Breaking News: DAPL EASEMENT PASSED BY ARMY CORP of Engineers! + Standing Rock Update 😔😒😞😣☹️🙁😖😫😩😰😢😥😓 #StillnoDAPL #WaterWillAlwaysBeLife #Resist #TheRevolutionisNow


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First here are a few of my previous blog posts & Youtube video on Standing Rock to give you a recap of what has been going on in the movement.

As of February 7th, 2017 around 5 pm est time I got word that the Dakota Access Pipeline’s Easement got passed by the Army Corp of Engineers. The Standing Rock tribe has been fighting the DAPL since February of 2016 (or 2014) with Water Protectors at Standing Rock being brutalized by the Morton County Sheriff Departments, being arrested and booted from one camp to another.

As of last week 75 water protectors got arrested including Chase Iron Eyes who ran for congress and has been a big supporter of the no DAPL movement after a raid at the Last Child Camp up on the hill.


The big camp has had to be evacuated and is in the process of being moved to higher grown so the camp won’t flood in the spring.

Also I saw were some of the Water Protectors who first go arrested had gone to trail and had been convicted of disorderly conduct.

Then I heard some terrible interviews and things that the Standing Rock Chairman Dave Archambault said about the no DAPL movement and how he doesn’t support it or believe in it. Sad!

Then after the Decemeber 5th decision to not pass the DAPL easement President Cheeto gets into office and signs the executive order to basically give the go ahead to the DAPL and Energy Transfer Partners as well as the Key Stone XL and now the easement got passed.

It’s been a crazy ride and to think we are now up on 1 year of fighting the DAPL. I have attended and participated in more then enough protests and have been to Standing Rock myself and saw first hand what the Water Protectors go through.

On March 10th in Washington, DC there will be a Native Nations March and I’m sure in the coming weeks there will be more and more protest around no DAPL.


The best think we can do at this point is to send in an letter with our comments on the Environmental Impact Statement which we have until February 20th to get those in and to keep divesting our money, protesting like crazy and send more and more prayers.


This fight is not over by a long shot! The Revolution Is Now!

Till Next Time…#StillnoDAPL #WaterWillAlwaysBeLife #Resist #TheRevolutionisNow



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