Girl Meets World: Disney + Michael Jacobs = Guest Stars, Guest Stars, Guest Stars

  Hello Readers I hope you are all having a beautiful day. I thought I would bring up a show I have done post on before Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World (for more info on this show see links below to previous post).
Now we recently have gone into season 2 of the hit series but let’s back track to the last half of season 1. So in my last post I talked about my favorite episodes of the first half of the season and who I wanted to see more of or change. So in the first half of the season we left off with Cory and Topanga going on their 15 year wedding anniversary which was very cute and fun with some nostalgic nods to BMW and their very long relationship. 

Then we go to an episode where Shawn is in town for I don’t really know why but it’s TV. Anyway it’s Maya’s birthday and for some reason she is older than Riley at 14 but whatever and of course Riley being the girl with the plan wants Shawn and Maya’s mom Katie to get together. So she recruits Lucas, Farkle and Cory to help her put the plan in motion. Basically what ends up happening is Shawn helps Katie buy a necklace Maya wanted and does Maya right. Now this episode is important as it brings up someone who in season 2 will be a big story line in Angela. During this episode they have a moment where Shawn gets asked about his past relationships and Corpanga brings up Angela which makes Shawn go into their story. Now what I don’t like is the writers wrote this to make it look like Angela left Shawn and not the truth that she went to Europe to be with her Father who was in the military.

Another important episode that has a story line in season 2 is Lucas and Riley going on their first date with Maya and Farkle on their “first date.” It also brings up more of Joshua’s story by having him go to NYU so he can be closer to Cory and the family. Anyway this episode Lucas asks Riley on her first date and makes Maya ask Farkle so she can go with them. They end up having their date on the subway as that was the first place they met. Now Riley and Maya are standing together and Maya pushes Riley on to Lucas lap like in the pilot and then Riley ends up kissing him. Side story is Maya really likes Joshua but Joshua always says he is too old for her so when he is checking out NYU he is seen with a girl who is showing him around which he likes but in the end she says she is too old for him.


In the last episode of season 1 we get another visit from Jackie as Crazy Hat as she saves Riley and Maya from a store clerk shark out to take their money. It was nice to see her again and I hope we get to see her again down the road. 

Now I will get into the different characters and how I think they are progressing throughout the series.

Cory- He has changed a little from Boy of course he has grown up a lot. He is not as crazy but still his Cory self and very impulsive and speaks his mind. Cory is a great dad and teacher to the kids. Oh and there are some cute moments with him and Shawn + Mr. Fenny & his brothers. I do need more him and Topanga action but there working on it.

Topanga- Still her typical type A Topanga from the later seasons of Boy. But I do like a lot how she interacts with her kids, plus her and Ava scenes are so funny. Oh and season 2 she interacts with a new friend of Auggie’s named Dewey but calls himself D-o-y which drives Topanga crazy and it’s pretty funny. But she is a great mom. More Corpanga for the win!

Riley and Maya- The new Cory and Shawn. Riley comes from Corpanga a stable family and Maya comes from Katie and her MIA dad (named Kermit). Same story or is it? Riley is definitely quirky like Cory but a lot more naive. Maya is hurt like Shawn but has more of a Harley Kiner bad girl thing. Riley is a little bit more disrespectful to adults but still cares a lot about her friends and family. Maya is also pretty disrespectful to the adults but also as hurt as she is she is also being handed a lot of things too fast like Shawn but more on that later. Oh and again dress your age please. Anyway there good characters over all.

Lucas- Lucas he is the new kid from Texas. He and Riley are slotted to become the new Corpanga but there different. During season 1 they alood to Lucas’s past and why he moved to New York and in season 2 they delve more. So basically Lucas is from Texas like I said and he has a friend who actually moves to New York as well during season 2 and Lucas used to get his friend out of situations by beating kids up which led him to being kicked out of school. Then his dad got transferred to New York and he started school there. Lucas outside of this is a really good person, polite and caring. A very good person for Riley and a very good friend to Farkle. Oh and not sure how I feel about Maya and Lucas yet but will see.

Farkle- At first I did think Farkle was doing too much but as time went on he got better as a character and is actually come to be one of my favorites from the new generation. Farkle much like his dad is the smart butt of jokes but with a really fragile heart who really cares about his friends. Now of course he has a crush on Riley and Maya and during a nice episode last season Farkle got to take them both to his science awards. He has “married” Maya and had his first kiss with Riley and when the going got tough his friends where there to defend him. He is the adorable geek who makes their picture complete.

Auggie- What can I say about Auggie but he is adorable, funny and a great much need addition to this show. Auggie’s interactions with his parents are priceless and he has a beautiful relationship with Riley. At only 7 he even has himself a “girlfriend” named Ava which they play off each other so well. In all he is my favorite character from the show.

