The National Anthem, the Flag & Justice for Who? #ColinKaepernick


Ok so I know we have all seen and herd about Colin Kaepernick and him not standing during the national anthem at his game. Now here is what I said I feel about the whole thing on fb:

“I don’t wanna to get into the whole stand & salute thing but Nako said it best “middle finger to the star spangled” I honestly haven’t said the pledge of allegiance or the national anthem since I was like in 2nd grade and wised up. My people where not thought of when that was thought up. It just is what it is and as long my people are still being killed & our land and water rights are being put in jeopardy day after day I won’t support it and you shouldn’t have to either so don’t get mad at him for doing what he believes in. Y’all can’t always have it your way or no way.”

Does this mean I am anti-patriotic? Maybe I am but really I do care about this country and being Native American & Black I have every right to be critical of how this country is represented and seen by the world. Yes I will admit that this country is far better then most countries out there I get that but that does not mean this country is perfect.  Also being critical of the way a system is or the way your countries government is run does not mean you don’t support the troops. I hate our government, our system of white supremacy and capitalism as well as our lack of respect of our Mother Earth but that does not mean I don’t support the troops and veterans who fight for us weather or not I support why. I have veterans in my family and one family member who is currently serving.

Having an over 500 year history of oppression of the first people’s, the indigenous Mexicans and Black folks from the time the colonizers came to this country (and I’m saying colonizers and not white people because its not a white problem) till today is sad and should not be celebrated. There is even a line in the national anthem that talks about slavery from a racist standpoint.

“No refuge could save the hireling and slave / From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,” that verse goes, “And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave / O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

Now if all of you out there wanna be so “patriotic” then why don’t you let Kaepernick have his freedom of petition & speech that all Americans are givin in our natural born rights. No ok… :\ Also I know many people will say “oh its just a flag but it means something to the freedom of this country and the troops you must support it!” But does it really and if it’s just a flag a literal piece of fabric then does that represent how much you love your country? Just because I won’t say a racist song which was written in the view point of the colonizer or put my hand over my heart and pledge my allegiance to a piece of racist fabric doesn’t mean I have no loyalty to my country.

Then apparently there are people out there saying that Colin can’t be protesting for us due to the fact that he is “mixed.” Really? Come on people mixed kids are just as much black or white as they appear and say they are. Look at Colin he clearly looks black even if he is mixed and was adopted by white folks. And if where being real about this who says you have to be black to stand up for our injustice? Whites, Asians, Latinos, Muslims, ect. have been in support of Black Lives Matter as allies. Right now there is a camp of many many allies from all walks of life helping to protest the Dakota Access Pipline in North Dakota. This whole convo right here is just stupid.

Then you have idiots like Cam Newton who I was just 7 months ago was standing up for after the Super Bowl stuff and he has the nerve to when asked how he felt about Colin’s stand he tried to dance around the questions like oh its not right but its not wrong we’re all human after all. Really Cam?

And in Colin’s interview he did after his game he says a lot of truths and says he is not going against the military and even says that he has friends and family in the service or who have served & this protest doesn’t mean he doesn’t support them. He also said that there are vets who come back from war and are treated terribly and then some of them will still be gun down even after fighting for our freedom.

In the end what Colin Kaepernick did I find to be commendable and he is one of my new favs (and is pretty cute lol) and more celebrates and people with power need to stand up for what they believe.

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