Short Hair Is Liberating: 13 Celebs who Rocked Short Cuts & Look Good #teamshorthair 

Just about 7 months ago I got the big chop which in natural hair terms means that I finally cut my hair short to help it grow back in my more natural form. This got me thinking about other iconic women of color who have also rocked a pixie cut, tapered cut, twa aka tinny winny Afro or any other short hairstyle wither natural or not.

Selena- Selena went through many different hairstyles through out her short lived career but her sexy pixie cut she was sporting towards the beginning of her career was everything. She could rock it with a nice biker chick hat and it just looked really fun. I think due to her still being a young teenager when she was sporting it helped her to make it her own.

Queen Latifah- In the ’80s when this queen was making her entrance into the hip-hop world as one of the first female MCs to do it she was sporting the tapered cut that she could wear under her big kufi hats. It suited her well and she rocked this style until the ’90s when she let her hair start to grow out. She has come back to short hair over the years sporting pixie cuts but nothing will be as iconic as her tapered cut in the ’80s.

Monica- Monica was another iconic pixie cut sporter in the early ’90s. When Monica came on to the music scene she was only 12 years old with a voice like no other. Due to being so young her pixie cut suited her well as it was fun and playful and never made her look too grown up.


Tony Braxton- Tony Braxton was everywhere in the early to mid-’90s & so was her hairstyles. But one that stood out of the crowd in her early days was her pixie cut. At that point in the r&b scene and among black women in general pixie cuts & short hair were in. Tony rocked hers well and make it a house hold hairstyle for a while.


Lauryn Hill- L. Boogie has rocked the twa many times through out her career. From her beginnings with the Fuggess to now she has always looked nice and rocked it well. She even rocked her twa with twists which would eventually turn into her iconic locks.


Missy Elliot- One word finger waves. Missy has always had a style just her own from her outfits to her lyrics to her music videos. I mean when you can dress up as a trash bag and inspire the Gmail logo anything goes. Of course her hair was nothing different. She rocked the twa/baldie vibe with her own unique style by having finger waves in her hair when she first came out. Later she would go on to rock the spiky pixie cut but then she would hang up her short hair and let it grow out till she cut it again on the side and let the other side grow like Salt & Peppa.

Halle Berry- For a long time Halle Berry was rockin the pixie cut. It was one of her more iconic looks she had in the late to early 2000s and of course it looked sexy on her but then what didn’t am I right. She was a trendsetter which brought the pixie cut to a whole new group of women trying to be fly like Halle.

Eve- Eve the First Lady of the Roughriders always changed her hairstyles and each one looked amazing and made her look tough. When she first came on to the scene she was sporting a twa almost baldie, then she let it grow out a little, then colored it red, pink & purple. She was ahead of the game with her different colored hair which made you wanna get a tough short cut of your own.

Mary J. Blidge- Mary’s auburn to blond hair has been iconic for years. So has her short pixie cut she was rockin in the mid-2000s. She looked so good in the style that at one point she went red with it and spiked it up. Since then she was let her hair grow back for the time it was a style on everyone’s radar.

Rihanna- Rihanna’s short hairstyles were everywhere in the mid to late 2000s. Everyone who went to get their hair done wanted her short haircuts. I loved her short hair and wanted to get my own hair cut like that but never had the guts to actually cut my hair that short at the time. Her haircuts were fun, spiky and fresh and brought new life to short styles.

Solange- Solange is a trendsetter through her music, fashion and hair. From her gaint ‘fros to her baldies & twas she looks good in them all. She is a firm believer in the natural life and is currently growing her hair back out but her iconic short natural looks always look amazing.

Jennifer Hudson- When J. Hud lost all her weight & then cut her hair she looked good. The spiky pixie cut suited her look well and she has been rockin this look ever since looking better then ever.

Britney (Alabama Shakes)- Britney the lead singer of soul/rock band Alabama Shakes makes tapered haircuts look good. Besides being a beautiful big boned women Britney’s hair is one of the reasons I went for a tapered cut myself. I love when a women takes back their hair in this way and uses it as a fashion statement at the same time bringing us back to our roots.

All of these celebs have been an inspiration for my own hair cut & I love having short hair it’s fun, sexy and so much easier to just work with especially if you have thick hair like me.

Till Next Time Remember…”Don’t Touch My Hair”

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