For the Love of Angela: Shangela & Being Not Just the Token Black Character #BMW #GMW #Shangelaforever

This post has to do with both Boy Meets World, Girl Meets World, Disney, Shawn and Angela and Katy and Maya.

Boy Meets World a classic TGIF sitcom staple of the ’90s. Every kid in my day came home on Fridays to watch their favorite TGIF shows like Full House, Family Matters and Boy Meets World.

What was great about BMW and other TGIF and ’90s sitcoms was the fact that they talked about issues that kids and teenagers were going through in real life and could relate to but were still funny. There is a show on Disney Channel right now called Jessie where this like 20-year-old girl becomes the nanny of some movie star couples kids. They live in a mansion, have no rules and their parents are never there.

For those that don’t know Girl Meets World is a continuation of the 1990s tv sitcom Boy Meets World about a boy named Cory Mathews who goes through the trials and tribulations of life from falling in love, having that best friend, siblings to having your teacher turned principal turned college professor living next door. This follows Cory and his wife Topanaga as they moved from Philly to New York and now have a daughter named Riley and this show kind of follows her through her trials and tribulations.

So over the course of this show many Boy Meets World characters were brought back for an episode or two like Eric, Jack, Mr. Turner, Mr. Feeny, Cory’s parents ect. But the one character who came back and has been playing a big role in this show is Shawn Hunter.

So I’m just going to say that I feel like besides just needing to bring Shawn back because he’s Shawn that the only reason they brought him back was to be with Maya and Katy. Now I love Shawn he was a favorite for me in Boy and he is the most vulnerable character in the series. That being said I want Shawn to be there for Maya but not in a dad kind of way more in a Mr. Turner kind of way and that’s because of Angela but they have already crushed my hopes for that which I’ll talk about later.

Now just FYI I am pretty pissed about the way they treated Angela’s character. I watched Girl Meets Hurricane and was just in shock how they did Shawngela like that. Basically they start the episode with Shawn visiting Maya again and being really nice to her and buying her clothes and giving her hope that Shawn can be there for her. Meanwhile they keep pushing Katie and Shawn and trying to make it seem like there doing it for Maya’s sake. Then in the middle of the episode out of nowhere Cory comes running into the bakery and basically goes here comes the one thing that can make this time worse and in walks Angela. Really though? Then it just gets weirder between the two as they talk. Apparently, Angela’s dad died (which the actor who played her dad died in real life too) and she is married to a military man who wants to have kids so she needs to come to Shawn to ask if she would be a good mother. After they talk she basically tells Shawn that Katie and Maya are good for him before leaving. SO LAME! Oh and Riley who doesn’t even know Angela at all has the nerve to come into the bakery to get some food and look her up and down with her little snarky face says hello to her gets her food and says good-bye before walking out. And might I add that they had no scenes with her and Topanga like they don’t even talk anymore or something. This has to be the biggest kick in the but they have done to a Boy character, and I won’t stand for it. Then at the end of this episode Shawn has the nerve to ask Katie out on a date just because he thinks he is supposed to.

In the time between this episode of Girl and Girl Meets Upstate it is to believe Shawn and Katy have gone on many dates and Shawn is falling in love with her. He already loves Maya a lot and due to learning Angela is married and going to have a kid he has basically given up and tried to move on. So this episode is two parts one Maya and one Shawn. The first part is Maya is turning into Riley and Riley is trying to help her find herself again. So Riley takes her to see Shawn who we see has turned into a Cory like character with the sweaters and slacks, tea and cookies its very not Shawn. So both Maya and Shawn realize the way they dress is to blame for some of the way they’ve been acting so they change and basically in the end Maya starts to find herself and then Shawn proposes to Katy after going out with her for like a year and a half.

Now here is my beef with the Girl Meets World writers and Disney Channel. I hate that they are making the whole Shawn and Angela relationship seem like it was just a fling with no love lost and basically making it seem as if Angela just through Shawn under the bus. I also hate that they are making it seem like oh Shawn whose dad died and his mom who is wasn’t even his real mom and basically never got to have a resolution in Boy Meets World is supposed to marry Katy just to give Maya a happy ending because this show is on Disney Channel. What kind of craziness is this?! Being that this comes from a show with a highly unrealistic couple already in Cory and Topanga is like really? You had to make Angela married just to give a little girl happiness.


