Favorite Metal/Nu-Metal/Metal-core/Alt-Metal/Grunge-Metal Songs 🤘🏽🎸😝 #Metal


Now just off the bat I am not a big metal fan but I do like a few songs and bands in the bunch most of them not straight metal but some form of sub genre of it. Most of these songs are from my middle school/high school years where I feel like a lot of teens listened to these songs. There are a few more current songs I have on here but these are just a few songs from this genre that I like. *Thanks to my bff Keisha for getting me into most of these especially Korn*

Coheed and Cambria – Welcome Home (Metal)

I first heard this song some time around freshmen or sophomore year of high school. At the time heavy wasn’t my thing but for some reason I actually liked this song. Maybe it’s the way the lead singer’s voice sounds or maybe it’s the guitar riff at the beginning. Not really sure what I love about this song but it’s actually a really great heavier song if your down for that.

Faint – Linkin Park (Alt-Metal)

Linkin Park is a great band and when they first got together they were more of a nu-metal band with Chester Bennington screaming and it had more of an industrial sound to it. Faint is a kind of a softer version of that nu-metal sound with Chester still screaming just less of it. This song is my favorite Linkin Park song ever as it was one of the first songs I ever heard from them. I love the bridge of the song the most and just the power it gives off. It also helps me if I’m having a bad day to just put it on and rock out.

Korn- Throw Me Away (Metal)

This has to be the heaviest song I’ve ever listened to which for some might not be that heavy. Korn is a legendary band in the metal world going strong since the ’90s with hits like Freak on a Leash. This song comes off their 2005 album See You On the Other Side which I got a copy of when my best friend Keisha brought it over to my house to put on her mp3 player. I listened to this song off the album and thought it was a great song.

Issues – Never Lose Your Flames (Metal-core)

Great band sort of mix of metel-core with R&B. Tyler Carter the singing vocalist of the band has this very melodic sounding voice where he can do these incredible rifs with his voice that sound so good. Then you have the screamer vocalist Michael Bohn which normally I am not into that kind of music but mixed with Tyler it just works. The rest of the band is dope and they have a black bassist Skyler Acord which is really cool as you don’t see many bands in this genera with black people (unless you look to Afropunk). This song is dope too as it was the first song I heard from Issues and thought the lyrics were amazing and told an amazing story. Tyler’s vocals really sound great and Michael’s screams are good too. Over all this band has a very unique sound and I love it.

Evanescence – Call Me When You’re Sober (Alt/Goth-Metal)

Evanescence is a great band with Amy Lee as the vocalist. She has a very strong voice with her piano playing on point. They do hard songs and slow ballads really well. Call Me When You’re Sober is I think my favorite song by them with the instrumental and Amy’s vocals plus the lyrics. It’s a very strong empowering anthem about not letting a man run all over you and take you for granted letting drugs get in the way of their relationship.

Evanescence – Going Under (Goth-Metal)

This song is a more aggressive take on Evanescence and Amy Lee’s vocals

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