Joshua- Cory’s little brother who was featured at the very end of Boy. I can’t yet tell what kind of character he is but he is the cool uncle to Riley and Auggie as well as the apple in Maya’s eye. He has only been in a few episodes and because we didn’t get a lot of background in Boy about him being he was so young I guess we just have to see where they take his character through out the show. Oh and I am also not sure about him and Maya yet. Also thanks to him Cory and Josh, Cory and Eric now go “My brotha” like where did that come from? But it’s cool.

Shawn- So I’m just going to say that I feel like besides just needing to bring Shawn back because he’s Shawn that the only reason they brought him back was to be with Maya and Katie. Now I love Shawn he was a favorite for me in Boy and he is the most vulnerable character in the series. That being said I want Shawn to be there for Maya but not in a dad kind of way more in a Mr. Turner kind of way and that’s because of Angela but they have already crushed my hopes for that which I’ll talk about later. Anyway outside of that I think Shawn being back has been great. He and Cory still have so much chemistry as best friends and it’s just good to know he is ok.

On to Guest Stars.

Mr. Feeny- So in the series pilot credits they give us a nod to Fenny by having him appear in the poster on the subway saying “well done Mr. Mathews”. We also have two other interactions with him in season 2. One is after the wake for Mrs. Svorski, Cory goes home and calls Mr. Feeny to see if he is ok. So cute. Then you have this kind of made up storyline but will take it where Cory and gang had barred a time capsule 15 years ago in Mr. Feeny’s back yard. So Cory drags Shawn, Topanga and the girls along to Philly to dig it up. They find it but Mr. Feeny catches them and tells them they have big boy detention lol then Riley and Maya go on to do the Feeny Call (which by the way where would they have learned this?). After that Mr. Feeny sits down with the girls to ask them some questions. He asks Riley if Cory is a good dad and she says he is the best and Maya how he is as a teacher and she says he is greatest but that Cory says Fenny is. Then Cory asks Feeny if he has any more advice for them and he says your still together right well what more do you need. It was very touching moment.


Eric aka Plays with Squirrels- Eric coming back for me was pretty bitter sweet and here is why. I get it this show is about the new generation more than the old but still if you bring back an old character do them right. Although dumb Eric is hilarious and all I still wanted to see Eric doing something meaningful with his life like actually becoming a weather man. He comes in dressed as Plays with Squirrels and then tells everyone how he is the mayor of Stupid Town or as he says St. Upid Town. They have him come in to resolve some issues between Maya and Riley there having and all he does is be stupid the whole time. Now of course some of it was great and Will Fardel is the funniest but even some of the jokes where dumb and the whole “my brotha” thing. Anyway they are bringing him back for a few more episodes and reuniting the amazingness that is Jack & Eric so I’m ok. Oh and get this Eric is going to run for president. Enough said lol. Now all I need is some Eric and Fenny action and I’m sold. Oh what if Mr. Fenny came to Washington to see Eric’s campaign man that would be classic. Over all though it was nice to see Eric again he was a favorite in Boy.

Angela- Just FYI I am pretty pissed about the way they treated Angela’s character. I just recently watched Girl Meets Hurricane and was just in shock how they did Shawngela like that. Basically they start the episode with Shawn visiting Maya again and being really nice to her and buying her clothes and giving her hope that Shawn can be there for her. Meanwhile they keep pushing Katie and Shawn and trying to make it seem like there doing it for Maya’s sake. Then in the middle of the episode out of nowhere Cory comes running into the bakery and basically goes here comes the one thing that can make this time worse and in walks Angela. Really though? Then it just gets weirder between the two as they talk. Apparently, Angela’s dad died (which the actor who played her dad died in real life too) and she is married to a military man who wants to have kids so she needs to come to Shawn to ask if she would be a good mother. After they talk she basically tells Shawn that Katie and Maya are good for him before leaving. SO LAME! Oh and Riley who doesn’t even know Angela at all has the nerve to come into the bakery to get some food and look her up and down with her little snarky face says hello to her gets her food and says good bye before walking out. And might I add that they had no scenes with her and Topanga like they don’t even talk anymore or something. This has to be the biggest kick in the but they have done to a Boy character, and I won’t stand for it. Then at the end of this episode Shawn has the nerve to ask Katie out on a date just because he thinks he is supposed to.

Chet Hunter- Shawn’s dad who died in Boy of a heart attack sometimes will visit Shawn when he needs him. So he comes to talk to Shawn at the end of Girl Meets Hurricane and basically tells him since Katie is opening her heart to him he should let her into his. I will say it was nice to see him but the advice he gave Shawn was stupid. If he comes back I hope it’s during the episode that Shawn and Jack are both in with Mr. Turner.

