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Hello Readers! How ya’ll doin? So to give you some more insight into my life today I will be writing about my current favorites in music, tv, food ect. This is a trend I have seen a lot in some of the Youtubers I have been following so I thought I would try it out.

To start it off here is some of my favorite tv shows. Now currently most of my shows are in off season but will be back with in the month or in a few months.

The Voice: Ok so I never got into American Idol (I did watch the first season with Kelly) and kind of thought singing compositions where lame but then me and mom watched an episode of the Voice season 2 and kind of got hooked (mostly because of Jamar Rogers). Now we watch almost ever season since. I like the aspect that the coaches can’t see the person singing and only gets to pick them by their voice alone.  Plus it seems a little more genuine then most singing shows and more diverse. Anyway check it out for yourself.

FaceOff: This is a show on the Syfy channel. Ok so normally they have really cheesy shows and movies on that channel with famous and not as famous actors out of their prime (like Sharknato). Anyway I started watching this show around the same time as the Voice and it basically is a competition show where the contestants are all people who work in creature creation making where they make suits out of clay and elaborate makeups. They get a world or concept they have to make the monster for and then they have 3 days to make the monster and then they have models who wear their customs and make up. Then they are judged in front of a panel of judges and every episode a contestant goes home. In the end they get 100,000, a car and a trip to a Alcone factories. This is a really cool show. The cast for the most part are really talented and make some amazing makeups and the judges and nice and fun. A cool watch if you are into movie makeup, monsters & syfy\fantasy.

The Fosters: I think I might have talked about this one on another post but here it is again. So the Fosters is a show about a girl name Callie Jacobs who is just getting out from Juvenal dentition and is part of the foster system. She gets placed with a family (The Fosters) with two lesbian moms Steph and Lena, adopted twins Mariana and Jesus and the one mom Steph’s bio son Brandon. During the first episode Callie rescues her little brother Jude from their previous foster home where they had both been abused and they start living with the Fosters. Ok even though this is a family show its definitely not the Brady Bunch or the Cosby Show. This show deals with everything from having two moms to falling in love with your soon to be step-brother to your bio mom manipulating you for drug money and so much more. It is a really great show and very diverse. The moms are lesbians and Steph is white but Lena is bi-racial and the twins are Mexican. This is a very real show which brings the family sitcom into the 21st century. Check it out on ABC Family.

Girl Meets World: I also did one of my first posts on this show when it first aired but since then more episodes have aired. Ok Girl Meets World is just a kind of sequel to the beloved series Boy Meets World. This show picks up about 15 years after Cory & Topanga moved to NYC after getting married so they could start their life together. Now they live in a nice NY apartment with their son Auggie and 12 year old daughter Riley (the Girl in GMW). Riley also has a best friend Maya a nerdy classmate named Farkle and a handsome new classmate from Texas named Lucus. Cory has now become a history teacher (go figure) and teaches Riley’s 7th grade class. Ok when it first aired it had only had the pilot up and it was pretty good a little shaky but the episodes to follow have been amazing. Of course Riley is like Cory and Maya is like Shawn and you see that in a lot of ways but Farkle is more like Minkus (who bye the bye makes a cameo and its awesome) who we learn is his dad (again go figure). Anyway there have been some episodes that have made me go this show defiantly has potintal. One episode which is great is the no technology episode where they have to put away their phones and do a school project in the library. They start to learn that human face to face connections are important. Or this episode with a flash back Topanga when she realizes she is in a loosing battle with herself morally she looks inside herself and finds earthy Topanga (season 1) waiting for her. (Really good Cory/Topanga flashback) Then of course the super touching Daddy/Daughter episode, the Maya’s mom episode its turing out to be a pretty great show. Anyway in November & December some old Mathew faces (although no Eric but they do have the original Morgan back) and of course our beloved lone-wolf himself Shawn Hunter comes back to break hearts and save the day again. Anyway if you like BMW then GMW is worth a check out.

