💕Febuary/March Favorites!💕

Hello Again Readers! It’s time for another favorites post. I have been listening to a lot of music per usual that I think you guys will like old & new + a few other things I have been into lately. Enjoy!

First up I have been talking about this guy a lot in my posts lately but he is awesome J-Cole. Now Cole came out with his album 2014 Forest Hills Drive on December 9th and rocked the world. He put it out with very limited promo and is one of his most personal albums to date. The thing I think I like about this album a lot is its cohesiveness as it flows like he is telling a story. I also like the universal theme of love and how all these money, fame & fake stuff are not real but that family, community & love are what matter. Favorites off the album: Intro, Fire Squad, G.O.M.D, No Role Models, Apparently, Love Yours, Note to Self Dope Album Cole! F💲S❤️!

This next artist I as I know many other people have been waiting for 15 years for him to come out with another album D’Angelo. D’Angelo blessed us with an album at the end of 2014 as well and pretty much took everyone by storm. His album Black Messiah came at the perfect time as it was a rally cry for those in the struggle. D’Angelo all though it’s been 15 years he can still kill it. This album I will admit is kind of hard to understand vocal wise as his vocals are super distorted but still very sexy. The central theme of this album is about social justice in general and the #blacklivesmatter movement. His album cover is fist up in the air from the AfroPunk show he did last summer. He also has just some classic R&B tracks on there as well. He worked a lot with Questlove from the Roots as well as the Vangards as his back up band. Favorite tracks: 1000 Deaths, The Charade, Sugah Daddy, Real Love, Till Its Done (Tutu), Prayer Thanks for bringing back real music in this world of watered down fluff D’Angelo! 

This one is more of a new comer and has only been making music since 2012 Joey Bada$$. Joey is a member of the collective Pro Era and just put out his debut album B4.DA.$$ which is a great take back to the old skool sounds of the ’90s. He has been know to be influenced by the ’90s sound and delivers. At only 20 years old he really is somebody to watch and this album is a much needed change of pace in hip hop in 2015. Favorite Songs: Save the Children, Belly of the Beast, On & On, Escape 120, Black Beetle, O.C.B, Curry Chicken, Teach Me Very much a must listen great job Joey! 

Kendrick Lamar- The Blacker the Berry 
Coming off the success of his Grammy wins for his song “i” Kendrick dropped a new song a few weeks ago The Blacker the Berry which is more of a black pride anthem then “i”. It says how you can love being black and hate being black all at the same time while trying to navigate through this world of guns, gangs & crocked police. I think it’s a great song lyrically and a great take on modern issues.  

The indie electro pop band from England Florence + the Machine is putting out an album on June 6th called How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. They put out a few promos songs & videos from the album. I like the melodic sound of group and Florence Welsh’s vocals are so hauntingly beautiful. It feels like a very artistic band. New Songs: What Kind of Man & How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful I am very excited about this new album and the new songs sound great! 

The California rock band Incubus will so be putting out a series of EPs this year. The album is called Trust Fall (Side A) March 24 and the other side to be released later this year. They released a promo song off the album called Absolution Calling. I like it. It sounds very Incubus as they have always been a band who was ahead of their time. I do miss hearing of Dj Killmore on the song but hopefully he will be more on the albums. Of course it’s got those great Brandon Boyd vocals and it’s just great that their back with new music. 

Soja is a reggae band from Northern Virginia who is making it big. Their latest album Amid the Noise and Hast was nominated for a Grammy this year and their making a splash on the music scene. Their vibe is changing the world, coming together as one people, one love. Yes they are just 4 white guys who fell in love with Reggae but I think it deeper then that as they genuinely want to see a change is world. Favorite Songs: Everything Changes, Strength to Survive, Not Done Yet, I Believe, Your Song, When We Were Younger, I Don’t Wanna Wait I love them though their message is really awesome and the fact that their from Northern Virginia is a plus. 

This album is from one of my favorite bands of all time Fall Out Boy. Coming on the heals of their 2013 Save Rock & Roll come back they released their sixth album American Beauty/American Psycho. This album is very Fall Out Boy with a very poppie vibe to it. They put out music for the Disney/Marval cartoon movie Big Hero 6 and this album was done in three weeks. It’s a great album and I just don’t want them to ever go away again. Favorite Songs: Irresistible, The Kids Aren’t Alright, Uma Thurman, American Beauty/American Psycho, Centuries Novocane, 4th of July Thanks for another bomb album FOB! 
Paramore is a pop-punk band out of Tennessee. They recently have won a Grammy for their song Ain’t it Fun off their 2013 self-titled album Paramore. They have also recently rereleased their self-titled album with a few new tracks and some live recordings at Red Rocks in Denver. I like this album a lot as it is a very therapeutic record. It talks about growing up, learning to be happy and sort through all the bs in between. Favorite Songs: Fast In My Car, Now, Grow Up, Moving On, Ain’t it Fun, Still Into You, Anklebiters, Holiday, I’m Not Angry Anymore, Be Alone New Songs: Escape Route & Native Tongue Haley has a beautiful voice and her growing pains and beauties and how she describes them on the album as a 23 year old women going these it’s helpful to know someone else is going through them too. 

