All That is Back! The ’90s SNL for Kids is Back for the New Generation But Will It Be Any Good?

Unless you lived under a rock growing up you likely watched Nickelodeon especially on Saturdays during their block for the tween audience SNICK. During that SNICK aka Saturday Night Nick block a small sketch comedy show came out in 1994 and took over the world.

All That became the biggest thing for the channel, made stars out of it’s cast and many spin-offs. Two of it’s biggest stars were the comedy duo Kenan Thompson & Kel Mitchel which got their own tv show Kenan and Kel.

Other big names from All That were Lori Beth-Denburg, Josh Server, Amanda Bynes and others who made big impacts on the show with many hilarious sketches. From Good Burger, Vital Information, Detective Dan, Okra, Loud Liberian, Ask Ashley, Super Dude, Earboy and so many others All That was a staple of our childhood and it’s something I come back to all the time.

This year All That turned 25 and to celebrate this big anniversary All That is coming back for a new generation. Starting June 15th we are getting a whole new group of kids with Kenan and Kel as executive producers. The idea to bring this show back was pretty much because of us the fans. We who have always been showing the show love over all these years are the reason this show is coming back. Kenan, Kel, Josh and Lori-Beth will be apart of the cast making guest appearances as their iconic ’90s characters like The Loud Librarian and Ed from Good Burger. On the first episode we get the Jones Brothers as our musical guest as well as the celebrity guest in one of the Good Burger sketches.

Now as a ’90s fan of the original All That of course I have my hesitations like most of us do. After All That ended in 1999/2000 in 2002 it came back with a new cast including Lisa Foiles and Jamie Lynn Spears. No disrespect to this cast but unfortunately they were not very good. There were a few sketches that were funny but they were not as iconic and by the time it aired most of the kids who watched the original show were getting older and weren’t really that interested in the show anymore. Plus not to bring race into this but lets not lie All That over the years has gone from beloved urban SNL or In Living Color for kids to a less funny less hip-hop and R&B less urban version of it’s self. I think this had to do with the management of those seasons. A lot of people think All That was just created and produced by Dan Schneider but there were actually a whole group of producers and writers who helped to make this show what it was. The show was actually created by Brian Robbins who is now the president of Nick and Mike Tollin. It wasn’t until season 10 the last season that Dan Schneider became one of the executive producers of the show (which might be why that season was the worst of them all).

In what is now referred to as the “revival area” they tried to re-due a few classic sketches but they were all failures especially their interpretation of Good Burger and Ed which as we know there is only one Ed and that’s Kel. Their musical guest became a lot more pop and it just didn’t hit the mark.

So to say we as ’90s fans are a little nervous that they might mess up such a beloved show from our childhood I have to say something. I get it. I have had other shows be rebooted and get sequels from my childhood and they ended up changing something important to the show or something I thought would of happened to these characters over the years but didn’t. But with All That I feel that it is a little different. Because it is a sketch comedy show like an SNL the cast changes from time to time and since this show is for the kids it has to have a kid cast. So as much as us adult fans of the show would of loved to see a more adult version of All That for us that just won’t be happening. Now of course like I’ve said OG cast members of the original show will be reprising their roles as different characters we loved growing up and trying to mix it with the new sketches and humor of 2019. And to be honest that is the best we can really ask for. They are using the original iconic theme song by TLC and trying to bridge a gap between ’90s fans and kids of today. Also remember guys this show is not really for us it’s for the kids so if a joke isn’t funny to us it’s ok it’s not suppose to be. I’m sure when our ’90s favorites on the show will still get a kick out of that but please let these kids have a chance. Yes they have big shoes to fill but again this show is not for us so don’t hate on the kids for making comedy for kids like them in 2019. We know how impactful this show was when we were kids so let it be impactful for this generation.

And to any person of color who takes issue with their lack of a “black” girl in the new cast I hear you on that too. Before they had much details about the show I tweeted my wanting to see more black girls on the show as even with the original show we got so few. We had Angelique Bates on seasons 1-2, Christy Knowings seasons 4-6, Giovonnie Samuels 7-9, and Kianna Underwood for season 10. That was cute but I just think All That has always preferred black guys to black girls on the show for some reason. In the new cast we do have a black girl cast member but she is more light skinned/racially ambiguous/mixed then anything else which is a big trend in Hollywood right now. Hopefully in the future they will have a dark or brown skinned black girl on the cast. But I mean shoutout to the Asian and LGBTQIA+ communities that are getting represented on show.

The OG cast of the show also have been very supportive of this new cast on social media. Angelique Bates, Alisa Reyes, Katrina Johnson and others have been showing their love for the this new cast as they trust their fellow cast members to do this show justice. So for me if they like it I love it. I also hope that through out the season/seasons that we get to see other All That cast members from all 10 seasons be able to come onto the show and bring their wacky characters to life for this new generation. I mean Cooking with Randy and Mandy or The Island Girls in 2019 would be epic.

Anyway I am uber hype for the new All That and can’t wait to see a whole new generation of kids be impacted by such a staple of my childhood. So check out All That premiering on Nick June 15th or watch it online later if you don’t have cable like me.

Oh and before I go here are just a few old sketches and some musical/celebrity guest stars I would love to see on the new All That.

Old Sketches:

Ishboo, Superdude, Earboy, The Island Girls, Okra, Baggin’ Saggin’ Barry, Everyday French with Pierre Escargot, Miss Piddlin, Whatever?!, Ask Ashley, Principal William Baines Pimpell, Miss Fingerly, Tandy SporkLeroy & Fuzz, USS Spaceship, Repairman, Jack Campbell: Fat Cop, The Inconvenience Store, Complaint Department, Cheese Police, Lester Oaks, Construction Worker, Connie Muldoon, Mavis and Clavis, Bradley the Big Ol’ Baby, Say Hey to Dr. K, Dr. Bynes, Thelma Stump: Oldest Bodyguard in the Business, Randy Quench, Volunteer Fireman 

Musical/Celebrity Guest Stars:

lil Nas X, Billie Eilish, Chance the Rapper, Jaden Smith, Ariana Grande, Drake, Khalid, Miley, Panic! At the Disco, Shawn Mendes, J-Cole, Lizzo, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Logic, Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, TLC and more

Simbad, LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Will Smith, Drake and Josh, Amanda Seles, King Bash, Noah Centeno, Liza Koshy, stars of Nick and Disney shows, YouTube stars and more

Well Till Next Time…

“Sit Your Booty On the Floor or In A Chair, Ground or In The Air Just Don’t Go No Where”


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