Why Hayley Williams of Paramore is Our Best Friend


Today’s post is going to be dedicated to the incredible women that is Hayley Williams of Paramore. Ever since the first time I saw a Paramore video back in 2007 I was hooked on Hayley Williams and her vibrant personality. I loved the way she dressed and would try to duplicate her style all through high-school and my early 20s (but failed). The way she was so confident in her musical ability when it came to her voice and stage present & just her relatebility in the lyrical department was so inspiring. Fast forward 11 years and my love for Hayley is just as strong if not stronger and here are a few reason why she is considered to be everyone’s best friend in my opinion.

She Is Just Like Us Going Through It:

Hayley Williams has always worn her heart on her sleeve. Wither through her lyrics or interviews she would do she always talked about the hard times she was going through at the time. Hayley like many of her fans deals with anxiety and depression to a degree. She has been very open about this journey of trying to become happy again after a really bad amount of depression before the release of Paramore’s 2017 album After Laughter. She has talked in interviews that she was just in a dark place for a lot of 2015-16 and feels After Laughter has been able to help her through this time. She has also been very supportive of other people going through mental health issues as well and advocated for those going through this struggle to get help and is very happy when they can use her music to help them get through something like this.


Her Music Taste is Eclectic:

Hayley has said on different occasions that growing up she listened to a lot of different genres of music. She would listen to everything from R&B/soul, rock, punk & funk. She was in a funk band with some of the members of Paramore before they official became the band we would come to know. Growing up in Mississippi before moving to Franklin, TN she would listen to the R&B/soul stations on the radio and she loved artist like Etta James, Chaka Khan, Motown artist, Average White Band, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Huston, Aaliyah, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Dr. Dre, Eminem, 112, Destiny’s Child & TLC among others. She has worked with artist like the rapper B.O.B on his debut album and her voice really complimented the track. She also loves late ’90s pop groups like N’SYNC & the Spice Girls and is obsessed with the movie Spice World. And of course there is that rock & punk music that influenced early Paramore like her favorite band of all time MeWithoutYou, No Doubt, Blondie, New Found Glory, Green Day, the Ramones, Jimmy Eats World, and many other bands. For me I loved that she was able to be in a pop-rock/pop punk band yet listen to so much eclectic music that most people wouldn’t think she would like. I grew up listening to a lot of eclectic music myself and always love people who I look up to that listen to many different generes as well. It keeps it interesting.



Her Fans Mean Everything To Her:

Literally one of the most compassionate people in the industry I think. She is always looking out for her fans and friends when they need her. We don’t call this the Parafamily for no reason. Now I’ve never been to a Paramore show as of this post but from what I’ve seen online Hayley & the whole band really pay attention to what is going on in the audience & if someone is hurt or trying to get their attention they are on it. Her fans mean everything to her and I’ve even seen her defend them on social media. She highlights them and just has this incredible connection with us in the best way.


She is Accessible:

So not all celebrities are accessible on the internet but Hayley is always around (unless she takes internet brakes). I always see her on twitter or Instagram just being a normal millionals (I think she counts as a millionals all though I don’t know the age range) posting funny memes, pics and videos especially of her dog. She also post the cutest pictures of herself and I am always living for it and it always makes me so much happier every time I see that she is on.


Her Lyrics Are So Relatable: 

As a girl growing up there are a few people you can go to for advice or you feel might understand what you are going through in your life at the time. For most girls those people are your mom, a best friend or a sibling. For some of us we might not have that and even if we do there might be that artist with those really relatable lyrics that can get you through a situation differently then your family and friends. For me that artist was Hayley Williams of Paramore. She has always had the most relatable lyrics that I’ve always felt that as a fellow female I could relate to what she was saying wither about boys, growing up & becoming an adult, anxiety/depression, women issues and so much more. Paramore’s last two albums especially for me have helped me to come into my adulthood and understand and feel like I was being understood better than those in my real life. The Self-Titled record & After Laughter both have helped me with my own axciety & depression around growing up and Caught In the Middle in particular just describes me so well and I love it. She is an incredible person and it shows in her lyrics.

She Started A Hair Dye Company So You Can Look Like 50 Shades of Hayley:

If your reading this post then you’ve probably been a fan of Paramore and Hayley Williams for a while and would have seen the many colors of Hayley Williams’s hair. From her signature orange hair she came out the gate with to her pink, yellow, green, blue, purple, and blonde hair she experimented with over the years. Each new Paramore area found us with a new Hayley hair color. So back in 2016 Hayley and her long time hair stylist Brian O’Connor started the hair dye company Good Dye Young. Then in 2017 they put out a temporary hair dye called Poser Paste. The colors offered by the company include an orange, Riot!; a pink, Ex-Girl; a blue, Blue Ruin; a yellow, Steal My Sunshine; a red, Rock Lobster; a purple, PPL Eater; a green, Kowabunga; a teal, Narwhal; and a black, None More Black. Now the world can finally look like Hayley over the years and express yourself as the badass people you all are.


She Loves Her Family & Her Hometown:

Do you follow Hayley on instagram or twitter? You should this is where you are going to see her repping her family and hometown. She loves Franklin and Nashville and through the band and her hair dye company she employs locals from her town. She also loves to share pictures and videos of her parents, little sisters and grandparents who are the best things in her life. Oh and she now has a dog named Alf who is all over her social media.


People of All Cultures Can Relate To Her:

If you have ever been to a Paramore show or even just seen videos from their concerts then you will see that they are like the rainbow coalition. Every culture from all over the world goes to see Paramore and Hayley Williams. Paramore & Hayley Williams are very big on making all cultures feel welcome at their shows and how not always are people of color felt welcome in the “alternative/pop punk” scene. And although Paramore has not fully been a pop punk band for most of the 2010s they are still put into that scene a lot and to have a fan base that is so diverse it is great to see that we can fit in even in a small way. Also there was a whole article written about black Paramore fans which has always been a thing of course because if your black or any person of color or really anyone and you don’t listen to Paramore what are you even doing with your life?

2007-infinity fan for life!

Paramore’s Hayley Williams Shouts Out Black Fans For Crowning Them Pop-Punk Band For The Colored


That Voice:

She isn’t coined the great Orange Hope for nothing. That girl has got a voice on her it just gets better and better with time. Her voice is a national treasure honestly. Just listen to All I Wanted.

She Perseveres Through Everything & Comes Out Shinning:

Again if you have been a Paramore fan as long as I have then you have seen the changes that the band have gone through. From 2010 when Josh & Zac Farro left the band in that very big public split to 2015 when Jeremy Davis left the band in his very public split to not even wanting to do music anymore because you think there must be something wrong with you she has persevered through it all. Each and every time with the help of her best friend Taylor York she has continued to make waves with her music time and time again. She is important and each time someone goes to attack her it’s like she has the shielding of her fans and true friends and family around her to protect her and let her incredible self continue to shine and impact millions of people.


In other words I love you Hayley as I’m sure those millions of other people do too!

Till Next Time…Go Listen To Paramore!


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