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Hey Folks! Today I am feeling a little nostalgic for what was and today it’s Nick! Nickelodeon was a very ground breaking channel for kids and to celebrate all that it was, is and should be I’m listing my top favorite Nicktoons over the years in honor of the 25th anniversary of Nick Animation this August and the three original Nicktoons Doug, Rugrats & Ren and Stimpy being made in 1991. I have been listening to many podcast on Old School Lane, Nick Slime Cast Podcast & Manic Expression on YouTube who discuss old school Nick stuff. So happy 25th Anniversary Nicktoons you changed animation for the better forever!


1. Doug- Doug I feel like is a underrated NickToon even considering it was one of the first NickToons to air on Nick. Defiantly one of my favorite NickToons as it was a relateable show for kids and teens. It just followed the on goings of Doug as he moves to his new town of Bluffington and meets all the wakie characters. My favorite characters where Skeeter his best friend, Patti the love of his life, Doug’s sister Judy, Roger Klotz as he was the best bad guy bully of all time and Mr. Dink his crazy neighbor. One thing that I was kind of bummed out about (besides it going to Disney) is that they never had Doug and Patti hook up. In the Doug’s First Movie in the end you see them dancing together at the dance but they never date and nothing happens after that. But my favorite thing about Doug was its music. They had the best tv band ever. The Beets! Oh that female basites. There songs are timeless! Doug you rock! Killer Tofu!

2. Rugrats- Ok most people remember Rugrats which was also one of the first NickToons airing in 1991. Tommy, Chucky, Phil & Lil, Angelica and Susie and the ins and outs of being a talking baby and their many adventures. I love the Rugrats to death! I love all the characters because they each have their own charms even Angelica and they each at the end of the day are just babies. Also they had great little songs that went along with their show like the Rugrats Rap by Kris Kross and Rugrats Rock. But of course the adictions of Dill and Kimmy was kind of the hump that broke the camels back. Now in saying that the Rugrats Movie and Rugrats in Paris where amazing movies but they did bring in some kind of annoying and unnecessary characters. Plus I kind of stopped watching it as much when Kimmy came on so that explains a lot. Also don’t even get me started on All Grown Up! which I also didn’t watch too much. But back to why I love it, I mean its Rugrats who doesn’t love it? It really was an innovative show for its time. 

3. Hey Arnold- “Hey Arnold!” Hey Arnold was also a big NickToon for me. When it first premiered I was all about it. Arnold was a very groundbreaking show for kids. Reason? It dealt with some pretty tough and real issues that kids go through without sugar coding it. It was real but it also had its wakie funny moments one of my favorite moments is the one where Arnold has to fight that bully but plays as if he is crazy that one was classic. Now of course in the 2000s you get the Hey Arnold Movie and it wasn’t a bad movie but it didn’t really clear a lot of things up in the show like his parents, and Helga’s love for Arnold. Now in the movie she does confess her love for him and they kiss but then in the end she takes it back like it was no big deal. That bothered me! I really wanted them to hook up just like Doug and Patti but no. But over all Hey Arnold was a groundbreaking show for kids that captivated many. *Just last year the announced that we will be getting the Jungle Movie and so we can finally find out where his parents are*

4. KaBlam- KaBlam was so dope! This show had some of the best cartoons and was so funny and quirky I loved it. Henry and June where amazing cartoon hosts and it was very indie but in a good way. I loved the shows like Action League Now!, Prometheus and Bob, Life with Loopy and Sniz & Fondue. This was just an amazing show with great shorts and was great for its time. They could of turned anyone of these shorts into a show instead of some of the shows that they did make shows. 

5. Ren & Stimpy- What can I say about Ren & Stimpy that hasen’t been said already? I mean Ren & Stimpy was a groundbreaking NickToon as it was the first one to air in 1991 and one things a lot of people say is what got Nick on the map. Ren & Stimpy had groundbreaking cartoon styles, memorable characters like Powered Toast Man, and memorable songs like Happy Happy Joy Joy and The Killted Yaks Man. This show was also one of these shows that they were making back then where they got away with a bunch of ind-window stuff past our little brains but looking back we wonder how they got away with it. Over all this a classic Nick show. 

6. Rocko’s Modern Life- Rocko was another show that was pretty groundbreaking when it first came out and even to this day. It was part of the few NickToons that aired in the early ’90s when NickToons where first getting started. It was a quirky kind of weird show but it was funny and like Ren & Stimpy had a lot of ind-window stuff that pasted censors which made it also a stand out show. Another classic. 

