“Music’s Biggest Night” Actually Good?? #GrammysLit2017

“I hate the Grammy’s and most award shows as the people I love never get any awards or do anything dope as the system is rigged. I don’t watch this year and all the dope stuff happens. Crazy but really good. The best thing about Prez Cheeto is that people (celebs) are caring. Shout out to Tribe, Paris Jackson, J-Lo and everyone else resisting tonight. Props its not much but at least its a start as the world has its eyes on you. This should be an all the time thing.” #Resist #Grammys – Ayisah on FB

Last night was the 59th Grammy awards and I didn’t watch it. Mostly because I don’t have cable and also because I had other things to do and I just don’t watch or support the Grammys. But like most I checked out the highlights on the good old social media. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram had it lit as the Grammys were actually poppin last night. Surprised? me too as I actually hate the Grammys and most award shows as they never give awards to who they’re suppose to but last night they actually did right (for the most part). There awards were great and givin to actually talented people, the performances were amazing and super political like they needed to be and it was just amazing.

Starting off with Northern Cree performing at the Pre-Grammy Award Ceremony and tearing down the house. Now technically they did say they were going to have them perform at the start of the Grammys which was bad advertising but to be honest people should have known the Grammys wouldn’t really show this on prime time TV. But it’s still super dope that we even got a seat at the Grammys table so its a small win anyway. Plus Northern Cree which I hear on A Tribe Called Reds albums all the time are so good and totally deserved to be on here.

Then you had Ms. Paris Jackson making her father proud shouting out #noDAPL and looking just gorgeous on the red carpet. Big ups to you Paris for that it means a lot that you care enough to use your platform to make such a bold statement that more celebs should use their power to support causes like this. And the fact that you have actually been to #noDAPL rallies is really amazing.

Next you have Chance the Rapper winning and praising God. I’m definitely not Christian but anybody who praises something higher then yourself that’s cool and Chance seems like a really humble and good guy. He reps his city well and seems like he says yes mame or sir to his elders like a gentlemen. His daughter has a great mom which Chance loves and he loves his daughter. Also we defiantly need to big up those who are able to make it without corporate backing in labels. It’s possible kids to make a living without having a label or corporation backing you. Macklemore did win a few years ago with out a label but I think with Chance it just feels different especially when he is the first black rapper to win the Best New Artist award since 1999. Plus he performed last night with Mr. Kirk Franklin and took us to church which I like gospel when it’s not too preachy because it is so uplifting and I like Kirk Franklin. Oh and he brought his mom, dad, brother and his friends with him man I just have such mad support for his homie right here. Much love Chance!  #independentspirit


One of the biggest thing of the night was my small town boys from Columbus, Ohio winning their first Grammy. It was so cute to watch and we as the clique should be so proud of them.  Even though Stressed Out got over played on the radio all that extra exposure wither good or bad was really working towards their benefit and this moment. It was cute seeing Tyler kiss Jenna his everything (next to Josh of course lol) and seeing them take off their pants and Tyler tell that fake story about watching the Grammys in their underwear once upon a time is too good. I am just over the moon proud of my boys and everything this past year has done for you guys. Your not my small smole beans anymore and its time to let you guys fly I can’t hold on to you any longer. Oh and the way Rihanna and Hasley looked in the audience when the boys excepted their award was priceless. And Jenna looked incredible too. |-/

Gary Clark Jr. who makes this dope R&B-Rock thing kind of like Mr. Jimi Hendrix himself and has the guitar skills of the gods was nominated and won for best Traditional R&B Performance. Now Gary Clark Jr. is sadly super underrated which is so sad as he is incredible honsestly and you all need to go check him out he really will make your heart melt if your big into guitars the way I am and guitar solos. I just go crazy for them. Well deserved Gary Clark Jr. congrats.

Sadly Anderson .Paak lost out Best New Artist to Chance but he is still incredible none the less and totally deserving of being nominated and being present. Plus his performance with Tribe was fire. So I feel like he did his thing at the Grammys and now that Chance won there is more room for you at next years awards.

Ziggy Marley took home the Best Reggae Album for the millionth time in a row which is cool I love Ziggy Marley but on the other hand we know the voters just picked Ziggy cause he is a Marley. Anyway my boys in SOJA were also nominated for the second time and lost for the second time but I think just being present was enough for those guys cause they’re a super humble group of guys so that’s cool. But congrats Ziggy.



I really liked this interview with Jill Scott as it really stated that yea R&B (and not just Urban Contemporary bs) should be televised as there are a lot of R&B fans out there. Plus I just love Jill’s attitude towards the industry and her outfit and hair was on point. Go head girl.

Then there was the George Michael tribute and Adele was good even after messing up and starting over which took guts. Good job. #RIPGeorgeMichael

Then of course you have the Prince tribute done by Bruno Mars and The Time which I loved that guitar solo was giving me life. Now I will admit as much as I loved this Prince tribute and I really did it was amazing BET did it just a little bit better. No shade just facts. #RIPPrince


And now to the highlight of the whole night and is hands down my favorite performance at an award show this year so far is A Tribe Called Quest. They were so incredible! The fact that its Tribe and then Anderson .Paak and then Busta and Consequence and then the Muslims, Latinos, Blacks and Indigenous folks on stage and then Tip yelling Resist. This was just perfect! Oh and of course their Phife tribute which all their performances and anything they do will be a tribe to Donald. Plus they were one of the only performances of the night to really take to the next level and get political on us with the Agent Orange thing which was tight. #Resist #RIPPhife


Anyway there were still some people I wish had won and get recognized but like I always say these award shows do not represent what good music is. Yes they might get it right a couple times and that’s great but to be really honest no award show is really going to fully get it right and that’s just facts. But I mean what I like is what I like and no award show can really tell me that its good or not so that’s pretty much just how I feel. I do feel like this year was a fluke when it came to it being so good and next year it will go back to sucking again. I still will not watch it but if the social media buzz is good like this year then I’ll check it out I guess.

Oh and PS yes I know I left out everything about B on this and if you know me you know how I feel about her so don’t even try to come for me thanks.

List of Folks Who Should Have Won Awards But Are Still Dope Artist Anyway:

  • Santigold- 99 cents
  • Young the Giant- Home of the Strange
  • A Tribe Called Red- We Are the Halluci Nation
  • The 1975- I Love It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It
  • Nahko + Medicine for the People- HOKA
  • Maxwell- BlackSUMMERS’night
  • Weezer- White Album
  • Awaken My Love- Childish Gambino
  • Headspace- Issues
  • And many more…

Till Next Time…Support Real Music & Save The Radio 2017!

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