The Social Network: The Story of Facebook the Friend App & the Friendless Creater


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I was tasked with watching the movie The Social Network for my Current Issues in Web Design class a few months ago. What did I learn from this movie, Mark Zuckerburg was shady character who sold his friendship for the up and up of fame and wealth.

Now let me explain. This movie tells the story of Mark Zuckerburg and how he took a small collage splash page and made a multi-billion dollar international company. It all started when Mark was just a lonely nerd at Harvard who just broke up with his girlfriend. After the brake up he goes back to his dorm room and writes a very harsh blog post (back when live journal was a thing) about her name, bra size and compared women to farm animals. Yea sounds like a women hattin jerk right?

Then to make himself feel better Mark made a website called where he ranked how hot girls are. In typical guy fashion the website went viral across campus and made a huge traction which got Mark in trouble and is put on 6 months of academic probation. The next day word got out to these three crew runners Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss and their business partner Divya Narendra who come up with the idea to make a social networking site for Harvard using Harvard email address to log in. They contact Zuckerburg and he aggress to help them with the website but uses their ideas to make The Facebook with his best friend Eduardo Saverin who becomes his co-founder.

Saverin provides 1,000 to the production of The Facebook to help get it off the ground but when word gets out about their start up to the Winklevoss twins and Narendra and then send him a cesst and asset letter which Zuckerburg ignores so they end up suing him. Through out the movie it plays the after math of one too many bad decisions as they play out in two different court cases one by the Winklevoss twins and one by Saverin. During his first case he goes ahead in the development of The Facebook and ends up meeting the creater of Napster Sean Parker who becomes like an advisor to Zuckerburg. Parker and Zuckerburg with a bunch of hacker coding interns from Harvard end up taking Facebook to the next level leaving Saverin and the work he did and money he contributed out of the picture. In the end Zuckerburg pays off the Wiklevoss twins with $65 million and Saverin is payed off anonymously and his name is reinstated as a co-founder of Facebook.

I give his movie a B+. I liked the movie it was great but the story was kind of shaddy. I felt so bad for Saverin who was Mark’s only friend and he truly believed in Facebook as a company. He tried so many times to get Zuckerburg to turn FB into a company by putting up adds on the site yet he turned him down. Then Mark just seemed way to0 full of himself and just thinking that he was better then everyone else and didn’t know how to share. If I were to make a website like FB I would have to do it on my own if I were like him because its not fair to cut people who helped so much in your company.  I did like though how he made it seem like making a website or coding is like a one-two super easy process. The actors were really good though. Jesse Eisenburg was great as Zuckerburg, Andrew Garfield as Saverin and Justin Timberlake as Sean Parker were good as their characters. Over all a good movie that shows you how working with friends can be a slippery slope.


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