Baby Daddy: Here is another show I did a post on and airs on ABC Family. Ok take Full House or Three Men and a Baby and make it modern and the boys in post-college life and bam you’ve got a hit. So three friends (two brothers and their friend) live together in a NYC apartment and one day the main character Ben gets a knock at the door and he opens it only to find his baby from a girl he had a fling with 9 months before. She left the baby with him and left town with out him knowing she was pregnant. Basically the rest of the show is the hilarity of the situations they get themselves into. Two other characters I can’t not mention are the brother’s mom who lives in the same apartment building as her son’s (and is a frequent visitor) as well as their childhood next door neighbor and best friend (also secret crush) to Danny the older brother and love interest of Ben. This show is so funny. It stars Melissa Peterson as the boys mom and Tahj Mowry (brother of famous sisters Tia and Tamera) as their best friend roommate and when you have those too together they are hilarious to say the least. Funny to say Tahj came from making cameos on Full House back in the day a very similar show to now staring in this, is so full circle. Anyway a fun more modern grown up take on Full House and a great show. Check it out.

The Legend of Korra: So if you watched The Last Air-bender (and no I don’t mean that terrible move) then you might be interested in this show. It takes place about 70 years after Aang’s time with a new Avatar named Korra from the North Pole. In the first season she goes to Republic City to work with Aang’s son Tenzin and his family on learning air bending and along the way has to defeat the Equalist and their leader Amon who are trying to take away people’s bending. In the second season she goes to war against her uncle who tries to take over the world which brings her to met the very first Avatar learn his story and defeat her uncle. Now I missed the third season which aired this summer as I have been traveling and going to school but hopefully when I get a free day I can binge watch it as I hear it was a kick ass season. Now along the way Korra meets some friends while in Republic City like two brothers Bolin (who becomes her boyfriend) and Mako who are part of the pro-bending league and Asami Sato, heiress to Future Industries as well as city police chef Lin Beifong. Her animals are Naga and Pabu and we get to see adult versions of Katara (her as a grandmother), Aang, Sokka, Toph (although they have all pasted away so we only see Avatar flash backs) and Zuko. Ok so this series is pretty great. If you liked the original I have a feeling you might like this show. Now I know that its a little less epic adventure save the world go on a quest as The Last Airbender was but still its good. Now I did at first have a little beef with Korra because she complained too much. Always complaining about little things that were not even that bad. I always think you have technology now try doing it with limited resources like Aang at 12 little girl lol. Anyway I think this show is defiantly worth a little peek at which you can now do only online as they took it off tv because Nick wasn’t getting enough ratings (cause no one likes Nick today we all want our ’90s Nick back). Best episodes to watch are about the story of the Original Avatar Jon and his pretty epic story in season 2.

Now onto Movies. Now I won’t actually go into detail on these movies just list them and you can check them out in my summer movie review post I did last month.

The 100 Foot Journey, 22 Jump Street, Captain America 2, TMNT, Guardians of the Galaxy

Next Food: I <3 Food! Sometimes a little too much lol

Pasta, olive oil (evoo), cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, olives ,cheese and a little pesto or basil leaves- pretty healthy and really taste and a good alternative to normal pasta with red sauce

Crackers, humus & bruchetta mixed, olives, some cheese, and cucumbers a nice snack during the day yum!

Peanut Butter and Banana on toast or waffles good source of protein (I have to say this one was given to me by my friend Bronte while I was in Arizona)

Honest Tea- Ok this I have kind of been obsessed with because I like to drink tea and this tea is 100% natural, GMO free and has no high fructose corn syrup (you can say I have kind of become a non-GMO snob sometimes lol) really good

Sweet Leaf Tea- On the topic of teas Sweet Leaf is really good too as it is made with real cane sugar and is natural too. It was made by two colleges kids who got recipes during their travels abroad during college. Really good!

Detox Water- Cucumbers, blueberries and mint

Oh and since Fall is right around the corner I have to shout out to Pret A Manger who I used to eat all the time when I worked in DC. They make a fabulous butternut squash soup during the fall and was one of the reasons I have fallen head over heels in love with butternut squash (yum!!!).