7. Ahh! Real Monsters!- Ok I can say when people talk about their favorite Nick shows or even NickToons this one gets left out. Ahh! Real Monsters did the whole monsters university thing before Monsters Inc. and was done quite well. It was kind of dark and a little spooky but funny and its characters did have some depth. This was like the precursor to Invaders Zim in the spooky and dark genera of cartoons on Nick. Over all a great show. 

8. Angry Beavers- Angry Beavers was a small jewel in the late ’90s in terms of NickToons. The Angry Beavers was a witty brother show that took two beavers who lived on a dame on the lake and lived their lives as beavers. They basically did witty brother stuff together. It kind of pick up on the Ken & Kell and later Drake & Josh vibe of brotherly comedy. Over all a good cartoon with funny jokes.
1. Avatar the Last AirBender- Avatar is the best thing to come out of Nick after 2002. It was one of Nick’s less traditional NickToons as it was trying to capitalize on the Anime theme and it worked. It was more orginal as an American Anime then from Japan. Nun the less it was just so amazing as a show to this day I still watch it on NickToons Network. Now I can admit that when it first aired I was not a fan not that I had watched it but I am not a fan of Anime so I was like no way. It wasn’t until my nephew got into the show and I started watching with him that I realized it was way different then Japanese Anime and was really good. I love Katara as a strong female in the show and Uncle Iro was great for the show as well when it comes to spirituality of the show which is a theme I like about the show. Over all it is just a bang up show that I think saved Nick for a while.
2. SpongeBob (First three seasons)- I know I know Spongebob but hear me out the first few seasons you do have to give credit where its due. The first three seasons where hilarious and had the best jokes of the whole show. “East? I thought you said Wast”- Patrick Growing up Spongebob was one of my favorite shows throughout my late Elementary school-Middle school years but then I kind of lost interest and would watch every now and again. We can all admit that after the first movie it started going down hill to the point that now people wanna murder Spongebob. The movie was pretty ok I mean it was adventurous, has some memorable songs like Goofy Goober Theme & the Goofy Goober Rock at the end and some funny moments and over all wasn’t bad. Now I do think that the movie should of been the end of the show which I think would make people think differently about Spongebob as a whole. I’ll just say this Spongebob was good for what it was but it definitely needs to die now.
3. As Told by Ginger- As Told by Ginger is another show that I feel is very much forgotten on Nick in the early 2000s but is a favorite for me. Ginger was a normal kid living a normal life in junior high where she had a single mom and a goofy annoying little brother. Sounds generic enough right? Well it kind of is but it is a little more real then most of those teen shows out at the time. First off it was a NickToon, then it dealt with real teenage issues without dumping them down like I remember an episode when they dealt with weather or not to shave your legs. Other issues they dealt with where of course boys, school ect. but also depression, single mother hood, periods, going out with older boys and more. I thought it was one of the few shows to actually depict what being a teenager really was like in a real and realistic way and from a girls point of view. Plus I was big in favor of Ginger and her best friend hooking up in the end which I was glad they did. Over all a great show.
4. Invaders Zim- Most people today love Invaders Zim as like a cult show. Its a great show but I feel most today just know about Gir because of Hot-Topic and don’t really know the show very well. As far as the show goes it was good it was funny dark humor and has some very memorable songs like the Doom Song. My favorite episode is the Christmas episode when Grim becomes Santa. Over all a great show and it has great memes to this day.
5. Fairly Odd Parents (First few seasons & movies)- Now I know like Spongebob this show is getting old because they currently over play this on Nick today. But like Spongebob give credit where credit is due to the first few seasons and their movie TV specials. Now Fairly Odd Parents premiered on the show Oh! Yeah Cartoons show in the early 2000s and had a good run on that show until being picked up as a TV show. So like I said the first few seasons were good and they had a few movies come out on TV which were good. The last move though was good as it was kind of an ending for the show as Timmy had to find out what life would be without his fairies and had a good closer to the show. Sadly as we all know they rebooted the show and brought in a fairy baby and fairy dog and it has basically gone down hill from then and is another show that kind of needs to die. Oh and of course it did have some good songs like the ones by Chip Skylark. Over all the first few seasons where good but it now needs to die.
6. Rocket Power- Now if you are into extreme sports then this is a show for you. Made on the backs of California Surf culture Rocket Power was a show that dealt with four friends who play extreme sports like surfing, blading, skate boarding, snow boarding, street hockey and ice hockey and other various sports. Kind of like if that 1997 movie Brink! from Disney Channel and Tony Honk came together to make a cartoon show. My favorite character was the dads best friend Tito the Hawaiian with all his wisdom and knowledge. His most memorable phrase was “The ancient Hawaiian’s said…” I mean this show had a good female Reggie or Rocket Girl who was very tomboy but had a lot of kind of feminist perspectives which I liked. Oh and lastly I couldn’t tell if the characters where black, Latino or Native American as most of them had very tan skin but Sammy who was from up north was very pale white. Now it could of been just a contrast as they live in California and Sammy is from up north but I don’t know. Over all it was a good show if you were into sports.
