Just Water: Review

This is my review of the water company Just Water.

What is Just Water:

JUST® delivers everyday products that are responsibly sourced and packaged for improved environmental and social impact. JUST does things in a new way. Today’s conscious consumers seek out companies that are authentically committed to social impact and transparent in their practices, while still being accessible and convenient.

JUST is 8 years in the making – a likeminded group came together to drive social and environmental impact through business, starting with JUST® water, the ethically sourced 100% spring water in a paper-based bottle. Water connects us all and is a human necessity – JUST values water as the precious resource it is. In fact, JUST advocates for using tap water when possible, but when choosing bottled water, JUST is a better option.

JUST water is not just 100% spring water, it is a natural resource revitalizing a local community through an ethical trade partnership. The JUST water bottle is not just a paper bottle, it’s made up of 82% renewable resources while reducing CO2 emissions up to 74% compared to traditional plastic bottles. The paper used in the bottle comes from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)®-certified forests where new trees replace the ones harvested. While the shoulder and cap are derived from the sugarcane plant.

Glens Falls is not just a spring water source, it is a community partner in every sense of the word – JUST’s unprecedented ethical trade agreement values water for the precious resource it is. JUST is paying six times the municipal rate for access to less than 3% of the community’s excess water. That revenue helps to repair aging infrastructures, while the business model itself is restoring industry, providing jobs and protecting the local watershed.

JUST is not just more convenient and accessible for you, it’s Better for Everyone.

How Did I Find Out About Just Water:

Well I have been a big fan of Will & Jada since I was a kid. Since I first heard my first DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince song to watching The Fresh Prince which is one of my all time favorite shows ever and all his movie roles to all the incredible roles Jada has been in over the years. Due to being a big fan of their parents I have also been following the Smith kids with all of their amazing endeavors from music, art, fashion, environmentalism and activism. That brought me to Just Water. I think I just saw in maybe a social media post or in an interview Jaden who is the co-founder of Just Water talking about it and it intrigued me. Jaden and Willow have always put out a strong stance of caring about Mother Earth through their music to creating companies like this. It’s so inspiring to see the next generation being so passionate about what goes on with our Mother and how we they are trying to make as big a difference in this world as possible as they know they are our next generation of leaders. I also love that the idea of this company came so organically out of the mind of a child wanting to see the Earth and her people be taken care of.

My Review of Just Water:


So I picked up a bottle of Just Water at the store called Earth Fare and it cost $1.69. I tried it and found it is just like they say it’s “Just Water” and you can tell. When you drink it actually quenches your thirst unlike most water in plastic bottles like Aquafina and others. Oh and it doesn’t taste like the bottle either. The bottle might be made of recycled paper but it doesn’t taste like it and it’s reusable so when you finish your water you can refill it. Now I will say it does have an after taste to it but it’s not a bad one just one that is probably there due to it coming straight from the source. I will say though the one draw back even though they are reusable is that the bottles are not that big. You can drink the water inside each bottle in about 5 mins and unless you buy a case at a time I do wish there was more in the bottle. Over all it’s not too bad and after doing some research looks like they are an ethical company trying to do good things for the planet and people.

Not Just Another Celebrity Fad:

So although this company was started through Jaden’s ideas 8 years ago, Will and Jaden have mostly stayed out of the marketing of the water just because they wanted it to first speak for it’s self before using their fame to influence how well it does. I understand that because you don’t want this to just seem like another celebrity endorsed product with no real investment into what the product represents other then getting paid which some celebs do. Because Jaden was so passionate about the idea behind this company it feels a lot more organic why him and his family supports it.

How Does Just Water Help The Community:

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