When Stuff Hits the Fan Are You Still A Fan?


Hello readers! Today I am writing about celebs and how people can become big fans of an artist or movie star but the minute they mess up people want to diss own them and diss credit them.

For example Lauryn Hill. Lauryn Hill was the black and female ‘90s darling who came out of the hip-hop group the Fugges and put out a solo album called the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Now this has been Lauryn’s only commercial solo release, but it is AMAZING! This girl just has it she is always singing and rapping about how women feel and what they’re going through and the plight of black people as well as the dangers of the music industry. I love that about her and during the ‘90s she was on top of the world. People waited after she won a bunch of Grammys and other awards for the album for her to put out another one but she went MIA after a little bit. When she came back things got weird. She did this weird MTV Unplugged show where she didn’t sing any of the songs off Miseducation and went completely left field which made fans feel like she went crazy and alienated a lot of fans. After this performance she went MIA again until the late 2000s where she started to come back and make guest appearances on tours and stuff and didn’t start putting out new music and making tv appearances singing until 2012-2013. Then in 2013 she put out this crazy song where she writes some kind of homophobic lyrics in an underground SoundCloud song which made the LGBTQA community pissed off. She also has been touring a lot more now but from what I’m hearing she has become a big diva where she makes fans wait for her to come out, rushes songs and doesn’t sing as much and basically acts crazy. I feel like Lauryn or L-Boogie has too types of fans now the ride or die ones and the ones who used to rock with her but have now dropped off because she got too crazy.

Another example of this is MJ. Michael Jackson for the longest time from the Jackson 5 to solo ‘70s stuff to Thriller and Bad in the ‘80s was the king who could do no wrong (despite his changing appearance). But the ‘90s came and then the controversy of the century came along in the form of child molestation allegations. Now Michael is a big kid himself who always was into childlike things due to the fact that his father was abusive and never let Michael have a child hood growing up. So he bought the Never Land Ranch and had many children’s foundations where he would help out sick children and would even invite them to come back to the ranch where he had lots of fun kid stuff around and would even invite the kids to spend the night at the ranch. Everything was fun and ok until one day one greedy little boy and his parents decided let me make up a story where I say Michael molestated me. Which is pretty sad because as we find out in the end he was lying, but the media backlash and fans disliking Michael even more and between his crazy appearance and now this Michael in a lot of ways became a laughing stock. It was really messed up too what they made poor Michael go through and the court appearances and crap it just got too crazy. This all spanned up until the early 2000s which really made a debacle of Michael in so many ways. Once Michael died a lot of the people who started to hate on him because of rumors and other stuff tried to act like oh I was always a MJ fan and he is the best and this is so sad. Now we all know that many different factors led to his death but having to be publicly humiliated by the media and fans was probably defiantly a factor in that.

Really the point I am trying to make about all of this is that celebs who are constantly watched by the media and fans and never get a moment to just be normal might do some crazy things. For me it makes me kind of mad that you might be a dedicated fan of someone but the second they do something crazy you drop them like a bad hat. I mean yes Lauryn and Michael might be a little crazy but not for good reason. There is this really good lyric off this Kendrick Lamar song that goes “when shit hits the fan are you still a fan? when shit hits the fan are you still a fan?” “that man gave us Billy Jean you think he touched those kids” “when shit hits the fan are you still a fan?” Meaning basically what I’m saying these people are human and they put their heart and soul into a project and maybe they slip up a little are you just going to disown them for it? Maybe I’m just one of those diehard fans who when I really like a celeb I pretty much will always like them and they have to do some pretty messed up crap to get me to stop liking them.

There are things that celebs do that are way worse than anything Michael or Lauryn have done and I’m using them as examples but compared to like Bill Cosby or Woody Allen or Michael’s farther their not so bad. Just remember people make mistakes and that’s ok even ones with lots of money.
Well this is pretty random but I was bored and it was just something on my mind lately. Take it for what it is worth.

Till Next Time….

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