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Indigo Kids: What are they? Where do they come from and why are they here? All logical questions that many people wonder about these special kinds of people. The definition of an indigo kid is, according to a pseudoscientific New Age concept, are children who are believed to possess special, unusual, and sometimes supernatural traits or abilities. The idea is based on concepts developed in the 1970s by Nancy Ann Tappe and further developed by Jan Tober and Lee Carroll. In many indigenous cultures indigo is a very high vibrational color and there for they find indigo kids to be very important. In some cultures they are up with medicine people, monks, and other spiritual leaders. Also disclaimer indigenous people all over the world have always known about indigos and it wasn’t until the ’70s that the Western world decided to pick up on it.

Now I think there have always been so called “Indigo Kids” all throughout history. We are all born with innate special gifts that as little kids are heightened due to us just coming from the spirit world so we remember a lot of those things we learned but as you grow older select people’s gifts get stronger and others get weaker. Those that get stronger usually are a lot different than most people. They usually have trouble in school but are super smart in other ways and usually know that what we learning in school is BS, day dream a lot and drift off into space, might have a hard time focusing or processing things and could have a mental or learning disability like dyslexia or bipolar (or so they say). These people can also have abilities like being able to see people’s Auras or vibrational colors based on their moods and feelings, being able to see people who have passed on to the spirit world and give you messages from those people, or being energy healers where they can help make a person feel better if they are injured or feeling bad among other things. Through all of this they use their abilities through their third eye.
People like this mostly understand a lot about the world and the way we live it and can see solutions for even the most basic of problems in life. They usually are kind of “hippie” as you would say as they find a very important connection between people and nature, see the good in humans but know there is a lot to change and are very into their culture and spiritually. Lots of indigos are inter-dimensional beings who can travel from one realm to another. They know that aliens exist and are living among us, that animals are way more intelligent than humans and that if you see it in a sy-fi movie then it must be possible. Indigos also know that humans come from stars or are star seeds that came down to earth from another dimension and where made from star matter. Reincarnation is a big one for the indigos as they believe that all living things have spirits and are energy. That being said they know that energy travels and so when we die our spirit travels and inhabits another earthly being or star seed.

There are many indigos who remember their past lives and are connected to that part of them. These kind of people usually are creative and passionate about the world and pick up some form of art to channel much of their energy into from photography to canvas art to music (making & listing to) to jewelry making to writing. They even might meditate, do yoga, and eat well (or at least care about where their food comes from), wear crystals for protection and balance or even take long walks in nature. Kids like this will a lot of time grow up to make music, become writers, photographers, painters, therapist, activist and even entrepreneurs.
Now they did coin a term in the 1970s for once you become an adult. So you start out as an indigo kid from the time you are born to the time you turn 18 then once you are an adult you become a crystal adult. Then once you become an elder you are now considered a rainbow elder. All this means is that you are still a free spirit with your same abilities but they just become a little different at each stage of your life they all mean the same.

Back in the day there were a lot of people who had lots of different mental disabilities and most of society had no idea how to handle these outburst people would have. So a lot of them ended up in mental hospitals for no reason and would basically be torn to shreds by the old nuns and doctors who did illegal practices. If you’ve ever watched American Horror Story Asylum (season 1) it’s basically like that. A lot of the people diagnosed with these illnesses usually where indigos dealing with their abilities and the general public not knowing how to deal.
We are now in the 21st century and more and more parents are having these gifted kids or indigos and have no idea how to handle them. They usually just put their kids on medication to numb them if they get out of control and make them more “normal” (which what does that mean anyway) and subdue their abilities. I would just say to parents that your kid is not abnormal they just need people to believe them when they tell you they have these gifts. I used to watch a show called Physic Kids which was all about kids with abilities like this. Most of the time their abilities scared them and their parents wouldn’t believe them when they told them what was going on. That was when this physic Chip Coffee would come into play. He would go to these kids homes help them figure out what was going on and let them know they were not alone. Usually they would take the kid and put them with other kids in a place that had spirits to help them deal with their abilities. They also had a child psychologist on hand to help reassure the parents as well.
Now a lot of celebrity kids growing up today consider themselves indigo kids and one person who is leading the train is Ms. Willow Smith herself. Her brother Jaden and her where just the Smith kids growing up and where suited to follow in their parents footsteps and peruse careers in music and movies. Little did anyone know but these amazingly bright kids where plotting to take over the world. They started when Willow was about 12-13 and she cut off her hair and started singing songs about self-acceptance like I Am Me. Then interviews started to surface of the two and the things they were talking about would make any main stream media think their nuts. In one interview they started talking about quantum physics, the time-space continuum and energy among other things.

Willow stared to grow out locks and make the most introspective out there music you would ever hear from a 15 year old. Songs like Flowers about coming to earth as the grays and has a line about chemtrails, FQ-C #7 about basically being an indigo kid and in the video she has her 7 chakras all accounted for. She even speaks the Avatar language from the movie and she just put out a surprise album on Friday. Jaden is very much into science and philosophy, loves discovering new and interesting sounds musically, has his own label called Misfts where all the different young artist are signed and you can catch him in a dress from time to time. They are both visionaries in their own right and you could see that from day one.
Other well know people who have that Indigo spirit are Shane Woodly from the Divergent series, Raury a musician who makes folkhop music, Joey Badass, Chance the Rapper & J. Cole who are rappers, Syd the Kid from the band The Internet, Aliessa Cara a new up and coming singer, this amazing group of young climate justice activist called Earth Guardians, and one of my favorite bands Twenty One Pilots among other celebrities. I actually watch a few YouTubers who I would consider to be indigos too like Meghan Hughes and Koi Fresco. Koi does videos on spirituality, phycology, science and metaphysical stuff while Meghan tends to do the normal YouTube videos but with a twist of brining happiness to the world.
Now one thing Indigo kids need to remember as you get older and your abilities get stronger is to always protect yourself. Being around and using that much energy all the time you need to make sure you have your form of protection wither a poach or life bag filled with protection stones and prayers, a protection crystal, sage to clear any space of excess energy and other forms of protection. Putting the white light of protection around you every time before you go to use your abilities for any reason is very important too. Also an indigo needs to be able to recharge your battery as using so much energy when using your abilities it can get tiring.

So getting lots of sleep and treating yourself every once in a while to a spy day or message is important. Taking care of yourself is a must with indigos although I know that they can be the ones to take the least care of themselves. It can also seem like a fleeting task because Indigos are so woke that they feel they have to take on saving the whole world all the time 24/7. Now there are millions of indigos all over the world and combined their power will effect change little by little so don’t feel as if you need to save our Mother Earth all by yourself. Take care of yourself and do the best you can to help wake up the people in your community and the ripple effect will ensue until the whole world is woke once again.

Growing you could say I was an indigo kid as I had abilities, was very into nature, and was very into my spiritual practices and culture still am. I understand the world in a different way than most and learned a lot of things growing up that other kids didn’t. I had a hard time in school and to this day have a hard time processing things. I consider myself an activist for many causes and am very much into my writing. I wear my medicine bag with crystals, sage, stones, and prayers around my neck as protection and put up an alter in my room where I put my eagle feather, crystals, sage, candles and pictures among other things and I try to mediate often (but need to get back into that more).  I am proud to call myself an indigo.

Well Till Next Time Folks Stay Woke! #IndigosUnite

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  • Rainbow Brite & the Color Kids- Rainbow Brite
  • Matilda- Matilda
  • Powder-Powder
  • August Rush-Evan Taylor
  • Steven Hocking
  • Carl Segin
  • Avatar the Last Airbender-Aang
  • Sense 8

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