The Internet: Dope Beats + A Live Band = Soul #EgoDeath #OF


The Internet. A band or the world wide web? The Internet is a neo-soul outfit coming out of the Odd Future world. Their lead singer Syd the Kid and Matt Martians who were djs and producers for Odd Future before coming together to form The Internet back in 2011. Their music is very soulful & jazzy but with experimental funky beats.


Their first album Purple Naked Ladies it was just Syd and Matt playing all the instruments and singing. Their first three singles which were accompanied by music videos where also featured on the Odd Future album The OF Tape Vol. 2. This album is very ambient and Syd’s vocals are a little hit or miss.


The Internet’s second album came out in 2013, called Feel Good. It was a step up from their debut album and yet still very ambient with Syd’s soft vocals and the live instruments coming from Matt. Syd’s singing got stronger with this album and it helped to get them noticed more by fans and critics.

During this time The Internet went on tour with Mac Miller and helped to produce his second studio album.


This brings us to their most recent album which came out last year titled Ego Death. This is definitely their strongest album so far as Syd’s vocals have gotten a lot better & it has a better direction production wise. This is also when they added new members Patrick Paige II, Christopher Smith, Jameel Bruner, & Steve Lacy to the band who a few of them had been touring with them for a while. This was the Internet’s most critically acclaimed album to date and due to the success of Ego Death was nominated for a Grammy this year.

In most of The Internet’s music videos it’s usually Syd the Kid singing to a girl or doing activities with a women and its really cute. Now although they do feature a lot of girl on girl stuff in their music they don’t like to consider themselves part of the LGBTQ movement and are just making good music.

Now when I first found out they came out of Odd Future I’m not going to lie I was a little off put as I was not a big fan of Tyler the Creator as some of the homophobic things he has said in the past. Being that Syd is a lesbian and all though I also like Frank Ocean I was a little confused as to how they could work with a person who feels that way but after a while I gave that up and just focused on the music.

Why I like The Internet: I find The Internet to be the kind of a cool mix of The Roots & Jamiroquai as they really bring it with their live band feel mixed with the funky production and jazzy sounds. Then you have the soul of Syd’s voice. I got into them in 2013 or 2014 after I herd their song Dontcha off Feel Good and I just loved the soul band thing. Then when I went back into their discography and got more into Purple Naked Lady  I loved their ambient songs. I love all music but soul & ambient type music that makes you think they produced it at night in a dark basement just puts me in a mood. Then their funky experimental side of the music is dope too. I love groups and artist who mix all different vibes and genera together to make a beautiful melting pot of sounds. I can listen to The Internet as I fall asleep, while I take a walk, riding around or whatever.

So if your into ambient, jazzy, soulful, funky, experimental live band then I’d give them a listen.

How a Band Called The Internet Became One of the Best Things on the Internet

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