I am calling hate on Angela and it disgust me! Outside of Shawn and Eric (and early Topanga, Morgan and Minkus) Angela was one of my favorite characters. When your watching a show that is very well done but also all white as a black girl you want a little bit of diversity in the show and that came in the form of Angela Moore. When she came in the show during season 5 and was that cool black girl but not over stereotypical she worked for me. She was all about her blackness yet didn’t overly put it in our faces. She would wear her Bantu nots and her dashikis and was all about that. She read books like The Autobiography of Malcolm X & I Know Why The Cage Bird Sings but also liked classical music and Vandam movies. She dressed very hippie in the first couple seasons and by season 7 she would wear her hair in a variety of braids but also straight and curly. She was a diverse black character and I loved her.


Of course the most important thing about Angela was she was there for Shawn. Shawn and Angela had more chemistry at times then even Cory and Topanaga. When she came on the scene she not only gave Shawn his Topanaga but also gave Topanaga a best friend to Cory’s Shawn. Shangela was important to the story as it gave viewers a way to see Cory and Topanaga from a different light. Shawn coming from the trailer park with a mom who left him and a dad who was always gone trying to find her, having to live with Cory and Mr. Turner then finding out about his half-brother and living with him he had been through a lot. Angela had also been through a lot growing up being an army brat and her mom leaving her and her dad. So when they got together it was beautiful to see two broken people find love.

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Now yes Angela and Shawn are only really together for one season before braking them up and then by the time they get back together they only have a little while together due to Angela leaving. Of course in Girl Meets World they try to make it seem as if she left because she wanted to but she left to be with her dad who she didn’t get to see much growing up. She loved Shawn to the bottom of her heart and never wanted to hurt him but it felt like Boy Meets World was trying to break them up and still is.

Take season 5 they are finding each other and are so in love Shawn finds her purse its great. Then they spend a beautiful season of bliss and its so magical. Season 6 comes around and they are in college. Now Shawn for almost the whole show has never been able to be monogamous and just went from girl to girl. So of course Shawn is like lets brake up and explore. 5 mins into that he regrets it and wants her back. At first Angela is more heart-broken but she tries to put on a brave face but wants him back. During the holidays Cory tries to get them back together but it doesn’t work and they are broken up until season 7. In season 7 Shawn goes back to loving Angela but she does not feel the same for a while until her dad comes to campus. Shawn and Angela’s dad get along but Angela doesn’t like that. So after having a heart-felt convo with her dad she finally tells Shawn she doesn’t want to hurt him like her mom hurt her dad but she loves him. Things are great for a number of episodes and then Angela’s dad comes back. He asks Angela to come to France with him and she thinks it over but in the end goes with her dad. Not after Shawn proposes to her and at first she was going to stay with him but he tells her to go with her dad.

I say all of this to say that the Boy Meets World writers found anyway they could to break Shawn and Angela up when they were just getting started. They didn’t get to have the longevity that Cory and Topanga had so it’s not fair to break them up for no reason. Then to constantly threw Angela under the bus on Girl Meets World is just wrong. At this point in the game all my hopes and dreams for Shangela are crushed so the best they can do is at least have Angela on the show to show she is human and not this heart breaker  that they are making her out to be. Plus if Katy and Angela could become friends or something it might not hurt so much.

Disney is ruining this show and their own channel has been going down hill for a long time anyway. Now if you were born in the ’90s you remember a time when Disney Channel had great sitcoms like Even Stevens, Lizzie McGuire, The Famous Jett Jackson, That’s So Raven and more. What was so great about those shows was that they didn’t make the world seem so safe like nothing was ever going to happen to them. They might not have gone the route of Boy Meets World but they did talk about things like smoking, shop lifting, hormones, guns, getting the wrong kind of attention from guys and other stuff. Now in days every show is basically fluffy slap stick comedy where the world is a safe place where parents don’t exist. What is that teaching kids?

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This is why Angela and Shawn can’t be together because of Disney. Their safe little channel can’t show a couple after almost 15 years be together even if they are soul mates. But it’s totally ok for Shawn to be with Katy to protect Maya even though they are not soul mates and have little to no chemistry. If Girl Meets World doesn’t get off Disney soon it will be ruined because outside of this their story lines are terrible anyway. But whatever Disney…

Well since my favorite couple on my favorite TV show is no more I guess I will always have my reruns which I will just have to watch up till right before Angela leaves and then pretend like Girl Meets World never happened.

Well Till Next Time I’ll Be In My Feelings Forever…#ShangelaForever



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