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Hello Dear Readers! This summer I have been watching movies. Now I haven’t watched a lot of movies as going to the movies cost you an arm & a leg these days but I have seen a few. In the last week alone I have watched 3 movies in theaters. Here is my review of the few movies I saw this summer.

1. Captain America 2-The Winter Solider:
Steve Rogers struggles to embrace his role in the modern world and battles a new threat from old history: the Soviet agent known as the Winter Soldier. Basically Steve is living his life in the 21 century until he has to work with Natasha/Black Widow & Falcon to save S.H.I.E.L.D from the counter tourist group Hydra and the mysterious Winter Solider.
This was a great movie and it has one of the best black super hero side kicks in Falcon. If your a fan of the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D tv show then this movie is where you will first hear about Hydra which is very present in the end of season 1.
Favorite Character: Falcon (cause he is pretty bad ass)
Grade: A

2. 22 Jump Street:
Saw this with my niece and nephew didn’t see the first one till after I watched this one but still pretty funny for a “guyish” movie & Channing Tatum is in it if your into that 😉
Didn’t know Channing could be so funny but I think Jonah Hill helped with that. This movies is basically like the first movie only their in college & Channing ends up the cool kid while Jonah is the artsy nerd. Jonah does though end up with Ice Cube’s daughter in the movie and the drug is called “WHYPHY”.
I don’t know if I would have saw this movie by myself but it wasn’t terrible.
Grade: B

3. Guardians of the Galaxy:
This movie takes the Marvel Universe we know and love to the stars. This takes a gaggle of characters out to save the galaxy from Ronan the evil guy taking over peoples homes and killing their families and when the Guardians find a powerful orb they go to the end of the stars to keep it and galaxy safe.
All though this movie is Marvel its not one of those campy super hero movies for kids. This movies has a lot more adult humor and is a more grown up take on the classic super hero movie.
Favorite Scene: I have two. 1- when Groot lights up the spaceship and 2- when baby Groot is dancing at the end of the movie (too cute!)
Favorite Character: Groot of course (I Am Groot!)
Grade: A+

4. TMNT:
What is this the 10th remake or movie since the original ’80s cartoon? Ok I don’t think I need to go over this movie if you have seen anything the turtles have been in you know the premise. Now I know the turtles have different creation stories depending on what movie or tv show your watching and in this one Eric Sacks & April O’ Neil’s dad created the turtles but once Eric goes bad and kills April’s dad she helps get the turtles and Splinter the rat to safety where they live their life in the New York sewer system.
Growing up I used to love the turtles and used to play with my brother’s action figure. I loved the ’90s movies and as corny as Vanilla Ice is I still like his song. “Go Ninja, Go Ninja, Go”
Favorite scene of this movie: when the turtles are in the elevator waiting about to kick Shredders ass they start jammin and MC Mikey starts free styling.
Favorite turtle: I have to say I will always like the ’80s turtles the best but Mikey at anytime will always be my favorite he is so funny.
Grade: A

5. The 100 Foot Journey:
If you like to cook & you like culture you’ll like this movie. This movie is about an Indian family who move from India to France when their restaurant gets burned down during a political riot killing the mother in the process. Once they get to France they open a restaurant 100 feet from this big time French restaurant and a big battle of who’s better persuses. But once the talented son of the Indian family gets burned during a French hate crime, the owner of the French restaurant takes him under her wing and he becomes a big time chief and merges his culture and fresh take on French food.
This is a nice little film staring Helen Mirren as Madame Mallory and is very much a merging of cultures. It teaches that good food and the human kind can make even the biggest of enemies friends. When I went to see this movie with my friend we were in a room full of old people but its a movie about family, falling in love and of course food so anyone one can see it.
Grade: B+

Well until next time watch more movies!

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