Not Your Nefertiti + What Black Panther Means To Me #BlackPanther


In ten days the highly anticipated Marvel movie Black Panther comes out to critical praise. The premiere was last week and black celebs where out in full force looking like black royalty and it was incredible. They had a purple carpet and they all had African outfits and accessories and it was black excellence at it’s finest.

So black people are really happy and excited about this movie and what it means for black people. So were about a week into Black History Month and of course we can’t let this positive black energy last too long so you know white supremacy gotta mix it up.

This week the Today Show thought it was a good idea to have Josh Gates come show off a new Nefertiti recreation bust that nobody asked for. Josh Gates went to the Today Show to show this off for a special he was working on about Egypt or Kemet and Nefertiti. They show you that this white lady recreated this bust off a skull that was supposedly Nefertiti’s then Josh comes on the show and basically gets all excited and tries to sell us that this is the most accurate representation of what she would have looked like. Then they unveil this…



Nobody asked for this! Then to say this is an accurate representation of what some one from Kemit would have looked like back then. Can we stop trying to act like Egypt/Kemet was a more European or even Arib country? Can we also stop pretending this wasn’t located in AFRICA! Honestly it’s things like this that are reasons why my dad and others like Charles Finch, Tony Browder, Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, Dr. Ben Clark, Listervelt Middleton and many others learned and educated about and still do on Kemet, the Nile Valley Civilization and many other places in Africa. My dad and one of his friends who passed away both were learning back in the ’80s & ’90s about ancient Kemet and Medu Neter along with those who I mentioned earlier.

So for me this is a big issue that I have had with the media and western historians for pretty much ever. You are not going to come for one of the first civilization of this world! As we know every person’s culture on Earth today started in Africa from a black women. Also wanna know why in most pictures of women and men from ancient Kemet they look a little lighter? It’s not because they were it’s because they felt that gold was a very hight spiritual color and metal so they put it on their skin. That’s why they look brown or tan not dark skin so that also helps to make this stereotype a thing. But at the end of the day Kemet was a BLACK African civilization that created most of the infrastructure that we have today. I mean who else could have created those pyramids? And that’s communities all over Africa. I mean why else did they steal us from there? Because we were out here building pyramids, building cities, being innovators in science, math, culture and so much more. Anyway we all know a good representation of what people of ancient Kemet looked like back in the day was the Remember the Times video from Michael Jackson. So just remember Kemet was a Black African civilization!!!



Anyway also on twitter to get back to Black Panther Kayla Marie Sutton, curator of the “Black Girl Nerds” podcast’s social media accounts started the hashtag #WhatBlackPantherMeansToMe to give a way for fans to show what this movie means to them whither you’re a nerdy comic book head or just a black person who is excited to see a positive representation of black people in a movie.

So I wanted to add my two cents on why this movie means to me.

Here is my #WhatBlackPantherMeansToMe:

For me I didn’t grow up with comic books and superheroes. Of course I watched cartoons on TV on Saturday mornings like Batman the Animated Series, X-Men, the Ultimate Spider-Man and the Justice League but never got heavy into it. Later in life I would go watch superhero movies in theaters like the X-Man movies. It wasn’t until the late 2000s and early 2010s that superhero movies got really big in the box offices and now we’ve had almost one superhero movie a year. Growing up I was more of DC fan then Marvel and one of my favorite superheroes was the black Green Lantern, Storm from X-Men and Thor from Marvel.

Now I have always been about representation mattering. Growing up in the ’90s it felt like we had a lot more representation of black people in the media from TV shows, movies, music and art. Sadly though in the years since we have been lacking in positive representations of our culture. We have a few here and there like Black-ish, Get Out & Kendrick Lamar who is doing the soundtrack for Black Panther as well giving out a good image of black folks.

This movie represents that. In most mainstream movies featuring black people we are gangsters, slaves, or relatively bad characters. So to see a positive, almost all black cast, black director, a fictional African country, with black women in powerful roles it’s a truly beautiful thing. This is something all generations of black folks should go watch because we do need to go support our people and our culture and see better for our communities. See the ways we can come together as a community to support ourselves and then come out of this movie and do the work. Go support those who wanna make movies like this or go into technology so they can work behind the scenes, write comics of their own and so much more. So on February 16th I will be out in these streets going to see Black Panther being prouder then ever!

Also shout out to Walter Jones the First Black Teenage Superhero from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for showing us the blue print for live action black superos to come!


In conclusion though they will try to test you when your winning but don’t let them. Remember that Kemet was one of the most enlightened, smart, culturally relevent places making infrastructure out there back then and that’s why Europeans stole so much from them. Also its Black History Month and Black Panther comes out in 10 days.

Nothing & No One Can Tear Us Down! 


Till Next Time…Go Watch Black Panther!

Wakanda Forever!!!

Go check out the people I mentioned above and many others for more info on Kemet and all the work they are doing and have done on the history of Kemet and the Nile Vally Civilization.

Charles Finch, Tony Browder, Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, Dr. Ben Clark, Listervelt Middleton 


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