Dear White People Movie Review #DWP


I just finished watching Dear White People & they’re was a lot of good in that movie. I liked how they showed the point of view of a black kid gay who felt he didn’t fit in with black folks or white folks or in his cause even the gay kid. Been there with the big ass fro too & yea it is not a petting zoo. Oh and the one gay guy on campus you were racist too. Then you have Sam who I could relate with too trying to be revolutionary or woke to over compensate for not feeling black enough. Then the girl & guy who were trying to be “white” it didn’t really work for them & they got their “Negro Wake Up Call”. My favorite part though was the party when the gay guy went to the BSU and showed them what was going down & they organized got the Asians & Latinos to back them up and went down there to start snatching some masks off. Then when the gay guy was getting beat up & the dumb ass white guy of the elate house got on top of him he didn’t fight back but he kissed him. That was a dope move even if he did get beat up in the end. Oh & I liked that both Sam and the gay kid where into journalism, radio & film. Great movie over all with some humor mixed in for good measure but with a great message. Oh & PS White People Stop having POC parties it’s racist & distasteful!


That’s what I wrote on my tumbler page right after watching the movie and the more I set on it the more my options change about the movie. Take Sam now she is a mixed kid with a black mom & a white Jewish dad, she is the head of the Black Student Union very kind of militant about her approach and always dogging white people’s treatment of black people on her radio show “Dear White People” oh and she is “dating” or sleeping with a white guy. Now I get it for you to wanna help the betterment of black people and yes there are a lot of racist white people out there of course but maybe she takes it a little too far. Dog white people when the sun is up but date them when the sun goes down? And again I get it your dad is white it is what it is but then when your talkin all your mess to the other woke blacks in BSU and then come to find out your dating a white guy doesn’t that kind of contradict what your saying? I mean honestly I have no problem with being woke and dating white people and as we know there are those white folks who are down with the program but to have such a platform on anti-whitness maybe there is something wrong there. I do like though that in the end she kind of realizes that she might be taking it too far and kind of tones it down.



Then you have Troy Fairbanks who is also dating a white girl but for a different reason then Sam. Now Troy’s father is the dean of the Ivy League and he is trying to get in good with the elate house instead of living in the “black” house. Now the white girl Sofia is just dating Troy to seem cool and edge.


Troy ends up getting in good with the house and Sofia’s brother Kurt who just like him because he can turn on and off his “blackness.” On the other spectrum you have Coco who has a large distaste in being black and wants to live with the white kids, wears blond wigs and blue contacts and tries to get in good with them.


I guess a black girls hair is where the line gets crossed as when Sofia asks Coco if her hair is real she ends up getting mad and posting a video about it acting real “black” in the video. Of course all the white kids like it because they always like it when black people act “black” (whatever that is) for the camera so they can sit around and mock us for it. Both Troy and Coco eventually end up sleeping together even though Coco said she doesn’t go for black guys but in the end it doesn’t work out between them anyway.



The other main story line of this movie revolves around a gay black kid named Lionel who doesn’t really fit in with the black kids or the gay kids which puts him at a disadvantage at this school. He tries to eat lunch at the black caf but gets kicked out of there for not living in the black house and his housing at the “gay” housing doesn’t work either and he kind of just floats around. He eventually ends up becoming a reporter for the school news paper and the head reporter is also gay and starts to fall for him a little but he is kind of racist. I say that because he makes Lionel report on all the “racial” issues on campus and kind of uses him for his own gain plus at the black party he says some pretty racist stuff. Then you have his partner in crime this white girl who thinks Lionel is just one of those “different” black kids & she keeps touching his fro like he is her own little chia pet.


Lionel ends up moving in with Troy and at first they don’t get along but in the end when the parties going down Troy starts to treat Lionel like a brother. But the best part of the his whole story is at the end when he sees the black party and something inside of him gets fired up so he goes to show the BSU. They of course get fired up too and end up getting the Latinos & Asians to come and help them and Lionel gets up on stage to pretend to rap and brakes the giant speakers. Then Kurt goes outside about to beat Lionel up, Lionel ends up kissing him which leads Kurt to hit him in the nose. The cops are of course called after that and the whole party gets shut down thanks to Lionel and the BSU. In the end he ends up writing a report for the paper about what went down and joins the BSU.


Now this whole story was build around campus relations of blacks and whites but also the high number of cases of parties based on races or cultures. White students having parties based on racial or cultural stereotypes like Black parties, Mexican parties and even Asian parties where they will dress up in black face or wear sombreros and eat tacos. In this movie the white students throw a “black” party where they dress up in baggy pants and wear grills, black masks, serve purple drink and listen to gangsta rap. Now even though it might seem like Kurt and his elate buddies put on the party in the end when the dean is interrogating the students on who through the party it leads you to believe Sam did it to show the dean and the rest of the world the racism on college campuses. Troy knew about this party and at first was just going to go along with it but when it gets too out of control he tells his dad and gets the party shut down which gets him in good with the BSU students.

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This movie was a good indie flick with did extremely well at Sundance last year and in theaters. Now it is brought to us as a satire which means it will take this from a funny yet serious look at the issue and it did have its jokes. Take the jokes about Tyler Perry movies & the joke about the ’80s movie Gremlins as well as some of the things Sam says on her radio show. This movie even took it a step farther and made a web serious just like Dear White People where they give you tips and satires on dealing with everyday issues. I defiantly recommend this movie it makes you think and of course there is some humor to go along with it.



Well Till Next Time Stay Woke!




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