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2016. It’s had its highs & its lows (mostly lows) and for Twenty Øne Piløts it’s been no different. There have been a lot of highs for our little band out of Columbus, Ohio out of the release of their 5th album (2nd studio album) Blurryface that came out last year, making them one of the biggest bands out right now. For us clique members that is both an extremely amazing feeling & a deeply depressing feeling at the same time.

To think that your little band that was like your own little secret that you vowed to take care of and never let fall got bigger and bigger. That small group of people who knew about your little secret band now got bigger and bigger and didn’t always know a lot about the band or their songs outside of the radio.

On the one hand you are more then happy for your band because they are totally deserving of all the praise & you feel like finally others see what you’ve seen the whole time. Then there is the other side where you wish they weren’t as big so they were, still your little secret & you didn’t have to hear the same 3 songs on the radio.

Now Twenty Øne Piløts are the first band I got into before all the fame. Growing up I would get into bands right as they were getting really famous (usually around their softmore albums). Fall Out Boy, Paramore, Gym Class Heroes etc. I got into due to the radio or their music videos but it always came from the second album so I was jumping into bands with already established fan bases & music.

Of course once I get super hooked on a band I go back into their discography and listen to the other music they make but having not been their since the beginning means something.

Anyway Twenty Øne Piløts are pretty much one of the most important bands I’ve discovered since Fall Out Boy & I just wanna protect them because we see what’s happening with Fall Out Boy (sellouts) and I don’t want that to happen to TØP.

This leads me into the clique which is the Twenty Øne Piløts fandom & how we have been treating each other along with the new fans. This is a guide on how to be better TØP fans in 2017.

I completely get it when new fans coming into a fandom late don’t really know much about their music outside of the radio. The new fans might only know the new stuff off Blurryface and they might only know the singles like Stressed Out, Ride & Heathens (and if your lucky Lane Boy). Now instead of getting mad at them for that how about you educate them on what the clique actually means & introduce them to more of their music.

This band’s soul purpose is to make music to help those suffering with the demons in there head wither that be depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts or a number of other mental problems. Tyler goes through these things all the time (a little less since Jenna came along 😁) and if he can help even one person get through that with his music and lyrics then he has done his job. Old clique members being mean to new clique members just because their new is wrong. What if they just discovered this band but are really vibing with what Tyler has to say to deprive them of being a fan because they weren’t fans from the beginning is just wrong.

cc4rzl8w4aqhttt-jpg_largeAlso a fan is a fan no matter if they just discovered them yesterday. It doesn’t really matter what ultimately matters is who will be with a band when the radio & charts aren’t there. I have become fans of bands way after they were famous & I still am a ride or die for them like Pearl Jam.

Another thing I know a lot of “original” clique members got pissy when the first glimpse of Blurryface got released. You all thought they had sold out & gone completely commercial on Fairly Local & were not willing to give it a chance until the full album came out. Don’t Do That! When their 5th album comes out don’t judge them so hard at first. Tyler & Josh put their heart and soul into this music and we should support them no matter what because that’s what fandom do. Besides in the end you might learn to love something a little different.

At times I can admit that Stressed Out and Ride can get a little annoying hearing it all the time on the radio. But I will never hate those songs ever! Every song they’ve put out is important to me because it is important to Tyler and Josh. Tyler even had to change the lyrics to a song that means a lot to him Stressed Out due to fans bashing that song. That’s the saddest thing ever and no one should ever have to change their art for anyone because at the end of the day it’s yours. I personally love Stressed Out as it describes my life so well and Ride is such a bop. Just support them they need us as much as we need them.

“i wish i wrote a different song no-ones ever heard
i wish my mom would just admit she’s sick of every word
over played, over stayed, it was a smash hit
funny how overplayed songs sound like crap
i was told our true fans don’t like this song
but i hope they sing along, i hope the sing along”

They are the most real band out in the mainstream right now without compromising their sound or image. They do it for the fans above anything else and as a fandom we should be a lot more supportive of each other and this beautiful band that does so much for all of us!

Oh and one last thing we’re going to the Grammy’s Baby! Who’s fake fans now?! #AllFansAreRealFans

Support our Smol Beans & Be A Better Clique 2017! 

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We Are Twenty Øne Piløts & Are Yøu

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