the homophobia, islamophobia, xenophobia in this country has reached its peak. one of my professors, juana maria rodriguez, who i interviewed here had this to say about the orlando shootings: “Like a lot of other queer people, last night I was out in the club dancing, chilling, grooving with a crew of mostly QPOC because even […]

via prayers for orlando and more love — Hey Miyuki!

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Ayisah is a hippie who loves Mother Earth and takes a lot of pride in her African American & Native American heritage. She loves turtles & dolphins and hopes to move to California one day and live by the beach. She loves nature and taking photos of everything. Helping people is a way of life for Ayisah she treasures it a lot and prides her self on being a giving, loving person. She takes her spiritual beliefs very seriously. She is studying to become a social justice photo journalist and starting this blog is her first step.

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