Lastly Music: This will mostly be an update from what I posted earlier this summer in my summer jams post.

Ok this one is from the volt from back in her Disney days. Raven- Shorts Like Mine Love that it is kind of like a empowerment song for young girls plus it has a pretty great beat and I will always love anything Raven does she is definitely a roll model.

Jhene Aiko- Ok I have been bumping her music since this past winter  but I love it. She is a really good singer and I love her song Bed Peace (hippie lol) cause its very relaxed and makes me want to stay in bed all day lol Check it out.

SOJA- Everything Changes One of my hippie the world can be a better place even though it sucks lol with a chill vibe check it

Jack White (who is in at any time because he is Jack White lol) he has had a new album out and his songs Sixteen Saltines and Lazaretto are pretty much on point. If you are feeling in a guitar riff, southern rock sounding, summer rock mood bthen he has got you covered.

The Black Keys they have a new album out too and if you know me you know I love the Black Keys. So when their new song Fever came out and it sounded really indie/dance instead of southern blues rock I was like oh no but then their song started to grow on me. I haven’t listened to the whole album yet but its the Black Keys.

Last summer Kings of Leon came out with an album which you should check it. I liked the whole album and their single Supersoker is dope.

Clean Bandit- Rather Be ok now everyone has herd this song everywhere. I love it and the music video. I love the violin in the melody and the chorus and just the whole song its really great. Check it out!

Jenny Lewis- Just One of the Guys I first watched the video on tv and it is kind of funny and then I listened to the lyrics and its pretty spot on. The video has some famous women like Anne Hathaway, Kristin Stewart and a few other women as her back up band and who at one point dress up as guys in sweat suits and snap backs with fake mustaches and Adidas. “No matter how hard I try to be one of the guys theirs a little clock inside that won’t let me” A good womanly song lol check it out.

Fitz and the Tantrums-Out of my League I like the band, the song, the feel to it, the black female co-singer of a indie rock band. Its a win, win, win! Check it out.

Sia-Chandler Loved her since her Zero 7 days love her solo stuff she is just an amazing singer so glad in the past few years she has become more recognized. Check it out.

Nneka-Africa I just randomly found this song when I was playing the internet radio and thought that this song was interesting. “Wake up world wake up and stop sleeping”

Michael Franti-Ganja Babe Again just a random song I found on the internet radio but its very chill laid back very me reminds me of living out in the country or the beach and just livin the simple life

Indiginous & Plateros these bands are a little old but their awesome I love listening to them. Their both Native American bands and give off that mid-west blues rock vibe and I just love it. Check it.

Janelle Monae-Electric Lady Love me some Janelle Monae and this song and video feels like a super dope college fraternity and also an od to dope women everywhere. I am an Electric Lady! Check it out and get ready to get up and dance!

Other music I’ve just been listening to a lot: 3LW, GroupLove, RDGLDGRN, MIA, Bloc Party, Floetry, Daft Punk, Lots of Trip-Hop, Lots of Ska/White Boy Punk-Reggie Bands, The Internet, The xx, White boy soul/indie, of course old skool hip-hop, Travie Mccoy, Gym Class Heroes (always)

Well I feel like I listen to way more music in one day but I can’t think of anything else so I’ll end here.

Other random things I love: A clothing item I have been wearing a lot this summer are flared plazo pants. I have a pair my mom got me from the thrift store and their black with a little red on the bottom and a little cream colored design up the side. I love them their the most comfortable thing ever when you don’t want to wear a dress or skirt.

Also my new turtle mirror that a local artist Caryl Alexander made and I bought from her when I was at her house a few months ago. It’s so unique and awesome. I am the turtle so I can look through my mirror and say hay you are a turtle and you go through life at a turtle’s speed don’t let people rush you!

So these are my current favorites as of now hope you enjoy them and they give you inspiration and yea till next time… 🙂



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