This is A Problem & We Need A Solution! #BlackLivesMatter


“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”- Martin Luther King Jr.

Hello Readers!

Wrote this on my Facebook a year ago: “This Shiznit is getting WAY TOO out of hand!!! I pray for the safety of all those in Baltimore, Ferguson, NYC, Ohio and pretty much all over the country. I respect you for your efforts. It is only a matter of time before people get even more pissed this is not a game anymore and things are going to get too real too fast and there already crazy! People better watch out! But really we need some type of law to get even a little of the pressure off us (even though they will just ignore it like always) and take us even a little seriously! I know it’s hard but just stay Strong my Sisters & Brothers! In Solidarity!” Sad this too relevant to this day…

Unless you live under a rock, the past few weeks have been so difficult in this world. Everyday is something different and its just sad and heart braking.

Here is what I have to say about all this hate and violence in the world at large:

Now that you know how I feel about the problems, here is what I think are the solutions.

First I agree with those who think we should pull our money from the masses. Now if you can find alternative and small business to buy your everyday things from then by all means buy from them. If you can’t at least do what they have been doing for the past few holidays and not support the shopping holiday and Black Friday and hit them where it hurts. As we know this issue is both racial and economic. We also have to tare down the capitalism in this world.

I also thought that integration was dumb. Don’t get me wrong being together as one human race with no walls sounds great but sadly that doesn’t happen. So back in the day when people thought integration was the ultimate goal so we can all be equal was stupid. We see that now that we are integrated we are in the same boat as before just a tad less. And to be honest when we were separate we had our own banks, own city governments, own business that we supported and were actually doing pretty good as a community (except for being killed).

What would be even better though which I know is a far fetch for some who are unable to do this but to just go off the grid. Learn how to grow your own food, start living on a farm or out in nature and come into the city to sell your produce to the people and then go back. Live away from all this chaos and live in harmony with nature the one true thing that will save us all.

Second protesting is a powerful thing but even that at this point getting dangerous to go to. But if you go you just have to be careful and now know you are at your own risk when you go to a march which that in its self is sad. Also which I have been seeing a lot more in my generation then my parents but people of color have got to stick together and protest together. At the end of the day we have a common enemy so we should be protesting together and coming to each others marches and such for their various causes. The more they know were unified the better.

Third and I wrote about this in my Bmore riots post I don’t think violence is the answer. Now do I understand when someone gets fed up and can’t take it anymore yes totally but do I think violence is the answer of course not because violence is violence and death is death. They kill us its wrong and we kill them its wrong. We are all human with families and lives.

Fourth racism is not just this one thing but many different things that lead up to and contribute to these incidences. Lots of people wanna look at what happened as this lone thing but really this is something that a) has been going on for pretty much ever and b) is because of racism in almost all other fascists of life. (this is not really a solution but more of a fact) Also we should be caring about our environment and the issues going on with that because with out a world there would be none of these issues at all. (FYI)


Fifth we have got to get the youth involved. The youth really wanna see change in their life time and are so smart with voices that wanna be hurd on these issues. They might have new and innovative ideas in ways to fix these problems because they don’t see things like adults.

Sixth and I like to bring this up because I find it really will help the worlds problems is prayer and spirituality. I think that the more of a spiritual practice of some kind that you have to bring more peace, light and love to the world is important. We are all spirits at the end of the day living in these bodies and I feel we really need to remember that.

And even if you don’t have a spiritual practice you should still think good thoughts, send positivity to all and spread happiness and love. It’s like the band Passafire says in their song Feel It:

“I write this today just to tell you that it’s okay
To pray for the people that you love
Whether or not you think there is a god above
It’s inside us, even if you’re a fighter
Got to recognize the eternal fire within
Within your soul”

Anyway I don’t really have all the answers I just wanna see REAL peace in my life time & get away from this whole race bashing because one day with all our intermingling we will really be one race.

Till Next Time…May Peace Prevail on this Earth

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