Standing Rock Update 2/8/17: Easement Passed, Drilling Happening & Solidarity Actions #indigenousresistance #StillnoDAPL #WaterWillAlwaysBeLife #TheRevolutionisNow

Last night I was on a call with the #noDAPL Solidarity Team and they gave an update on what is going on at Standing Rock after the Army Corps of Engineers passed the easement on Tuesday. What I found out was not good news but it’s real.

Update As of 9pm Wednesday February 8th, 2017:


  • as of 5:15 pm central time yesterday the DAPL workers started drilling under the Missouri River
  • on the call they urged people to go back to camp if they can as they need all the support they can get right now but warned them that if they go up there it is still snowing and the climate there is crazy and going to get crazier for the water protectors but if you are willing to go up there and fight then they really need you
  • also three contingencies of Veterans are on their way to Standing Rock to stand with the water protectors which is awesome!
  • now this part of the info is just sick but North Dakota has passed 5 different bills to target water protectors and here are a few of them:

1. The Morton County Sheriffs Department has every right to run over water protectors just for praying, protecting, and protesting this like they have been since the beginning. So basically they can get into their cars and just run over water protectors. It’s SICK!

2. The water protectors are now not allowed to wear masks to protect their face from getting sprayed, hit or injured in any way.

3. The state has now made protesting a felony so that anytime anyone comes out in big numbers against anything the state can arrest you.

  • February 22nd is the deadline for the water protectors to move the big camp so that they are not on Army Corps land
  • the big camp is being moved due to flooding so they are doing clean up and moving things from one area to another
  • the tribe is going to be filing an injunction to the US government

Ways You Can Help the #noDAPL Movement:

  • go to camp if you can
  • send monetary funds to camp visit to find out places to send the money
  • February 12-17th the no DAPL solidarity team is declaring a week of action please participate
  • go to to find actions happening in your city as well as to update the calendar of an action you are planning
  • March 10th there will be a Native Nations march on Washington please participate if you can
  • April 29th is the Climate March on Washington please come if you can
  • call your representatives including congressmen/women, senators, city gov, the prez & white house and anybody else in the government and tell them we will not stand for this
  • divest from the evil banks funding this pipeline
  • if you would like to send donations to the camp go to sacred stone camp & last real Indians Facebook page and websites to find out how to do that
  • help support other pipelines, fracking and environmental issues happening all over Turtle Island and Mother Earth as we can’t fight any other fights without a Mother Earth to fight them on


My Youtube Video from the Last Stand Rally by the White House Last Night + My SR Updates:

Websites to Go Visit:

Music Videos About Standing Rock:

Pictures of the Last Stand Rally at the White House Last Night:


Well Until Next Time…MitΓ‘kuye OyΓ‘s’iΕ‹ All My Relatives and Fight Fight Fight!


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