This band is a you could say a hippie band Nako Bear & Medicine for the People. Their music and general theme of the band is very much about spiritual and cultural higher meant. They are into bringing all people together through their music. Favorite Songs: Aloha Ke Akua, 7 Feathers, My Country, Black As Night, Ghost Embodied, I Mua, Manifesto II, Pueo, Risk it, Warrior People among others. Love them and their vibes very therapeutic.

This group is kind of a political rock/hiphop band called Flobots. Flobots had a one radio hit back in 2008 with Handlebars of their album Fighting with Tools. I have been listening to other songs off that album   Fighting with Tools & Same Thing. Their like a modern day Rage Against the Machine but less heavy music wise. Love their music and the fact that it stands for something. 

Young the Giant is a indie rock band who was self promoting and put out their 2011 album Young the Giant. In 2013 they signed with the label Fueled by Raman and put out their album Mind over Matter. I like their style very just 4 guys in a band and their all international too. Favorite Songs: Crystallized, It’s About Time, St. Walker, Islands, Apartment, My Body If your looking for some indie rockers then I suggest check them out. 

Xavior Rudd is a hippie singer/songwriter from Australia who makes very inspirational music. His latest project is called Xavior Rudd & the United Nations were he has back up vocals and a band all from different cultures and walks of life. They currently have a song out called Come People of their new album Nanna. It’s a very inspiring song with a great message and vibe.

Stollen Dance- Milky Chance 
I kept hearing this song in the car and I liked the melody & his kind of whine grasp vocals. It’s cool little tune good beat and it’s mostly just Milky Chance on his acoustic guitar. Kind of reminds me of Everlast a little.

The Bridge- Skulastic 
A hiphop tune that make you like you went back in time to the more pure hiphop. It’s a great tune if you love the old skool.

ODEZA- Sun Models ft. Madelyn Grant
A song I herd on a YouTube video I was watching once and I feel in love with it. It’s just a good beat song. 

Willow Smith- Flowers, 8 
Very melodic & conscious. Beautiful at only 14 years old. Don’t sleep on her.

Trombone Shorty- Something Beautiful 
A song with Lenny Kravitz. Trombone Shorty comes from NOLA and is a jazz trumpeter so he mixes that NOLA down south funky flair with traditional jazz and rock and roll. Great combo and artist.

I Belong To You-Lenny Kravitz 
An older song by him but a favorite of mine. I can’t stop listening to it lately but I blame his sexy vocals and the melody. If you love Lenny this is a great song.

Fly Like An Eagle- Seal
I love Seal and his take on this classic song for the Space Jam soundtrack is great. He gives the song new life and makes it more soulful. Good song! 

Blackish: A TV show for the modern black. The ones who live in the nice suburban town in their mostly white community where they are cool because they’re black but their not black enough for their parents. They have multicultural friends and say dude and bro a lot. They have to get their parents out of living in the past and the parents have to deal with living in this 21st century world raising kids. It comes on ABC and is pretty relatable for kids like me and my siblings who grew up in a similar way. It’s also pretty funny show. Check it out: 

Spaghetti Squash:
We have a Veggetti machine that you can make spaghetti squash. It is were you put the squash in the machine and you have to crank it and the squash comes out the other side as spaghetti. You then cook it with evoo (olive oil), garlic, salt pepper and when it’s done top it off with parmesan cheese. The Veggetti machine has a thin side & a thick side for making the squash depending how big the squash is. It’s a really tasty meal and super easy to make only takes 10 mins. Try it out sometime. 

I finally watched the Fault in Our Stars and the Perks of Being A Walflower. *Spoilers* The Fault in Our Stars was sad but a nice movie which of course reminded me of A Walk to Remember only this was more sad since they both had cancer and the boy dies. Then the Perks of Being A Walflower was good too. It’s kind of a campy movie about friendship. It had Emma Watson in it and is about being alone, being different, the lose of a friend, molestation by a family member, homosexuality, mental illness and domestic violence. Plus this movie has some great music in it. Both movies are great if you wanna wallow in your emotions for a few hours.
Well I hope you enjoy these & till next time dream on! 

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