Bmore Riots: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly #BlackLivesMatter #Peace #Unity #Love


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*Right as I was getting ready to end my post I was watching the news and thankfully it seems as though the peaceful protests are coming back. People are coming together as allies and they have brought drums and music. There even doing capoeira its great I really hope it stays that way but will see*

Starting off with what has been on my mind a lot in the past few days as its been happening the riots in Baltimore. Now I put my two cents on facebook and how I feel about it: “This Shiznit is getting WAY TOO out of hand!!! I pray for the safety of all those in Baltimore, Ferguson, NYC, Ohio and pretty much all over the country. I respect you for your efforts. It is only a matter of time before people get even more pissed this is not a game anymore and things are going to get too real too fast and there already crazy! People better watch out! But really we need some type of law to get even a little of the pressure off us (even though they will just ignore it like always) and take us even a little seriously! I know it’s hard but just stay Strong my Sisters & Brothers! In Solidarity!”

So I have been reading my newsfeed this morning and I see a lot of people on there commenting on the riots and saying things like “this is discussing” “Maybe these people should look in the mirror before they go accusing people of violence” Now we all know I am 110% for non-violent protest and I hate all the rioting. I find it barbaric and stupid especially when you are hurting your own people and their businesses. But I completely understand where they are coming from. Its more then the police, its more then Freddie, Eric, Mike, Travon, its more then Baltimore, NYC, Ferguson, Ohio.

When you are snatched from your country, brought to a unfamiliar country where you are treated like the lowest form of non-human disgust for over 300 years then try another 200 years of Jim Crow then the past 60 plus years of institutional and systematic racism. Now from the Civil Rights Movement on after everyone “got rights” black people where just left out to dry with no way of supporting ourselves, being educated, or knowing how to live in the cities.  On top of that you have the massive hurt that goes back generations and is still prevalent in communities today that most people have never gotten therapy for it. Years upon years of just blatant racism from our parents, to our grandparents, to our great grandparents and it goes on and on and on.

My mother said she was talking to a lady once who said that interaction of blacks and whites in society was the big downfall of the black economy and social system. She said that before interaction there where black towns and cities with black schools, black stores, black government systems and more attention to educating our people. But then people decided to bring two together and that was really the fall of our social system.

Then what just bugs the crap out of me to know end is how the media just tries so hard to make us look like were all so violent and crazy. That’s not the only thing that is going on and to give the country that idea that we are a violent people who just wanna make trouble. Like we as a people don’t have enough trouble in our lives. Plus for over like 6 days people were being very peaceful and protesting non-violently before the media came in over a few rioters and looters. Sad! They were some high school kids who took the premise of the movie the Purge put up where they were meeting on social media and basically implemented it to Bmore. Then it went and got out of hand injuring police, buildings and looting stores. 235 have been arrested including 34 juveniles. Then people wanna wondering why the world things black people are dangerous.

I mean honestly on top of this racism thing you have undereducated, poverty stricken, drugs everywhere, lack of parents community where it is hard enough everyday to get by so this added on to it just makes it 10 times worse. I pray for Freddie Gray and his family. This was not what they wanted but their child should have never died.

Anyway in light of it all I did wanna to shed some light on some of the positive things going on in Baltimore. Take the fact that there are the group of Pastors that are marching the streets and having church services for people trying to help bring peace to city.  Also something that I found so amazing and really a true testament that we really need to come together as a people to beat this. The two biggest gangs in the country the Bloods and the Crips have come together to march with the Pastors and really try to bring change. Another thing that has happened is the amazing efforts of the citizens of Baltimore and neighboring towns that have come and tried to clean up the mess that was left after last nights riots. Oh and a kind of funny but very real video was posted of a mom who found her son trying to join the rioters and she came and garbed him and took him home. We need more of this moms. Where are your children?

Just lastly I wanna say that to all the people posting about how terrible and how these people need to look in the mirror before they accuse someone of violence this is something most of you  have never dealt with or felt the brunt and fire of racism. You don’t walk out your door and fear for your life everyday, in fear of becoming just another hashtag, to know that you basically have no rights, to be looked up and down just by walking down the street, you just don’t understand. To that I will say that the best way to understand is to really educate yourself and learn why people feel this way. Its so much more then what you hear in your history class, on TV and movies or in your music. This stuff is real! But I will say that if you have no intention of educating yourself and your just going to wine and complain then please don’t comment at all.

Alright I will leave you with some articles, videos and music for you all to help you digest this whole thing.
Baltimore Mom Sees Son Preparing to Riot and Smacks Him Upside the Head

Peace, Unity & Love to Baltimore and All Over the World! #BlackLivesMatter #Peace #Unity #Love #ArmChairActivisim

PS. I hear you mayor glad to know that were “thugs.” She should have just said those rioters or looters where thugs don’t generalize.

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