Young, Gifted & Black #BlackGirlMagic


This post is dedicated to all the young, gifted and black girls out there changing up the game and walking by the beat of their own path unapologetic.

Growing up I was pretty fortune to live in a household where my parents made sure I knew everything about my culture and that I saw diverse versions of myself and my culture in tv, movies, music, dolls and even books I red. Everything from Brandy as Cinderella to Tia and Tamera in Sister, Sister, to Gullah Gullah Island, to Monica to Lauryn Hill and Raven in That’s So Raven. It was something I was proud of growing up seeing strong females of color in the mainstream media.

In the past few years there has been this resurgence of the Black Girl Magic we saw a lot 20 years ago. With the creation of social media it is becoming easier for young black girls to just be themselves and in the best way possible.  Here are a few of those game changing black girls who make me proud of the next generation.

Willow Smith- Now a lot of celebrity kids growing up today consider themselves indigo kids and one person who is leading the train is Ms. Willow Smith herself. Her brother Jaden and her where just the Smith kids growing up and where suited to follow in their parents footsteps and peruse careers in music and movies. Little did anyone know but these amazingly bright kids where plotting to take over the world. They started when Willow was about 12-13 and she cut off her hair and started singing songs about self-acceptance like I Am Me. Then interviews started to surface of the two and the things they were talking about would make any main stream media think their nuts. In one interview they started talking about quantum physics, the time-space continuum and energy among other things. Willow stared to grow out locks and make the most introspective out there music you would ever hear from a 15 year old. Songs like Flowers about coming to earth as the grays and has a line about chemtrails, FQ-C #7 about basically being an indigo kid and in the video she has her 7 chakras all accounted for. She even speaks the Avatar language from the movie and she just put out a surprise album a few months ago.

Amandla Stanberg- So I was watching the 2016 Black Girls Rock and they gave an award to Amandla Stanberg (who you might know as Ruie from the Hunger Games) called the Young, Gifted & Black award which recognized her amazing way she has taken the rains on social media to help fight the ongoing racism and cultural appropriation as well as being a champion for LGBTQ youth all while being unapologetic black. After her 2012, role as Ruie got a lot of internet backlash and racism she revived it made her want to work harder to make sure others don’t have to deal with this in their lives. When I started using my social media and blogging for activism and getting out important news to people I used to feel like I wasn’t really doing much since I wasn’t out in the streets every chance I got. Thanks to people like Amandla who make me feel validated in my quest to enlighten people the best way I know how through the internet. She also makes me feel good about myself as I am going through my journey of self discovery. Gives me a lot of hope for the future at only 17. Plus her ‘fro she is working #hairgoals!

Amandla Stenberg: My Authenticity Is My Activism

Zoe Kravitz- Like both her parents she is that kid you meet in school who is so cool and different but on a whole other level. She is the lead singer of the band LOLAWOLF and has been in many different movies indie and mainstream. Her style is on point and she really is like a great representation of the next generation and #BlackGirlMagic

Syd the Kid- She is the dope singer/songwritter of the hip-hop/soul group The Internet which came out of the Odd Future world. She is from LA and is amazing. The Internet’s music is very laid back and chill but with funky beats and such. Also I think its dope that she is a lesbian and has many females playing opposite her in many of their music videos. I love her, her singing and the way she dresses.

Santigold- She is black girl magic! At 39 years old she has been doing her thang since she was 23 and doing it her way. She is the type of artist where I can dance to it but also talks about important issues going on in the world. She has her own style and fashion which is a little different but I love it. Santigold also has mad hustle game and just a super unique artist and even though she has a pretty big following she is a little underrated so if you don’t know you better take a listen. Also she has these two amazing dancers that have been with her from the beginning in her videos and on tour with her who have some swag.

Yara Shahidi & Marsai Martain- The sisters of Blackish. Yara Shahidi who comes from black magic already being she is the rapper Nas niece. She is a beautiful young women who is doing wonders with the sitcom Black-ish as the older sister Zoey. Marsai Martain is hilarious as the devious twin Diane in Black-ish. She probably is my favorite character in the show. At only 10-years old she is a overnight sensation and will just keep going up from here.

Keke Palmer- I literally grew up on this girl. I loved her since Akeelah & the Bee and have followed her since then in all her movies, tv and music. I always looked at her as an amazing role model and a great person who has never compromised herself. Keke has played so many diverse characters and is just a beautiful person inside and out.

Zendaya- Zendaya is a Disney starlet who is a great role model for the kiddos. She started on show about dancing Shake it Up and now has a show called KC Undercover where she is a spy. Like Raven in the past with That’s So Raven it is important that she is on Disney as we need more black female role models on that channel. She is also becoming a young fashion icon & is starting a great music career. I love her music and am glad that my niece and kids like her have a person to look up to on Disney channel.

Quvenzhane Wallis: I first saw Quvenzhane in the 2013 film Beast of the Southern Wild where she did an increable perfomance. She was only 6 but she did her thing. Since she has started as Annie and done various other apperances. She is a strong young kid who is doing big things and is so humble. Love her.

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