The BET Awards: Is this really what Black is all about?


Hi Readers! This post is about BET. I think there needs to be another platform for black people besides just BET. I just don’t think that BET really captures the voice of all African American people. Plus it has become way too mainstream and old school. I mean we are all so different. We are all different shapes, sizes & colors and we all don’t listen to straight up Hip-Hop, R&B/Soul . If you think about it we are a diverse people who listen, dress and watch a diverse amount of things.

Take me for example I consider myself a hippie who listens to a wide variety of sounds. Even down to my friends are so different from each other that we just need a little bit more variety. How about the Alternative Black Music Awards.

Anyway this is a diverse list of different artist and inspirational people who just happen to be black:

Travie Mccoy/Gym Class Heroes-


I feel like often times Travie is just seen as this guy who can rhyme a little and is in a band but is not taken seriously as an MC. (kind of like Will Smith) he has got flow and the reason I feel he & GCH are so special (to me anyway) was they were the first group I heard to mix hip-hop, rock, R&B, pop, funk, reggae so well genres I love. Plus they are a band for the underdogs and as Travie will tell you he can relate to that story because it happened to him. He is a very humble guy and never takes this fame life for granted. This is why I love him.



She was in a band before doing the solo think and she has got chops. She is very much doing her own thing and proud of it. Her music is very colorful and makes you think. Plus she is proud black women who in her songs will tell it like it is. She is def one to listen to. #revolutionarychick

The Internet-


Ok so if you are a fan of Odd Future then you should take a listen to them. The Internet is Syd the Kyd and a few other Odd Future members who started a band. You can basically say they just make super chill music (trip-hop, neo-soul). Plus Syd’s voice can just put you to sleep like a warm bath. Also Syd is a lesbian so she says “she” in a lot of her music and has girls play lead opposite her. (yay for representation of black lesbians) #revoultionarychick with #revoultionarydudes

Elle Varner-


she is a singer/songwriter who makes very real very relatable songs. Her songs are her and a guitar for most of them. She is also not afraid to talk about touchy subjects. Another great one to listen to. #revoultionarychick

Janelle Monae-


ok you have herd of her before and she is super unique. From her signature hair do to her unique style and voice she has got the total package. She also is big into the syfy world where she portrays herself as a cool kick ass rebellious stand up for yourself and take charge kind of women android from the future. So cool! Even her lyrics are motivational, inspirational & educational plus she got flow and spits better then most guys. #revolutionarychick

Gary Clark Jr.-


ok think a 21st century Jimi Hendrix. He has that whole hard guitar riffs mixed with that blueness kind of like Jimi meets BB King or Muddy Waters. Something that I love to see is African Americans playing traditional rock music. (cause if it weren’t for us…but you get it) he goes hard and brings back the guitar solo. (something missing in modern rock) def a music listen

Chiddy Bang-


A alternative indie hip-hop act is the best way I can describe them. They take samples from indie songs (like choruses & beats and stuff) and mix it in with their lyrics. They mostly sample MGMT songs and are kind of college hipster hip-hop that those who don’t listen to hip-hop can get down to.

Toro Y Moi-


Toro Y Moi aka Chaz Bundick is an indie artist who makes very melodic music. Coming from a background where his mother is Filipino and his father is black makes for very interesting music. His beats, melodies and vocals together make very interesting music. He makes indie pop/R&B with an electronic twist kind of chillwave or even trip-hopish. Some songs even got that ’70s disco or pop feel to them. Chaz also sports a group on the side that does more dance music called Les Sins. Check out both acts.

Aloe Black-


ok you have herd him on Wake Me Up and he has a voice. Kind of reminds me of a folkie/R&B feel like Stevie Wonder. Also in a lot of his music videos he brings up subjects like black kids going to jail after high school & deportation of non US citzens.



I feel people know who he is but he is never fully recognized. His music is very real he talks about real life, takes from past artist & brings up tough social issues. He is a conscious story teller when it comes to his rhymes and is all ways trying to uplift the listeners while having a good time. Plus he has got good flow and with the release of his 3rd album 2014 Forest Hills Drive back in December, he is def one to look out for.

Nico & Venc-


I really only know there one song that was everywhere in 2014. Its a great song kind of like an Akon/Wyclef vibe.

Ben Harper-


Ben has been around for a while like a long while you are most likely to hear him with people like Jack Johnson, Eddie Vedder & G. Love. As a former surfer himself he makes very beachie soul music. He is a singer/songwriter who’s music just melts like warm butter on morning biscuts.

Michael Franti-


Michael Franti has been around a long time like Ben Harper. He has fronted a few bands and opened for U2 on tour. His current band is called Spearhead which he has been with through the 2000s. He is a humanitarian & very inspirational person. His music is very beachy but with a message. He is definitely got an easy like Sunday morning voice.

Tracy Chapman-

Tracy is a folk/R&B singer who is big in being an uplifting voice. She has been going strong since the ’80s and is a figure in the African American & gay community. Her is voice is very soothing and she beautiful.

