especially being the center of it all it so awesome. SZA sounds great and Kendrick of course is Kendrick. Great track!

Flower of the Universe- Sade:

The Queen is Back! Sade came back for a one-off song this year on the A Wrinkle in Time Soundtrack. Ava Duverney came through when she asked Sade to be apart of the soundtrack and Sade did it. The song is called Flowers of the Universe and as always Sade delivers. It’s one of her more belt/lullaby type songs with the slow backing vocals and instrumentals. It such a beautiful song perfect for falling asleep to. So glad she is back and even in her 50s Sade still sounds amazing and I’m waiting for a new album *hint hint*

Nineteen- Hayley Williams:

This cover of the Tegan and Sara song Nineteen by Hayley Williams is so beautiful! I already love Hayley’s voice and the way this song is so quiet with the acoustic guitar and Hayley’s voice it just is everything. It comes from an album in 2017 that is a bunch of covers of Tegan and Sara from their album The Con. I love Tegan and Sara and I love Hayley Williams and I love that they’re friends.

Can’t Deny Me- Pearl Jam:

Pearl Jam is one of my favorite bands of all time so of course I have been waiting for them to drop a new song since their 2012 album Lighting Bolt. Can’t Deny Me is a song perfect for the times we are living in. Ever since Pearl Jam was so vocal back in the ’90s and early 2000s about politics and social justice I was waiting for them to come back with a track for our post 45 world. It is a nice Pearl Jam song that was a nice surprise for the fans who have been waiting for a new one.

Nice for What- Drake:

Not a bad song but that’s because of the Lauryn Hill sample & Big Freedia beat. Still not a Drake fan like that but every now and again I might like one.

Brown Eyed Lover-Allen Stone:

I love Allen Stone. He is what you would call “blue-eyed soul” and I love it. This song has been stuck in my head all year and I’m glad. He has a voice like butter and is just so incredible. Check him out he is amazing.

I Need A Women to Love- Kesha: 

If you had told me in 2010 that I would have liked Kesha or her music I would have thought you were crazy but honestly I really like her and her music since the release of her album Rainbow last year. I love her pop, rock and country vibes that she is bringing to the forefront in her music more. This song is no different and I love this cover she did and the video is great too. In the video Kesha officiates a same-sex wedding which she has been a big propitiate of forever and I love it. I also love Kesha’s style these days which is very boho and ’70s inspired. I just love the vibe of Kesha being a lot more happy and positive in her music these days.

no tears left to cry, God is A Women & thank you, next- Ariana Grande:

To say this was Ariana’s year would be an understatement. She was everywhere this year and it was great. After a rough 2017 and an even rougher 2018 she could have just givin up. But Ariana is a true queen who was like ok this is what you’re giving me I’ll just flip it to make it amazing and that is what she did. From her album sweetener to her 1st number one single with Thank you, Next it has just been a world wind for her. From the first time I ever heard no tears left to cry I was shook and then God Is A Women was a bop. Her voice and music has always been something I’ve admired over the years and I am very proud of the year Ariana has had.

This is America- Childish Gambino:

Self Explanatory at this point. Music video is way better than the song but it’s all great. (and yes I know he is anti-black women in a lot of ways but it’s so hard to be perfect with trying to be so “socially conscious” about everything so if I like a song or Artist I just do. There are bigger things to care about.)

Give Yourself A Try- The 1975:

Great single from The 1975. Give Yourself A Try is such a positive mind-set that I am learning more and more to do for myself everyday.

Come Through & Chill- Miguel ft. J-Cole:

Another chill song from Miguel and his partner J-Cole. This song is about a women coming over for a late night chill sesh with weed and sex. You gotta come through and chill. I love the vibes of this song. I also love Cole’s verse which always brings that “woke” energy. Great jam.

Halo- Boston Manor:

Haven’t listened to a lot of modern pop-punk music in a while but when I was recommend this song by Youtube I was hooked. I love the lead singers voice when he sings Halo in the hook and I love just the rocking vibes on the track. I plan to get into their album that came out this year more and yea this band is killer.

Fallen- Jaden Smith: 

I love Jaden Smith. I discovered this song back on the Youtubes back in 2016 way before the album came out. I love this song it’s such a vibey jam. I love his sing rapping as he is talking to a girl he is with. The music video is a great too it’s so atmospheric and I’m here for it. Jaden Smith is honestly an inspiration to my life as his sister is and I’m just glad he is getting bigger with his music.

Icon? (SYRE Electric Album)- Jaden Smith: 

Love Icon. Love Icon? Electric. I love the social commentary at the end of it too that basically is an ode to the youth and that the world is in their hands. Beautiful!

Like Sugar- Chaka Khan:

So Funky. So ’70s. So Chaka Khan. Our legends still got it.

