Kenya & The African State ◼️ #Kenya 


Hello readers not sure if you have herd about the Kenya Unviersity killings that have happened in the past few days killing 147 people. Sadly this is happening way too often in Africa and what is sad is when people who look like you and in most cases are in the same boat your in would go around killing. I can’t wait till the day Africa can come together as a nation for the better. I feel religion and segregation has really done some damage to a once beautiful country.

Apparently it was Samali Militants who came over from Samali and killed Kenyan students. They went to the university and killed all the students who were Christians and couldn’t say any prayers from the Quran. 

First off most people in Kenya are not even Muslim. Second they are putting a bad rep on Muslims in general. Coming from the Muslim faith I can say that this is so far from us a religion & culture that it sickens me! Plus I know a few Samali families and people and there just the nicest people which is why I hate the military. 

I know America and Europe only goes into places that have oil or natural resores that they want but there have been too many opportunities to go into Africa and help fix this crap. I just can’t take another incidence of people dying due to the fact that governments suck and won’t do anything. I know it’s cause there black and why not have them kill each other so the governments can have all their resources. Exactly why they never do anything about black on black crime in America. This is just a mastive tragedy that if we as a world don’t get our act together can get worse then it already is. This and ISIS could bring us World War 3. #Kenya



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