Khleo Thomas-


ok so if you know me you know i’ve been a fan of his since he was Zero in Holes. Well home boy grew up and he is still cute. Anyway he started making music a while ago but kind “blew up” these past few years with his past few mix tapes and singles. They have been bangin! (although I do wish he would have gone the more conscious hip-hop route as that is missing in hip-hop today but what can you do) i may not listen to all of his music as i don’t always agree with his representation of women but i try to support him anyway he is def one to look out for Slick Living!

This is my Gym Jam!

Childish Gambino-


if you watch Community or 30 Rock then you know who Danny Glover is but might not know he is also a rapper. He goes by Childish Gambino and he to me feels like college indie hip-hop that because he is a small screen star feels more listenable by non- hip-hop heads.

The Weeknd-


call him indie R&B with a hip-hop feel very moody, melodic music that very much puts you in a mood and puts more electronic and indie beats into traditional R&B.



she is a singer hailing from Sweden who came out last summer. Her music is very pop/R&B with some electronic influences and a good message to it. #revoultionarychick



Afropunk is basically the alternative culture of black people. That can mean in a musical since like the black rock, punk, hardcore or metal scenes or in a cultural since like with black fashion, spiritually & hair lots of hair like hence “Afro”. They are also big on fighting the good fight on all causes related to black people. The movement started out a documentary back in 2000 and then went on to start the highly successful summer festival in NY.

Junior Astronomers-


A rock band out of North Carolina. My best friend got me on to them and their pretty awesome. The lead singer is black and they kind of remind you of Kings of Leon. (Would be dope if they went on tour together)

Kid President-


Kid President is a family project by Robby Novack who makes inspirational YouTube videos for kids & adults to help change the world. He has a disease where his bones brake and has had to go to the hospital many times but that didn’t stop him from dancing. He does pep talks for adults as well as many charity drives. He is just a really cool kid who is trying to change the world.



This is the band of Zoe Kravitz, Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet’s daughter. It’s a great band that got that rock-pop vibe with an electronic feel to it plus her vocals are on point. Zoe has learned from her parents well. She learned from her mom on the fashion front and being very creative with her style and from her dad on the music front and how to be a great musician. Plus when you’ve got one of the original Cosby kids as your mom and two really hot dads (Lenny Kravitz and Jason Mamoa) you win in my book. #revolutionarychick

Tamar Kali-


The orginial Afropunk women or at least in the documentary. She is kick ass! She is from NY and plays a lot of punk/hardcore music that goes deep. Like most punk music it comes with a really empowering message that inspires in this case young women and girls. One song talks about rape of young women while the video tells the story of a young black girl who likes punk music but all she sees in white faces and having to deal with self image. She also comes from a rich ancestry of being Gulla Geechee and Cherokee. This chick goes all out and even has a orchestra which she directs along with her hardcore music. #revolutionarychick

Earl Greyhound-


They are a really awesome hippie band that make modern rock music and it goes hard. Kind of like a hippier version of the Foo Fighters (sound wise) kind of grungie like Nirvana or the Cranberries. Their fronted by who I call my hippie goddess crush Kamara Thomas who is this bad ass black hippie chick who can rock on bass and sing. Then you have the white hippie guy and the black drummer. It’s a recipy for greatness although sadly they are no longer together Kamara Thomas put out some solo stuff a while back. Check these guys out they are also Afropunk alum. #revoultionarychick #hippielife

RDGLDGRN (Red Gold Green)-


These are some really dope guys who are from VA/DC (yay DMV reppin) who can sing and rhyme a little and are modern rockish. They got noticed by Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters who are also from DC and where they featured him in their music video for “Doing the Most”. They have become good buddies. Check them out I think they are just a cool group making music.

Emeli Sande-

EMELI SANDE at Premiere of The Great Gatsby

she is an English R&B/soul vocalist out of Britain who started making some noise but I feel like not the kind of noise she should have as she came on the scene commercially right after Adele. Her vocals are amazing though! It’s kind of neo-soulish in a way but very good. She is another great female singer not afraid to tackle difficult issues in her music. I love her! Check her out. #revolutionarychick

Eva Simons-


Eva is an EDM vocalist/DJ from Amsterdam. You might remember her on Afrojack’s song “Take Over Control” back 2010 which is where I found out about her. Her background is she comes from a Dutch pianist father and a Afro-Surinamese mom. I love her style the big hair and everything. She is one to check out. #revolutionarychick



He has a voice like no other. I just get this mood when ever I hear him. He is a R&B soul singer out of Virginia (yay) who got his start with two pretty great albums in the ’90s before going away. He has recently come back with an album late 2014 that has been on repeat on my iPhone since I first listened to it. He is amazing very much into the black rock scene and very socially conscious. Check him out he will make your ears melt.

Big Freedia-

This queen is from NOLA and she is bringing bounce music to the world. With his big persona and his southern swag he making hits for the twerking world to get down to. He currently has a docu-series on Fuse and is one you can get down too.

Well there you go. Just so you know this one was a post I was going to do a while ago while watching the BET Awards but never got around to it. PS- Chris Rock killed the 2014 BET Awards. Anyway till next time stay black &
proud! ✊

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