How to Exist In A Social Justice Space As An Introvert #IntrovertsUnite 


I just came out of a two day climate justice planning meeting around the April 29th Climate March and the time before & after. Now I am an introvert by nature and trait so I am always very quite in new spaces when I don’t know anyone in the group. I also am very shy and quite when put into small groups and when sharing with big groups.

I have a lot of passion for the work that I do but it might not always get expressed verbal when around people but give me a platform to write and you’ll see paragraphs and paragraphs of how I feel.

I am also a person who has to process things before she can feel like she real understands what is being laid out on the table.

So this post is basically ways that introverts like me can be seen & heard in even though you aren’t articulating how you feel right off hand in big group settings.

  • First way: writing which is what I am doing right now
  • Second way: create that can be art, movies, food, writing, digital spaces etc.
  • Third way: use social media which I do all the time to get my thoughts out there so if your ever interested in what I have check that out or check out this blog
  • Fourth way: listening to what others have to say and process that take that information and help as you feel fit
  • Fifth way: learning is kind of the same as listening
  • Sixth way: volunteer and try to find an org or group that fits your shy nature
  • Seventh way: work with those you know meaning if you feel comfortable around those people then work with them no shame in not wanting to expand your circle
  • Eighth way: stay true to you don’t feel pressure to be this crazy out going person when your not but still feel respected and like your words are being heard and on the table even if not said in so many words
  • Ninth way: show your activism & social justice work by wearing a shirt or button or having stickers on your computer or a poster on your wall this can help ignite conversation with folks if your too shy to come up to them and start it yourself
  • Tenth way: join the board of an organization we’re you can be helpful to that organization in a smaller more tangible way & your ideas can be heard in a good way
  • Eleventh way: after learning & listening go tell someone and that can literately mean one person as that person can tell another person and that’s how this information can get out to the public

Just some random thoughts I was thinking as I was coming home on the Metro last night.

Till Next Time…


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