Music Festivals, Celebrates & Cultural Appropriation  #celebrityella #culturalappriation


Hello Faithful Readers! I just wanted to do a super quick little blog post about music festivals. I personally have not been to too many music festivals but I have a lot of friends and people I know who love music festivals. 

For me I feel music festivals have always been about the music. Getting to see various bands & artists all at one time. Camping with your friends and just being free and having an awesome time. 

It’s a time when girls come out in flower crowns and long skirts but it is also a time when they cultural appropriate to its finest. They wear Native American headdress, East Indian Bindis, Kemonos, Hena, Cornrows, Boxbreads, Grills (yes I’m looking at you Madonna) and such. Culture is not a trend period! 😩


The people who are of that culture don’t get to say oh today I guess I’ll dress white today but I’ll go back to wearing a Bindi tomorrow. So Venessa Hugenes, the Jenner sisters, Katy Pery and the rest of you cut it out! It’s not cute and it’s very distasteful and disrespectful. And this goes for any festival!

You also have these festivals that have been over run by celebraties. Sad! I get it celebraties are people too and of course they wanna listen to music as well but come on. It would be fine if they came and where chill didn’t make a big deal about being there and kind of minded their own. But to them this just another way to get attention. 

Take Madonna & Drake. First off why is Drake being the headliner at Coachella? Not that I’m trying to diss him but he is too famous for all that. Then Madonna and her little publicity stunt by tung kissing Drake which I think was totally planed is sad. Plus I hear Drake was not even that great of a headliner.

When I think of a headliner I think of someone who is either a legend in their own right from like back in the day or like a big pop, rock or hiphop star of today. Like if A Tribe Called Quest did a reunion performance and headlined or if Paul & Ringo did a special Beetles show or something. I mean I would have rather scene J Cole up there but that’s just me. 

You have the dumb Jenner sister there looking a fool like they have never been to a music festival before in their life and Justin Beber acting his same old way almost being choked for being himself. 

At any rate music festivals are supposed to be about the music, meeting cool new people who like that music too and just having a good time, not weird celebrate antics. Hopefully the real music fans ignore all the craziness and are there to support good music like Florance + the Machine or Alabama Shakes. 

It’s bad enough when you fools do this everyday but stop ruining something that was for the real music lovers. I will say this at least we still have Bonnaroo, SXSW, Hangout Fest, Firefly if your on the East Coast, Afropunk and others so they can have Coachella. 

But remember whatever music festival your at don’t cultural appropriate and stear clear of those celebs. 😉

Ok so I just wanted to write this as it has been on my mind a lot since Festival Season has Arrived! 

Till Next Time Happy Festival Season!☀️🎶😎



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