2016: The Key to Happiness is that it is Yours Take Control! #accomplishhappiness2016


It’s 2016. I promised myself I would make this year better then the last.

If you saw any of my posts or read my blog from last year you know 2015 was not a good year for me in a lot of ways mostly my living situation & income factors. I was being so hard on myself last year making myself feel bad because I wasn’t at a level that others I know where or people my age are suppose to be at in their life. I had a lot of pressure from others on how my life should be and how I wasn’t living up to my potential in life. I ultimately fell into a big state of depression but the kind where you smile at people and act happy but inside you are hurting, confused and feel hopeless that change will ever come in your life. The summer/fall/winter I was at a big braking point in my life and was the most unhappy I have even been in my whole life. I defiantly have been unhappy in the past but last year it was just the worst.

In 2016 all of that will change. I started my graphic design/web development certificate program back in January which has been going great. I might still be in the same boat as last year in a lot of ways but things are looking up. I promise this year to take everyday one step at a time until I achieve that happiness I am looking for. To celebrate the little accomplishments in my life and not be so hard on myself. I love myself and have to remember that this is my life and my journey and if I want change I have to make it but also that this will happen when they are suppose to according to my schedule and no one else is.

Now I have gotten into watching a few Youtubers online who have been helping me see the bright side of life and helped me get through this bouts of unhappiness. People like Lilly Sinhgs aka Superwoman, Meghan Hughes and her positivity videos, Koi Fresco and many others who are their to make me laugh, educate me or make me feel like my life and my happiness is important. Also a lot of music has helped me through the rough times and got me to a much better place in my life which is why I rely on it so heavily. So when I say #musicislife that is serious statement because I can be in the worst mood of my life but music really is life and gets me through it.

This was a little spontaneous post and i’m trying to get out of the habit of writing about myself too much and having actual topics I write about so one day I can a job and make some money cause you know. But I feel writing about things like this is therapeutic to me cause I can get my thoughts out better with writing then speaking.

Till Next Time Your Happiness in Your Time is Important… #acomplishhappiness2016


YouTubers Who Helped Me See Life In A Different Light:

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Happiness Apps:

Stop, Think & Breath App- Meditation

Music That Got Me Through It:

My Music Is Therapy Playlist:

My Conscious Life & The Freeing of Your Mind Playlist


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