Lake Effect Kid- Fall Out Boy:

Fall Out Boy’s best song of 2018 (which is saying something). This takes us back to not pre-2013 FOB but definitely before the tragedy that was Mania. Check it out if your like me and miss “old” FOB.

Cornflake Girl (Florance + the Machine Cover):

Great cover from my fav Florence. She really gives her all with the song and it fits her voice so well.

Made for Now- Janet Jackson ft. Daddy Yankee:

Janet still got it and 2018 Janet got all the flowers. Get it Janet!

Yeah Yeah- Jaden Smith:

My favorite song off his The Sunset Tapes: A Cool Tape Story. It’s got this island vibe to and is very sing rapping. He is taking to a girl again who he loves which is the whole theme of the project is an ode to women which I love. Keep going forward bro you’re doing your thing.

Early February- Nahko:

My favorite song off of My Name is Bear that came out back in 2017. It has some talk box at the beginning, end and during the hook. It is such a fun song with the instrumentation and everything with the lyrics basically celebrating Nahko’s life and how he was born and his birthday which is in early February. He talks about that even though he was born out of tragedy he is out living his purpose and it is beautiful.

Be A Star 2 (from Life Size 2)- Tyra Banks ft. New Fear’s Eve:

Be A Star Iconic. Be A Star 2 Tyra Rapping. Iconic x 2.

Are You That Somebody- Unified Highway:

Found this reggae sounding cover of Aaliyah’s iconic song Are You That Somebody and it doesn’t disappoint which is amazing. I love how it takes what is great about the original and makes it unique to this track with the dub and reggae sounds.

Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea- Fall Out Boy:

Wakanda- Ludwig Goransson:

Love the black panther soundtrack and score. So beautiful.

2 Worlds- SouFy ft. Tall Paul:

Great indigenous hip-hop artist Soufy out of Detroit ft. Tall Paul another Native artist. This album came out in 2017 but is still on repeat as the beat goes, his rhymes are so good and tell a great story of living in the city and dealing with the daily life of that but also being true to your Native culture. It’s such a great song and the project is amazing to please check out Soufy.

Sky Walker- Miguel ft. Travis Scott:

Miguel always brings the fun but chill R&B flavor in his songs and I love it. This song is about weed and also Star Wars and is just a fun leaded back song that everyone should be checking out.

Never Bring Me Down- Maimouna Youssef:

Maimouna had a huge 2018. From her Tiny Desk performances to her sold out show at the Kennedy Center to being on Sway in the Morning. She had an incredible year and this song is really where it all started. In 2017 Mumu Fresh put out her Vintage Babies album and its just the best. Never Bring Me Down is that song too that helped to make 2018 her year. She talked about women, people of color and the connection between women and men and the unequal treatment of women it’s beautiful! Check her out she is only going up from here.

When The Curtain Falls- Greta Van Fleet:

This song just kind of fell in my lap this year and I’m glad it did. Not a bad group at all and I think they are really going places despite what people say. I really like this song and hope to check out more of them in 2019.

Come Over- The Internet:

I love the Internet and I loved their album this year. This was their first single from the album this year and it was amazing in typical Internet fashion. The video was also great and colorful and wonderful.

Promises- Aly & Aj:

In 2017 Aly & Aj put out and album called Ten Year because it had been 10 years since they put out their last record. Promises is a great bop from that record and you should be checking out Aly & Aj in 2018 cause their awesome.

Guardian Angel (Supa Dups Remix)- Allen Stone ft. Jacob Hemphill:

A song that came out in 2015. This remix with Jacob Hemphill of SOJA is the best! Their messages are so similar that it worked really well.

Look Up Kid- Princess Nokia:

Honestly a song I definitely needed this year. I love Princess Nokia for being a brown women who likes pop-punk & emo music but is also a MC. There aren’t that many out there to represent POCs let alone women in this genera. I know I was into this back in middle school/high school (still am just not as heavy) but all the music I liked mostly came from white males except Hayley Williams & a few other females. We definitely need more brown & black females making music like this cause representation matters.

Garden (Say It Like Dat)- SZA:

Haven’t fully gotten into SZA yet but I love this song. It’s such a vibe and a bop it makes me happy. The lyrics are so real and I love that about SZA she keeps it real.

Classic Songs/Albums:

Nite And Day- Al B. Sure!:

Classic R&B. Guys with uni-brows make the best music. Smooth vocals, the beat goes it’s just great.

Bag Lady- Erykah Badu:

Ok I love Erykah Badu and what she brings to music. This song I know is about a relationship with the metaphor of being a bag lady as emotional bags but I always look at it as a lady with physical bags and how she can’t catch the bus because of it. The beat is amazing Erykah’s singing is the best. Truly a classic track.

