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Hello Readers! Ok so as you know I just came out of a wonderful two weeks in the woods in Western Mass. Now like I said there where about 9 POCs or what we now call ourselves People of Original Wisdom or POWs in a group of 30 people. Of course in any space where POWs are the minority things can happen so of course things where not always smooth sailing. Some things went off with a few people but that was to be expected which brings me to say as much as this might hert it is nothing new. One thing that happened to a few of the women and I who were having lunch in the city on our day off was this old Vietnam vet comes up to us and starts telling us about his service and how he served twice. Then he goes to show us his tattoo of a medicine pipe with two eagle feathers on them he got from one of the tribes in Florida. He explains how he has two feathers on there because he served in two wars. Then somehow the topic got on to the first people on Turtle Island and this guy swore up and down that it was white people. Melissa one of the women I was with is Black & Indigenous too so she said well no it was definitely Africans right and that guy just was not trying to hear it. I thought wow what a simple mind you have. Now outside of these few incidences which were not so bad this was a very tranquil time for me out in the woods getting in touch with the Earth.

Fast forward two weeks, I get home and social media is popping off. First McKinney, Texas. So I had herd about this super messed up incident while I was there and I said this on my social media: “It’s funny I am at a permaculture training in the woods and no matter where you go you can’t escape it. We are starting conversations but you have to be willing to listen to various points of view even if there not your own.” But really though grown men yelling at 13 year old black kids for no reason at all because a stupid racist mom thinks the black kids at an all white pool party need to go back to their section 8 housing. Now to say this first off you ignorant racist jerk those black kids don’t actually live in section 8 but in a middle class neighborhood. Second there just kids! 13 year old kids! Sad that a 13 year old black kid can’t be a 13 year old kid without being seen as something big and scary. Oh and the fact that the life of a black girl is not seen as sacred because we all know the birth of mankind came from a black women is so sad. The fact that this ugly pig thought it was ok to neal on the back of a 13 year old black girl and yell rude things to her is just disgusting. Yes bad seeds and yes not all cops are bad but it still makes me upset to see this stuff keep happening its just painful!

Second Rachel Dol-whatever your name is. You Are Not Black!!! Stop occupying black female spaces, take your lace fronts, your self tan and your African & African American studies degrees, and all the work you did in the black community and take your self back to whitetown! First off the fact that you in the first place thought it was appropriate to even pretend to be black says a lot about you. Then the fact that you thought you had to come up with a story to go along with it based on African American stereotypes was weird. Now she keeps trying to say that she is black when we have clearly seen proof so you need to stop saying that. What really disturbed me was some of her terrible lies. First off she said she lived in a tipe and had to hunt for her food at one time in her life. This is not an African American stereotype and if your trying to sound like miss back to Africa then your just wrong. African’s have evolved too don’t just go by stereotypes. But really this is a Indigenous First Nations stereotype which sure back 1,000 years ago this might have been how we got around but having First Nation blood in my bones I can say that we are just like everyone else. Second this lady had the nerve to try and have a messed up back story because all black people have that by saying her dad raped her. Now she is taking from people who’s family members and/or parents have raped them. Falsifying rape is lower then falsifying being black. I can’t even! Just for lying I feel like all your good work goes out the window. I don’t know why this fool thought she had to be black to help the black community. You can be a white ally and make a lot of change in these communities its ok. But really though this ladies crazy factors keeps going up the more people find out about her and all I have to say is please go back to whitetown and disappear.

Third the SC Church Shooting. This makes me mad on so many levels. First just the fact that a white guy thought he could just come into an all black church where people are worshiping and just open fire is messed up. Second the fact that the media and social media do not want to address the clearly racially motivated hate crime because the man was white even when he himself has said its because he is racist and hates black people. Third this is just another example of how crazy it really is getting out here in these streets. I mean I can’t EVEN!!! It’s all just very messed up and I like most people are just so tired. You just can not catch a break. But It was nice that Obama point this out in his speech yesterday afternoon that this country has more domestic hate crimes like this then any other country. It just sick and being that this is a highly respected and historic church from Civil Rights and such is just crazy. My heart goes out to all those affected! #RIP

Fourth the Dominican Republic Hates Black People. This I think brakes my heart the most out of it all. The Dominican Republic thinks it has the right to expel all the dark skin Afro-Dominicans because they find light as pure. They are sending them to Haiti to be among other darker skin people. WHAT?! Seriously!!! I am shocked but not dismayed. Since the beginning of colonization white people have told darker people, indigenous people who ever that they are more then them. White equals light. This has become ingrained into peoples minds after hearing it for over 500 years. So of course with some groups of people it stuck and they now think that because there a little lighter that they are better then them. Take some First Nation tribes on Turtle Island. Not all of them are very welcoming of Black Indians which I am one of. They push us away because they have been brainwashed by colonization to think that we’re less. Yet at the same time they will let the colonizer into the tribe. Same here Dominicans see them  selves as light as pure as closer to the great white saver and are brainwashed to think that black is dirty. They are stripping these people from their land, their business, their families and their home. It just really is a sick site to see and instead of everyone talking about Rachel whoever they should be shedding some light on this sick, sad issue 🙁 Racial cleaning is wrong on so many levels. The fact that we as a people on our dear Mother Earth have become so brainwashed is so sick! This makes me wanna cry big time! 😓😖😫😭 

Anyway I just wanted to post all of this to say look I am deeply hurt by all of this but definitely not surprised. Also that I know it’s tough out here but you have to by all means possible stay positive, say prayers, send light & good energy and stay woke don’t ever let them brake your spirit! 

Oh and for more info into some of these issues watch a very well made movie from the ’90s called Higher Learning which helps people understand this thing called racism a little better.

Also a wonderful white alie who fights through music that I met in Western Mass two weeks ago named Olivia Blu. She has an awesome song that talks about this in a great way called Wide Lawns and Narrow Minds.

Ok y’all here are a few links, videos & pics.

Till Next Time Stay Woke! 

PS- Happy Juneteenth!


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