Favorite Youtubers: Part 2

IMG_0643 Part 2

I once before posted my favorite Youtubers. Here is part 2.

•Meghan Hughes: She is basically the coolest Youtuber I have come across. I love her because she is pretty much like me. She is into spirituality, has great music taste and fashion scene, loves pizza and is just an all-around amazing person. She flows happiness and joy from every pore of her body and she just makes me smile every time I watch a video of hers. She makes me feel like I can be a better person and spread joy and positivity throughout my life and to whoever I come across.

• Koi Fresco: Thanks to Meghan Hughes I came across this Youtuber because of her Pizza with series and he is awesome. He makes really great videos on basically how to live a better life and become a better person. He talks a lot about metaphorical, spiritual & scientific things and how to navigate those things through your life. If I could be friends with people like Koi and Meghan in real life it would be awesome as they just reminding me so much of who I wanna be and try to be and surround myself with in my daily life.

• Hannah Langford: A girl who does videos on pop-punk bands. Now I was into these bands growing up and I never had anybody into that world so watching her videos it makes me happy to have somebody that is as into this world as I am. Fall Out Boy is defiantly my boo and Twenty One Pilots mean everything to me. If you’re into this world she is a great Youtuber to check out.


• Old School Lane/NickSlimeCastPodcast: These channels are awesome if you’re into Nick stuff & other old school things from our childhood. They go over lots of stuff on classic Nick, how bad Nick today is, debates, anniversary specials, the whole history of Nick, Nick Jukebox where they play nothing but Nick music, and even Nicksmisal where they talk about shows that Nick passed up for one reason or another. These channels collectively are awesome and all run by a great team including my favorite person Patricia the Jewish girl who loves As Told By Ginger, Catlin’s Way and Tiana (very underrated Nick Shows).



• Rocked Reviews: This channel is pretty cool. If your into rock at all this is a good channel for you. This guy reviews rock albums and gets interviews from bands. He also does this funny thing where he takes terrible albums and goes over the whole album track by track to show us how awful this stuff is.


• ARTV: Just another album review channel but why I like this channel is because he does a lot of variety like pop-punk and indie rock. He gives a ranking out of 5 and gives you his favorite tracks and what didn’t work too well. He’s cool I like it.


• The Needle Drop: This guy Anthony a music nerd who does album reviews. Now when I said ARTV does variety The Needle does this even better give you reviews on the most obscure albums out there and turns me on to a lot of cool music. Plus Anthony is really funny yet can be a little harsh on albums wither he likes them or not.


• The Nostalgia Critic: I have watched this channel on and off for a while and love it. This guy Doug reviews all things nostalgic from movies, tv, commercials and does top 11 list of different things. He is hilarious and when I watch him I just laugh. It’s a great channel.


• Luke James: Yet another album reviewer (sensing a pattern here?) he does mostly hiphop and R&B but will occasionally do some pop tunes too. He is great witty with his commentary of an album and wither we should check it out. He will compare it to other works an artist has done and will give us an out of 5 rating. Plus he will do reviews of indie artist albums too.


Well Beautiful People Till Next Time Stay Amazing…

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