RIC 2016: Arriving in Seattle


Hello readers! I write to you today from a Seattle, Washington where I popped in on my way to Olympia for the 2016 Rooted In Community Summit. This is my first time being in Seattle but had a blast with the little bit I got to experience of it.

So yesterday I flew out of DCA to Detroit and then made it to Seattle.

One of my amazing hard-working RIC team mates Ari was in town for the summit and was staying with her sister and youth. So she offered me a couch to sleep on and I headed over from Sea-Tec. Once I got there we ventured off to this really cool food forest in the middle of the city. It was made by a permaculture team and was three stories high of flowers, fruits, veggies and bees. They had the best blueberries and their set up was really dope to check out.

Once we were finished we went and got ice cream and I tried the flavor honey lavender. It was so good and refreshing. We got our ice cream and then went to a park in Capital Hill and people watched for a little. Then we watched this little kid roll down a hill so we decided to roll down one too which was a lot of fun and carefree. When we were down there we hoped on over to Trader Joes and the local grocery store co-op to buy pizza making ingredients. The co-op was huge but so cool to see. This co-op was owned by the people so it had no corporate ownership.

When we got back to Ari’s sister Sarah’s house we went to town making pizza and kale chips which were both amazing. We put eggplant, mushrooms and zucchini on ours and it turned out beautifully.


To end our night we played these two sort of confusing games one called the Exploding Cat and I forget the others name but it was fun to learn these games.

Now we are in an Einstein Bros eating breakfast before we go to catch our RIC shuttle to Olympia to get RIC 2016 started. Check back for more post through out my time in Washington State.


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