Younger, Girls, Kimmy Schmidt and Other White Hipster Feminist TV Shows: The Culture of the Millennial

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Hello readers happy Wednesday! Today I will be writing about TV shows that have been coming out in the 2000s that have focus on women mostly in their twenties who have been hipster and feminist but I feel that they don’t give the characters much depth and kind of make them seem kind of ditsy. Like all people in their 20s are like that.

I just watched this new show Younger that comes on TV Land and it features Hilary Duff of Lizzie McGuire fame in which I am a big fan which is why I thought I’d toon in. Basically its a show about a 40 year old divorce named Liza who is loosing her house and has a 17 year old daughter who is studying in India. She goes to all these different interviews but every one thinks she is too old.  Then she goes out to a bar with her lesbian friend and she meets this 26 year old tattoo artist and he thinks she is in her 20s. So this inspires her to die her hair and start wearing hipster clothes and becomes an intern at this book company. 

 It’s kind of bland and boring. They really make millennials seem stupid. I mean I guess I would call myself a millennial even though I was born in the ’90s. I mean they do such stupid things like take when the lesbian friend giving Liza tips on what millennials like and she says we like one direction and Kelsey played by Duff is kind of annoying. She first off has this boyfriend who she totally is taken advantage by. Then she goes around spewing Taylor Swift quotes like she is the next feminist hipster god. Oh and I guess she has this little sister who is like social media crazy and she celebrates Topless Tuesday on twitter. Apparently it is this think where you post a topless selfie which I am all for if done for the right reasons and not just to get views on twitter. I mean I just think there is more to us 20 year old then just bad pop and twitter. Plus Hilary Duff is a little too old to be acting like a 26 year old. 

But its not just this show its shows like Girls, that new show on Netflix Kimmy Schmidt and other shows that basically force feed you white feminist crap. And don’t even get me started on Lena Dunham and her inappropriate things she did to her little sister. Then you have Kimmy Shmit where the rich lady who Kimmy becomes a personal Assitant to is suppost to be this white lady who is really Native American. She looks nothing like a Native American and kind of does every stero type in the book. In a sence she is basically “Indian Facing” which is sad. I mean I can’t see why people look up to these people like there the next gods on earth.

I guess my point is there needs to be more diversity in these kind of shows. I mean there are some online but on TV not much. I mean would it kill people to just give some diversity to these stories. Maybe do a show like Girls from the perspective of an Asian or Native American. I mean you do have Mindy who is pretty funny so I’ll give her credit for reppin the Indians. They could even do a show like Mindy or New Girl from a black girls perspective dealing with the recent racial tension or even a Muslim girl. I mean on Younger everyone was caught up with third world countries and how if you have spent time in one of them you’ve got creditably. I mean I am all for helping people its like my life but then there are those who go to there places and then come back and brag about it. There is just so much more that millennials worry about then just social media and going out all the time. 

Anyway here are a few shows from diverse points of views to check out dealing with being in your 20s because we all go through these issues no matter what race or culture.

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