There are some guest stars who are slotted to come in later in the season like Mr. Turner and Jack. Hopefully in the near future they will bring back Morgan which will make me very happy.


Ok now on to season 2! The way they did season 2 is they had a 5 day new episode week and then have shown a few episodes here and there. I will just tell you the ones I liked the most so far and the important ones as well as how I feel about season 2 in general.

Ok here goes…So as you may have noticed in season 1 there is bakery that the cast goes to after school or with the family and during the Topanga hippie episode she goes in to business with Mrs. Svorski who is very close to Auggie. Well in season 2 Mrs. Svorski gives the bakery to Topanga who hires Katie (Maya’s mom) to work there. Sadly during that episode Mrs. Svorski dies and is a lesson about giving time for the important people in your life.

Next is Lucas and Riley dealing with the kiss on the subway and the peer presser to date. They learn that dating makes them act wired towards each other and basically they decide to not date and just be really good friends. Side story Maya ends up “marring” Farkle because he gave her his mom’s ring and ya there is nothing else really but it is a cute little story line.

I talked about a few of the other episodes in my character and guest stars above but here are a few more details into some of them.


During the Mr. Fenny episode after they get home from Philly they go back to the apartment and open the box and a bunch of BMW nods come out. First Cory’s jean jacket from when he first told Topanga he loved her in season 3 of Boy. Then a letter from Lauren the home wreaker who almost broke up Corpanga for good in season 5 of Boy. Cory starts to freak out about it but Topanga reassures him she only put in there so she could rip it up years later knowing her and Cory are together. Lastly Shawn takes out his stuff and it’s all the stuff Angela had in her purse in season 5 of Boy when they first fell in love. All of these times that they gave nods to Angela was leading up to GMH. Oh and what I forgot to mention during this episode before they go to Philly they have this Cory and Shawn moment where they talk about taking the rolls (although they kind of mess it up a little). It’s a cute episode over all.

They also give some other nods to Boy like in the Lucas episode they do the math problem about the train, they do the “lose one friend, lose all friends, lose yourself” in the Eric episode and they bring up that time Shawn got hand cuffed in the boat house by his ex-girlfriends on his and Angela’s first Valentine’s Day.

They have a couple episodes scattered here and their in-between like the tell tale tot where Maya and Riley go to a college party at NYU to spy on Joshua and get in trouble for lying and an episode about following the rules where Cory’s whole class has detention and basically its good team Riley vs. rebel team Maya. This episode does have a couple good scenes with Harley and it was really nice when he said Cory helped him get on the straight path.

And I know I talk a lot about Maya getting to have Shawn too quickly because Shawn didn’t have a perfect life so fast. It took Shawn almost 7 seasons to get even a somewhat good life after living in a trailer park, his mom leaving him, dad leaving to go chase after her, living with Turner, living here and there with the Mathews, living with his parents, mom leaving again, Jack and living with him, Angela, Angela brake up, dad dies, Angela get back together, finding out his mom is not his real mom and in the end after all that Angela going to Europe with her dad. Maya at 14 has had more chances and opportunities then Shawn ever did like having at least one parent there full time, like getting Shawn to come in to her life so easily and fast to having her mom and Shawn date. It’s all just too much and not earned like I feel it needs to be but that’s Disney for yea.

Oh and yea with the whole Angela thing it’s not just about her and Shawn not being together that bugs me(although that is a big factor) but also because where not going to get to see her on screen thanks to that. I really liked having her on Boy. In a show about mostly white folks having Angela to bring some diversity into the show without being stereotypical about it was nice. Angela was a great addition and her style, the way she was into poetry and classical music was kind of boho and colored her hair was all really cool. As a black girl when I first watched Boy I wanted to be Angela in so many ways and found her to be a good refreshing character on the show. Plus Trina McGee played her so well and I miss that on my TV screen.

Over all my thoughts on the show are so far it’s coming along nice. Except for the Angela episode I still think this show is a good representation of how to do a family TV show right. Of course I do have my bone to pick with a few things like how they dress, how they talk to adults, the lack of passion on Corpanga’s part, Cory being too soft of a teacher and rushing Katie and Shawn but otherwise I do find this show to be going places. It really teaches kids good lessons and it tries to be somewhat realistic (as realistic as Boy was). Over all I give this show an A- because “you take the good, you take the bad you put it together and what do you have…” oh wait wrong show lol but you get it.
Well that’s it for now. If you watch Girl Meets World or were a fan of Boy Meets World hit me up and let me know what you think of it.

Till Next Time Take on the World and know that There will Always be Someone to Stand by You.

PS- Happy Birthday to the man who gave us this beautiful world over 22 years ago Mr. Michael Jacobs himself! He is such an inspiration & makes damn good TV!


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