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On October 12th Young the Giant released their 4th studio album Mirror Master which I will be reviewing for you today. I did a review of their last album Home of the Strange which came out in 2016 which you can check out.

Young the Giant Mirror Master First Listen:


First single from their album. I like the lyrics of the song about colliding on spaces that divide us which could be about how we as a country have been so at odds with one another we are forgetting we are human & although we might not always agree on things politically or socially we might have something that we can agree on like music, a movie or a TV show even. I like the banjo in the background and the base. Not my favorite of the album so far but needs time to grow on me.


Off the bat this song when it first comes on is giving me Muse vibes with the heavy electric guitar strums but also gives me Train vibes in the lyrics. Sameer is talking about a relationship and how this every time he looks into his girl’s eyes everything simplifies and just becomes easier to handle. Seems like the simple love song of the album. Seeing as though Sameer just got married since the last album it is a cute song. Another single from the album but again not my favorite at the moment.

Call Me Back:

Simple drum tap starts the song. It is about someone who won’t call him back & how it has affected him since he was a child. It got some kick drums in it and is a nice little tune.

Heat of the Summer:

Starts off with some distorted vocals then goes into a guitar and drum beat. It talks about being a mess and not having his shit together. It talks about wanting to stay in and not go out & wanting to roll up a joint to be able to see in Technicolor. Sameer says all of this is happening in the heat of the summer. I like the lyrics of this song just do to the reliability of it for me as I feel this is how my life is a lot of the time.


Guitar strum starts the song off and then he starts to talk about how rich kids go and the spend all their money and then they don’t have any skills but that they will be ok when all the money goes away. A piano comes in at a point and then some chimes get played. Sameer talks about nothing being real and how he is in the same boat of being oblivion before some faster drums and guitar kick in.

Darkest Shade of Blue:

Starts off with a melancholy guitar strum and the lead singers airy voice. He starts the song by saying you’re not alone anymore. Sounds like he describing being there for someone who is dealing with anxiety or depression. This song around 2 mins and some change but it is a very beautiful song about being there for someone when they are going through things that are hard and difficult.

Brother’s Keeper:

Songs starts off with a weird instrument I can’t put my figure on what it is called. This song is about wanting to stay in on a Sunday and stay in bed building up a fence around you. Sameer talks about not wanting help from others and wanting to learn to get better. How you can stare off into space and thinking about all the things you have done wrong in your life. In the chorus they talk about the Brother’s Keeper and how he would follow if they lead. He says that maybe he needs help and if they lend out their hand he will take it. I think this is my favorite song off the album so far just due to the reliability of the song and lyrics which talk a lot about mental illness and not doing well.


Another song that starts off sad. Starts off with a dark keyboard then goes into a drumbeat and then guitar. Sameer says “Glory Be to God” in the chorus of the song. He talks about maybe going back to college and getting his degree although he figures what will that do for him in the long run and how will it fill the void you fell. He also says the world is ours to take to shoot straight through the target. In the bridge some violins come in. He says he sees the light when he closes his eyes and he will be the light. I think he means he will be what he thought he couldn’t and not let his light be dimmed out. Great song.

Tight Rope:

Starts off with an upbeat drumbeat and then goes into some ‘80s sounding upbeat guitars. One of the most upbeat songs so far on the album. This is about dancing on a tightrope and letting go and having some fun. Not letting all the negativity of life gets to you and just being happy.

Panoramic Girl:

This about a girl who is a memory and all you have are though images in your mind of the girl. Sameer talks about having to stitch together this girl and the life he will never get to know with her. It has a drumbeat & guitar.

You + I:

Starts off with a basic indie guitar strum on an acoustic and drum beat. He talks about wanting a girl to stick around and stay with him. Sameer talks about longevity with his partner and wanting to be with her forever if she will have him.

Mirror Master:

The title track of the album. Another upbeat song on the album. Sameer talks about this person being the lead as they often times are not.

Over All Thoughts:

One of their darker in tone albums then their previous ones. There lyrics are a lot more melancholy and their instrumentation is dark and they only have about two or three songs on the album that are really upbeat and happy. They didn’t go in too crazy a direction this time and mixed that indie/alt-rock vibe they always do with darker lyrics. They talk about the world around us in some songs as well as some songs about mental health & those feelings off loneliness, isolation and anxiety. Gives me very much Twenty One Pilots lyric wise in a few songs mixed with that Young the Giant sound. Over all not a bad album by any means but I think it is going to take me listening more to this album way more for me to really get into it because right now I only liked 5/12 songs and that is pretty low for me. Anyway check out the album it’s a good bop.

Grade: C+

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