Living the Richmond Life: A New Weekly Blog Entry #1 #newbeginings


Hello loyal readers! I hope this finds whoever is reading is happy and healthy and living life to the fullest. So I just recently moved to Richmond, VA to live with my niece who lives down here with her best friend and her best friend’s best friend both guys. So now there are two women in the house to balance it out. Now up to this point I have had one experience in living on my own which was when I was in AmeriCorps. In that situation it varied from situation to situation but when I first got to Denver where campus was we lived in dorms so I got that college live in dorms kind of feeling. Then once we got our teams and various projects we ended up sleeping in various places. My first project was working with a church building houses for hurricane victims in Texas. So my team stayed in a church and slept on cots. We had cooking and cleaning schedules but only 2.50 to live on per person and we had 12 people on my team. The next two projects we lived in apartments (one nicer than the other) and pretty much had the same set up in terms of cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping. We would be put into pairs and then whoever you were paired with you would go shopping with & cook with.
Anyway after I got home from 10-months living with people I moved home and for the past 5 years have been living with my parents in one way or another. Lived with them at my childhood home for 3 years while I was working in DC. Then in February of this year we all moved from our house we had lived in for 22 years and moved into my sister’s house for 8 months. To say that was a trying time for me would be an understatement but I am grateful for her generosity nun the less.
So now I am on my own for the first time as an adult. Its only been 2 days so I’m not sure that it has fully kicked in yet that I am an independent women now. I really am trying to give Richmond a chance and living with my niece and her friends. I will say I am out of my comfort zone but isn’t that what it takes to grow? I hope so. Anyway for now I am just taking in the city and looking for work thinking of ways to learn and grow during my time here. I will say once the freedom kicks in it will feel good. But I will say the best thing about living on my own is I can wear my hair however I want, walk places, and do me (whatever I choose that to be).
Yesterday I went around town and checked stuff out. I learned there is a park near Cary st. and that there are lots of restaurants and college friendly stores around town. It reminds me of a combination of DC & Fairfax as it has a nice little college town vibe and it kind of got those city vibes. One goal for me is to find out where the radical hippie and revolutionary folks are plus those in the farming/gardening/agro scene as well as those who like music a lot and like to go to concerts. I do have one friend down here but looking for more.
Well my plan is to give this city a 3 month trial and see what comes of it come January wither I want to move back to the DMV or not. But I do know that come January I will be getting my own place depending on how much money I can save up wither it is down here or up there.
Well that is all for now but hopefully I will have much more to report on my new life in Richmond.
Till Next Time Stay Happy! 

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