Serin aka Sensei Aishitemasu: A History Lesson & Social Commentary On Race in America

Hello Readers Happy Thursday! I hope your day is going amazingly. Today I will be writing about a fantastic Youtuber I came across one day last November when I was looking at a commentary on the Azelia Banks interview she did with HOT 97. I was very impressed by the way she voiced her option on the issue while giving straight up facts in a very easy to understand way. Plus she gives you links and other videos to watch for you to get your own view on the issue. After I watched that one I watched a few of her other videos and I got hooked. Her videos are very informative and teach you things you might not know about or give you different perspective on.

Now I give you guys a big heads up before watching her videos that she does cuss a lot, says the N word and throws a lot of hate onto white people. Now you guys know I am very “if your cool with me then I’m cool with you”. I have no hate towards white people I only hate racist people. Also you know I never say the N word but I try to just ignore when she says it because her information and commentary is very good. Plus she doesn’t just call out white people but also black people who aren’t acting right.

Examples of her videos: she will take maybe something that happened in the news, around activism social media, music, tv, movies and entertainment in general all dealing with race and say what she feels about the issue. Serin has different kinds of videos like her PSAs where she gives a PSA on an issue like how what celebrates say is important, her “so about that…” where she would talk about a person or a topic that has happened recently, reader requests where she talks about something a viewer wants her to talk about, black Friday where she buys from a black owned business and gives up a review of it and rant videos where whatever the topic is she just goes ham on it.

One of her videos was on celebrities and black balling and how white actors might do something but not get the ostracizing that say a black actor would. Her example was Lena Dunham the face of the HBO show Girls who in her memoir she has opened up about how she would do some very weird sexual things to her very young little sister. Nobody thinks this is weird they just turned the other check. Then you have what went down with Bill Cosby and everyone and their mother comes to say he did stuff to them and the media goes on a bashing spree. White mid-20s Lena Dunham nothing Black mid-70s Bill Cosby blackballed.

Another video deals with hipster racism. She talks about those friends that we all have that make those “jokes” that at first hear might not sound bad but if you look deeper it might sound a little bit racist. Now you know that your friend is not a racist person but sometimes you start to wondering. Serin has other videos like about how what celebraties say are important, buying from black owned businesses and couch activism among other things.

Anyway I just wanted to spot light her as she is one of my favorite youtubers. She is funny and educational while being very real about the issues. I highly recommend you check out her videos and follow her on instagram and especially tumblr under Sensei Aishitemasu where she also post a lot of things that she talks about in her videos.

Ok well here are some of my favorite videos from her.
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  1. Seren, you are an intelligent, well-spoken, beautiful Sista.

    Was on YouTube one night and one of your videos just popped up. I peeped it out and was highly impressed.

    You are so natural. So smooth.

    Stay smart and beautiful.

    One love.

    Independent filmmaker

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