93′ Till Infinity- Souls of Mischief:

That beat though. Classic West Coast track repping the Bay Area. The smooth rhyming of the Mighty Souls of Mischief is everything and this track is just so laid back it just makes me happy every time it comes on. Great to smoke to or for just chillin with your homies.

For The Love of You, Pts. 1 & 2- The Isley Brothers:

This song is definitely in the running for one of my favorite songs of all time. From the instrumental to Ron Isley’s singing this song is a funky soul bop. It’s got all the ’70s elements I love and it’s just a timeless track.

London Beckoned Songs About Money- Panic! At the Disco:

Growing up when I went through my pop-punk/emo phase I was never a huge Panic! fan but did listen to the singles. So this year when Princess Nokia who is a big pop-punk head introduced this track to me during her Apple Music show “Voices In My Head” I was into it. Glad I discovered this track even if I am a little late.

Wishing Well: Terence Trent D’Arby:

This song came out in the ’80s and until this year I really knew nothing about this song except that it was a bop. My brother-in-law who is obsessed with the ’80s always played this song growing up and it just became a staple in my music library. This year it really was stuck in my head and I later found out that Terence Trent D’Arby could have had a fire career like Prince, Michael or Lenny Kravitz but due to being too big-headed he messed up that chance. Sad but this first album was a bop even if he now lives a totally different life style.

Something In the Way- Nirvana:

This track off Nevermind has just been stuck in my head all year and I’m not mad at it. Honestly one of my top music generas is Grunge so it makes sense especially since at least a few Grunge songs go into rotation for me every few weeks.

Fly Girl- Queen Latifah:

All Hail the Queen! This comes off Latifah’s second studio album and is an anthem for the woman. It talks about all the men who try to come up to you at a club or party and compliment you to try to get you to go home with them. But Queen is not here for it and reminds those men she is not so easy and that no amount of money or praise can make her like you plus she doesn’t even know you. One lyrics even goes “(I love you) you must be mad” meaning why are you saying you love me knowing well and good we literally just met. Great song for all the girls who don’t play that but still know that your fly.

Master Blaster (Jammin’)- Stevie Wonder:

Such a funky ’70s jam! Love me some Stevie Wonder he is always in style and is always stuck in my head and this time it’s Master Blaster (Jammin’) cause I hear it at work so much and it just goes.

People In the Middle- Michael Franti & Spearhead:

Michael Franti & Spearhead is a new discovery for me over the past few years. I know he has been around for like ever but I came across him in 2015 and was hooked ever sence. He makes the most inspirational music about love, peace and the human spirit. This song is just so funky & fun. It’s got a reggae vibe to it with a funky beat and I just love it.

Cornflake Girl- Tori Amos: 

So I never got into Tori Amos before this year and I only got into it due to a Netflix show were the main characters loved her. The main song they were really into was Cornflake Girl. It’s so good. It’s a very folky song and Tori’s voice is great.

If You Can’t Say No- Lenny Kravitz:

A track off Lenny’s album 5 and it’s just so good. The beat goes, Lenny’s voice is everything and it definitely was on repeat for SO long.

Lenny Kravitz- Let Love Rule (Album):

Probably my favorite album of Lenny’s besides 5. It is his debut album and it is basically everything I believe in and feel. Let Love Rule was recored during a very special time in Lenny Kravitz’s life. He was dating and then married to the love of his life and soul mate actress and fellow neo-hippie Lisa Bonet. He would also welcome a beautiful baby girl into his life named Zoe. Everything was perfect for the retro rocker and he put a lot of that into this record a record bent on bringing awareness to the way the world really is while spreading a message of love. From the title track Let Love Rule, Flower Child, Mr. Cab Driver and Freedom Train are all tracks about love, freedom and care all things I care about deeply. I Built This Garden for Us & Does Anybody Out Here Even Care are both songs of liberation but also the caring of the planet and the people. I love this album so much it definitely is a timeless album with such power.

Cree Summer- Street Faerie (Album):

This album might be my favorite album all year. Yes this album did come out in 1999 but as I just got into this album this year outside of a few songs from it I was floored! Cree Summer is the best and I love her in everything she has done including her music. I love her folk and earthy organic vibes in this album. She talks about a lot of topics dealing with women, people of color, Native folks, love, anger and so much more. She has a song for a women’s moon time, sisterhood and love. She has a track with Lenny Kravitz called Mean Sleep who helped to produce this album with her which is such a beautiful duet. A song called Curious White Boy about a white boy who dates a girl of color just for the experience but won’t let them meet his family. A song called Soul Sister about her love of her sister friend which in this case she is talking about Lisa Bonet who sings backing vocals on the hook. Smooth My Heart, Fall & Naho being a few of my favorite tracks on the album and yea this album is just incredible. It’s alternative black girl at its finest and I love it so much.

Till Next Time Listen to Some Groovy Jams!




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