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I hope you are having an awesome Thursday. Hey do you like fashion & accessories sold fair trade internationally? Then you will want to check out Kupendiza, a new up and coming fashion marketplace in the DMV selling fair trade hand bags made by the women in Kenya and around the world. They are having their big launch party this Friday, November 20th, 2015 in Old Town Alexandria (I will link their info down below).

This Tuesday, I was fortunate to catch up with the owner and founder of Kupendiza Karen James Cody who told me a little of how they got started, why they work with the women in Kenya, and how they got ready for their big launch this Friday.

Kupendiza is a marketplace for fine products crafted by women that simply provides a high-quality, high-fun, everyday luxury items from women’s collectives in developing regions. They started the company in 2015 and currently have two vendors.

Kupendiza strives to be a celebration of ingenuity and determination of women while trading directly with makers of these objects, helping bring their products to the international marketplace. The proceeds of these bags go to a small orphanage to help women get a wage. She says helping to sell these bags will be helping the Nakuru & Nandi women build equity to be able to buy land and have ownership making a difference in their immediate environment.

What’s next for Kupendiza? The company will launch This Friday November 20th, 2015, Old Town Alexandria; 1026 King St. Alexandria, VA 22314.

So if this has gotten you interested in coming to the launch party this Friday then check the info for the event below as well as their website.

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Kupendiza Launch Party Info:


Kupendiza Info:

Website: http://www.kupendiza.com/

FB: facebook.com/kupendiza/

Twitter: twitter.com/kupendiza/

Instagram: instagram.com/kupendiza/

Pinterest: pinterest.com/kupendiza/

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*This post was in conjunction with a group I am apart of in the DC area Ecohermanas a collective of women that weave and reconnect communities to Mother Earth. www.ecohermanas.org or facebook.com/ecohermanas*





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