Why The “Catch Me Outside” Girl & These Mumble Rappers Should Have Us Scared for Our Kids Futures & The Culture #CatchMeOutside

These are sad times for our country and our culture. We have an orange cheeto in the white house, female rappers going in on each other, mainstream hip-hop getting worse and worse and 13 year old Dr. Phil kids who think they’re big and bad because they only have a 7th grade education, can’t talk right and is the biggest thing on the internet. These are sad times.

I am always wondering why these crazy trends happen in our culture. It’s like the dummer the better. Now I have been following the hip-hop culture since I was a kid. Back then 0f course hip-hop was in it’s purest form before it became really big in the mainstream. Today hip-hop is the biggest thing out there and a new rapper comes out everyday thanks to the internet but that doesn’t mean they are good.

Take these new mumble rappers which by the way I am not totally trying to diss as I have watched interviews with a few of them and they don’t sound like terrible kids. The thing I have an issue with and maybe this is the hip-hop purest in me where I need a hot 16 to get me to listen to a song, is the fact that they are calling what they make hip-hop.

If these artist want to make this music go ahead do you but just don’t label it as hip-hop because it’s not. In today’s world of the internet and the clever and interesting things people are putting out there and creating their own generas for it you should do the same. Now some will say that this mumble rap is not even music period which could be true as these rappers are not even audible and when they are their lyrics don’t even make sense. In my opinion you are dumming down a already dumming society. With stupidity like this you guys are making it ok for 13 year old girls to go on Dr. Phil and show her ass to the world as a little ungrateful brat.

I first saw this little brat on my FB timeline and just shook my head watching her Dr. Phil interview on his show. I mean if you ever have watched Dr. Phil you know he has trash people on his show that’s how he makes money. Anyway then I saw that she became this big internet meme which at first I actually thought was hilarious but over time it started to get old. Then when I heard this chick was featured on a mumble rapper’s song and had 5.1 million followers on Instagram I almost cried.

So we are rewarding this 13 year old girl for being disrespectful to her mother and stupid for dropping out of school and only having a 7th grade education. Now all these radio stations and celeb news outlets want to interview her and give her even more fame. Sad. She is not somebody that should be rewarded for her ridiculous behavior and now feel as though she doesn’t have to work hard for her self and can just get by on her attitude. She is no better then these reality TV stars which I wouldn’t at all be surprised if she ends up on one of these shows.

I guess my point is we really need to do better for our culture. Not having talent or actually being a decent human being should not be something we celebrate. As a culture we should be ashamed of ourselves for making these people famous. I love hip-hop and will always in some form celebrate and support it. I mean there are some amazing mainstream rappers out there still moving the culture along like Chance the Rapper, J-Cole, Kendrick, Joey Badass, Lupe Fiasco and others but if you really wanna listen to some dope rappers go to Soundcloud or Bandcamp where you can listen to some more underground rappers doing their thing.

As far as this little brat I’m looking at her mom for letting her get a big head and then I am also blaming society for letting her become famous. Don’t support this behavior! Do you want your kids to act this way or your siblings? Come on have we really stooped that low that we are willing to let a little 13 year old drop out who has been arrested numerous times entertain us. Are we that board as a society?!

I hope no kids out there watching this brat get famous this way follow in her footsteps because it’s just not cool to act that way. I’d rather be poor then act the way she does to her mom I’d hate myself forever.

Plus I didn’t wanna bring race into this convo but I am because this chick is white. Not that means anything at all as hip-hop culture has always had white folks who really care about the culture in it and have been amazing from artist to producers to radio DJs. What I’m trying to get at is this terrible character trope that I personally though had died but I guess not and is big with artist like Riff Raff a terrible artist who shouldn’t be allowed to make music. Now some folks will say its not a black trope that she is doing but a ghetto trope and yes I have seen white people who are ghetto but still. If not for black people this trope wouldn’t even be a thing. Just her stupid accent and then the way she says “catch me outside how bout that” and calls the audience bitches is just pathetic.

I mean the fact that at first people actually saw her as a big joke and made songs and memes off of it was like ok she is a joke but we were also giving her fame which then lead to her having a big Instagram following and was on that mumble rap video. She even had the nerve to say she basically made Dr. Phil the way Oprah made him. It’s all so sad.

With everything going on in this country I understanding needing a release from all the crazy but not this just not this stop it. Hip-hop has always been givin a bad rap due to many different things and to this day it hasn’t changed even though it’s gotten bigger and bigger.

I just hope that hip-hop goes through another “golden era” soon because the way it’s going in the mainstream kids are never actually going to know what good hip-hop actually sounds like or how to act in the culture.

This is just my two cents on the whole thing.

Till Next Time…Don’t Support Brats!

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