Current Favorites: Spring/Summer 2016 #summer16


Current Favorites of Spring & Summer 2016


Twenty One Pilots– Heathens (new leaked song for the Suicide Squad movie): I consider myself a proud member of the clique which is the Twenty One Pilots fan base. I rep their merch a lot and listen to at least one song by them a day. So when they leak a song I get a little gitty lol and start to analyze every aspect of the song right away. If off Tyler’s vocals are a little more robotic then their previous stuff. Also he is a little more aggressive in this song telling the clique to cool it and be nicer to the newer more band wagon fans of the Blurryface era. Its a very haunting song and is said to be a song for the Suicide Squad soundtrack which I can see very well. Over all its my new summer banger. Its sick!

Nahko + Medicine for the People– Hoka: I love Nahko & Medicine for the People. This is their third studio album and as usually it brings the folk roots vibes mixed with the message they are know for. You can tell it has a little more production then the last two albums but that makes it all the better. Favorite Tracks: It Is Written, Heart Forward, San Quentin, Great Spirit, Build a Bridge, Make a Change (ft. Zella Day), We Shall Overcome

Zara Larsson, MNEK- Never Forget You: I first herd this song on Beats 1 on Apple Music like last year when it first got noticed and would listen to it from time to time to time. Then I started to hear this song on the radio and fell back in love with it. I love the female/male vocals together and their range is sick. Also the video is pretty cute with the big friendly monster.

Tegan & Sara– Love You To Death: Love You to Death just came out and I already love it. Now not all the songs strike my fancy but I do like a few. Tegan and Sara always deliver and although they have switched their genera over the years they still make very catchy music. Favorite Tracks: U-Turn, Boyfriend, BWU, White Knuckles

Phony Ppl: I just got into this band who apparently have been around for a while and I’m just catching on. I love their jazzy live instrumentation they have with the band and Elbee Thrie on vocals. They seem like that cool group of kids who are different and like to have fun making music. They just came out with an album this year called Yesterday’s Tomorrow which is dope. Favorite Tracks: Why iii Love The Moon, Baby Meet My Lover, Somehow, End of the Night, I Wish I Was Chair

The Internet– Get Away: I talked about the Internet on here before but ever since their album  Ego Death came out last year I have been a little obsessed with them. I love listening to them and their jazzy style and they are very relate able. I’ve listened to most of this album on repeat but have gone back and listed to those I didn’t listen to as much and this is one of them.

Anderson Paak– Malibu: Listened to Am I Wrong and loved it so I listened to the rest of the album and love it. Like the Internet & Phony Ppl he has a very jazzy sound to him with his live band and he blends his rapping and singing into it.

Doja Cat– So High, No Police, Beautiful: She gives me so much of the hippie tranquil vibes that I love but with her hip-hop singing. Think Jhene Aiko but more hip-hop swag to it. So High and No Police are great songs but Beautiful just does it for me. Love her!

Billy (Bill Kalitz of Tokio Hotel)- Not Over You: After coming back last year with Kings of Suburbia Tokio Hotel went on a year long world wide tour and then took a break to pursue other things and raise families. One of those things is Bill Kaulitz’s new solo EP Billy Is Not Ok. This EP takes more of an dark R&B approach and just like KOS Tom Kaulitz who produced most of this album is the true winner here. His production and beat making skills are on point. I do like the lead single off this project Love Don’t Brake Me but Not Over You is my favorite track as it shows off Bill’s R&B vocal range and the beats are so good.

Red Hot Chili Peppers– We Turn Red, The Getaway, Dark Necessities: The Chili Peppers are back after their 2011 record I’m With You (which I hear many people didn’t like all though I did) with a new record The Getaway which I haven’t listened to the whole album yet but have herd the three singles. First off is Dark Necessities which gives you a lot of Fleas bass and makes you think of ’90s-2000s Chili’s and it works really well. Then you have The Getaway and We Turn Red which to me are more forgettable tracks yet are still good. Go check out the album it’s the Chili Peppers they always deliver.


Dead Pool– Amazing movie!!! A+ and if I could give it any higher I might. This movie was funny, witty, action packed, romantic, and just over all a great movie. They way he used music to his advantage in this was dope plus the way he broke the forth wall all the time was so awesome. Oh and the best part of my viewing exsperiance was celebrating a friends birthday and because it was a Wednesday we got to see the movie with an empty theater. Check it out if you haven’t.

Captain America– Civil War: Besides just being a great movie this movie hyped me up big time for the Black Panther movie coming up and the fact that Marvel is taking over Spiderman which means I’ll actually watch it. The big Civil War fight scene to me was the highlight of the movie but also learning some stuff about Bucky and Iron Man was great too. Over all just a bomb movie which everyone should see.


The Fosters: The fosters is getting better and better and people really need to get on board. Its getting more and more real by the episode. I love the moms and the kids who are going through so much. This show comes back on Monday, June 20th at 8/7c on Freeform and you can also catch up on Netflix with season 1-3.


Cantaloupe & Melons in General: Summer food at its best. My favorite kind of fruit I could eat it everyday all day.

Pesto & Pumpernickel Toast: I love pumpernickel bread and toasted with some pesto on top is so good.

Arnold Palmer: Homemade iced tea + Simply Lemonade = Summer in a Bottle


My New Apple Products- Mac & iPhone 6s: I just got a new phone a few weeks ago and its awesome. The iPhone 6s which is bigger then the 5c I had before and I can take those moving pictures which is cool. Oh and it has a lot more storage which is great cause with the all my music storage and photos I need it. I also got a refurbished Mac Book from Groupon for $6oo and it works really well. Its the 2013 model with the CD player drive but works well and I’m just really glad I finally got it.


#TeamNatural for the Summer:

This summer is all about the natural hair. I have been using the Tresemme Split Remedy shampoo and conditioner and it has been really great for my hair. Wash with shampoo as I detangle a little then condition and detangle the rest then put a shower cap on for 5 mins let the conditioner sit then rinse and done. You can put whatever in your hair after and bam. (Snap flower crown filter not included)


My Sounds of Summer ’16 Playlist:

Check out the songs mentioned above plus a few others that I put together in this sweet summer ’16 playlist to get your summer jam on. (which you can listen to right here on this page by clicking below)

 Alright all my lovely people till next time…happy summer ’16 

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