Alt Rock/Pop Punk Songs of 2016


So when I was 13-14 back in 2005-06 I was into the cool music at the time pop-punk & alt rock like most kids during that time. I’m talking Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Taking Back Sunday, All American Rejects, Weezer and such bands and artist.

After high school I didn’t really listen to pop-punk as much anymore outside of Fall Out Boy, Panic! and Paramore (which non of these bands are actually pop-punk anymore lol) as I was getting more into indie and weird pop and dance stuff.

But in 2016 I decided to see what more this genera has to offer. I started off by finding Youtubers who like Fall Out Boy and Paramore and just went from there. They delivered and helped me discover some cool newer pop-punk bands doing big things in that scene. I also started fallowing Alternative Press online and they always know whats up.

So here are some new pop-punk groups I think you should check out and also some older artist who have new music out if your into this stuff & some Youtubers I think you would like if you want some music suggestions.

Issues: Great band sort of mix of metel-core with R&B. Tyler Cartor the singing vocalist of the band has this very malotic sounding voice where he can do these incredible rifs with his voice that sound so good. Then you have the screamer vocalist Michael Bohn which normally I am not into that kind of music but mixed with Tyler it just works. The rest of the band is dope and they have a black bassist Skyler Acord which is really cool as you don’t see many bands in this genera with black people (unless you look to Afropunk). Over all this band has a very unique sound and I love it.

PVRIS: Another band with a female lead which after I fell in love with Paramore when I found PVRIS I was excited. Lyndsey the lead singer has got a voice on her. Their sound is a little dark think a pop-punk version of Evanescence. (who by the way is coming back this year with a tour) Haven’t gotten into them too much but like a few of their songs and find them actually pretty refreshing. I found out about them while watching the 2015 APMAs. Over all a great band to look into.

Bring Me the Horizon: I found out about them when their 2015 album That’s the Spirit came out. Can’t say I’m a huge fan of them but I do like one of the songs off TTS Happy Song. Other then that their probable an ok band to get into.

Blink-182- Board To Death-New Song: Blink 182 just released a new song which is the first one with out Tom Delonge on the project. Even with out him on this track I still think its pretty good. It reminds me of ’90s or early 2000s Blink which is good. Check it out.

Weezer- White Album-New Album: Love it! I have been a fan of Weezer since I was in high school and even though when I started to get into them their albums they weren’t really that great. But as I looked back into their earlier stuff I realized how great they were. This album kind of goes back to their earlier formula they had on their first album the Blue Album. The sound of this album is very California rock. Every song has something to do with California or that kind of upbeat vibe although not always upbeat. Favorite Tracks: Do You Wanna Get High?, LA Girls, Thank God for Girls

The 1975- More on the Alt Rock side: I’ve liked this band from England since 2013 when their first album came out which I loved. They just came out with their follow up album this year and from the singles I’ve herd I love it. Kind of poppy with a alt vibe to it mixed with a little bit of an ’80s feel. I love them and I think you will too check them out.


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I don’t think I will ever get back into pop-punk like I did in middle school but I will always like it a bit. If pop-punk had never come into my life then I would be a completely different person when it comes to music as pop-punk got me interested in various different genera of music and opened my eyes to them. So this one goes out to you pop-punk thank you!

Some other good places to look for music in this scene:

Alt Press, Rock Sound (out of the UK), Hot Topic for merch, Fueled by Ramen and others šŸ˜‰

Till Next Time Defend Pop Punk & eat lots of pizza lol…

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