Does Being a Stan Make Bad Music Good?


So if you’ve been readying my blog a lot then you know how much I like music. I think over half of my post have some type of music in them and I even have posted on some of my favorite artist & bands. This being said I have been thinking of this question a lot lately: does being a stan (a ride or die fan) make bad music good?

Now let me explain. Take Fall Out Boy’s last album which just celebrated its one year anniversary a few weeks ago American Beauty/American Psycho. When I first looked at this album last year I was just happy that after Save Rock & Roll came out that they didn’t disappear again (cause you know I had to go through the hiatus which was scary) so at face value I got really into it and liked it. Looking back at it a year later I definitely still think it’s a pretty good album but I also see the faults that some fans might see with it (especially the fact that they had to put out 3 different videos for Irrestiable and get not so great rappers to do hiphop remixes on every track).

Which got me to thinking being a huge FOB stan was I overlooking the faults of that album last year as I am just a super fan of them? I mean I would have to say that AB/AP is one of their most commercial sounding albums they have ever put out and does feel kind of manufactured and wither that is a good thing or bad I don’t know. It makes me think what other bands and artist that I am super huge into that some of their music actually sucks but I overlook it?

Another example is like FOB another band who went on a huge hiatus was Tokio Hotel. When they came back at the end of 2014 I was so excited my high school stan fan girl came out and I got so excited so when they put out their album on my birthday mind you called Kings of Suburbia which I automatically gave a pass for being different then their previous records. I kind of over looked the fact of wither it was a good album or not even after not really liking some of their singles leading up to it. Looking back on it I’m not sure it was the best album they have ever put out.

I feel I have done this with a few other bands too and am passing off terrible albums or songs for good.

Take the new Panic! at the Disco (or Brendon Urie) record Death of a Bachelor that came out a few weeks ago. Now I’m not a stan of Panic but I am an above average fan and I haven’t listened to the whole album yet but just the singles I have herd not all of them are great. But I know there are stans of Panic who probably feel that this album was amazing not really giving it the benefit of the doubt to be a bad album (not that I’m saying it is).

I have been watching a lot of Youtubers who review different bands and artist and a few videos by ARTV got me thinking. The one he did on the things wrong with Fall Out Boy and Panic! at the Disco. He makes a lot of valued points in each video especially when it has to do with their management group Crush Management. Now just on Friday these trolling fans decided to send Brendon Urie the video that John from ARTV made. Now John made a few really great points about why he has issues with Panic yet the clearly states he still likes their music and is this was made with no disrespect. Brendon sadly took this once he got wind of it (which I don’t even think he watched it) tweeted “tee hee this is cute” really? Then some more stuff ended up being tweeted and stans got all up in their feels.

This was a great example of how fans can ride or die for a band/artist even if they can act a little bull headed (which I think is sad). Examples of this are: Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Iggy Azela, Jay-Z, and others

Just earlier today I put out my commentary on Beyoncé and her Formation video. Now I might have called B some things and showed my dislike for who she is in general. I feel that I stated a lot in the post that I am allowed to have my own option. Sadly, I think I said some things that will piss off some Beyoncé stans but hay I like what I like and I don’t like what I don’t like.

I mean to be honest I understand why people get made when someone disses or talks bad about the artist/band they love. They are somebody(s) that you look up to or that helps you get through tough times or just has that voice that you just feel. I mean I would get mad if somebody says bad things about Fall Out Boy I will feel some type of way about it but I am learning to look at what the person is saying before just jumping down their throats about it. It could be a valid point and I might miss it getting upset.

I think that as a culture we need to be a little less emotional and really look at the world in a more realistic way. Not everything is right but not everything is wrong.

Ok well this is kind of a random one but a question I think a lot of people deal with their favorite band or artist.

Till Next Time Get Out Your Feelings Stans…


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