7. Jimmy Neutron- Ok I all most put this into my honorable mentions but ended up putting it onto my favorites because it was a pretty good CGI NickToon for its time in 2001. Jimmy started out in the movie Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius and then Nick decided to make a TV show based on the movie. Now the movie was pretty good I liked it and it had an ok soundtrack so when they brought us the show it end it up being ok. The most stand out thing about this show was the Jimmy/Timmy Power Hours 1-3 where Jimmy and Timmy end up in each others worlds and then have to in the end come together to fight each others villains. That was really cool how they brought the two worlds together. Other then that though I mean it was not amazing but had its good moments.
8. Wild Thornberries- Not the best NickToon to ever come out but I will say due to my dad being a veterinarian and my parents being travelers as well as having friends from all over the world I could appreciate this show. Now was it realistic no but did have adventures and I know at one time or another ever kid or teenager could relate to Debbie the older sister in feeling not normal and wanting to be cool and normal. This was another show that made a movie called the Wild Thornberries Movie. This was when Debbie finds out Aliza could talk to animals. It was an ok movie but could have been better but at least it was able to tie everything together from the series. Anyway it was good for what it was.
9. Cat Dog- Cat Dog was weird but also not the best. Now I like Cat Dog it had some good moments and it was a very memorable show by being about a Cat and Dog that are attached to each other from their heads and have no butt. Which was the one thing that was weird about Cat Dog I mean how did they go to the bathroom? Anyway as weird as that was it had its good points and as far as the 2000s go.
10. The Legend of Korra (’12)- So if you watched The Last Air-bender (and no I don’t mean that terrible move) then you might be interested in this show. It takes place about 70 years after Aang’s time with a new Avatar named Korra from the North Pole. In the first season she goes to Republic City to work with Aang’s son Tenzin and his family on learning air bending and along the way has to defeat the Equalist and their leader Amon who are trying to take away people’s bending. In the second season she goes to war against her uncle who tries to take over the world which brings her to met the very first Avatar learn his story and defeat her uncle. Now I missed the third season which aired this summer as I have been traveling and going to school but hopefully when I get a free day I can binge watch it as I hear it was a kick ass season. Now along the way Korra meets some friends while in Republic City like two brothers Bolin (who becomes her boyfriend) and Mako who are part of the pro-bending league and Asami Sato, heiress to Future Industries as well as city police chef Lin Beifong. Her animals are Naga and Pabu and we get to see adult versions of Katara (her as a grandmother), Aang, Sokka, Toph (although they have all pasted away so we only see Avatar flash backs) and Zuko. Ok so this series is pretty great. If you liked the original I have a feeling you might like this show. Now I know that its a little less epic adventure save the world go on a quest as The Last Airbender was but still its good. Now I did at first have a little beef with Korra because she complained too much. Always complaining about little things that were not even that bad. I always think you have technology now try doing it with limited resources like Aang at 12 little girl lol. Anyway I think this show is defiantly worth a little peek at which you can now do only online as they took it off tv because Nick wasn’t getting enough ratings (cause no one likes Nick today we all want our ’90s Nick back). Best episodes to watch are about the story of the Original Avatar Jon and his pretty epic story in season 2.
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  1. OMFG How did you find out they were releasing The Jungle movie (2017) before ME?!?!?!
    I was following this movie’s inception since junior high!
    I signed a petition to Nickelodeon and everything, like “How DARE you take my MOVIE FROM ME!!!”

    I cried cuz I watched the Chuckie’s mom conspiracy video after reading this post…I haven’t seen RugRats in so long! This show is my happy place 😀

    [[ Cries UGLY tears! ]]

    GRRRR How could you knowwwww…I didn’t even know about the 25th anniversary!

    Wait a MINUTE…that’s when our birthdays are. AHA! I was busy associating other PBS toons with birthyears, I never knew the original NICKtoons were all created the same day.

    1991 was a purty good year 😉

    Didi’s hair though…I still don’t understand!!! BTW I’m wearing light pink RIGHT NOW and I am SOO the real-life Helga…Sadly.
    She STILL got her MAN though!

    Between Patti and Reggie Rocket, (and even the mom of PB&J Otter) I feel this is the Jewish creators way of pandering non-whiteness to me. Reiterated by the Rubies in Steven Universe.

    Post something about ethnicity of Reggie Rocket’s mom.

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