Celebrities, Race & Jay-Z’s Fat Pockets: Black Lives Matter or New Blacks? #TidalForNoOne #NewBlacks #BlackLivesMatter



Hello World and all who inhabit it I hope your having a wonderful Friday! Today my post will be about these stupid celebrities who think they can go around just saying and doing whatever they want in the world and us regular folks are suppose to just take it and know nothing different. Ok what I’m talking about is a few different things and people.



I’m going to start with Kendrick Lamar. Kendrick Lamar if you don’t know is a rapper out of Compton, California who has become one of the new “speak for us” guys. I first herd of him in 2012 when Good Kid Mad City came out. Now I had never listened to him and I just thought due to his pop stuff like Swimming Pools that he was just another “pop rapper” talking about nothing. Then I happened upon his music video for Sing About Me. I liked it I thought it was very real and gave me a new perspective on Kendrick. Then when he dropped “i” I was all about it. It was all about empowering yourself and self love. At this point most everything you herd about Kendrick was positive people even sticking up for him when he lost the 2013 hip-hop Grammy to Macklemore and everything. But then people start to turn after an interview he gave to Billboard magazine on race. Basically Kendrick said that we as black people need to respect ourselves. That it sucks that people like Mike Brown, Eric Garner and Travon die but that in our neighborhoods we still need to be respectful to ourselves if we ever expect them to respect us.

So of course this made people go crazy like what is he talkin about. Respect yourself and they will respect you?! Yea tell Mike, Travon, Eric and the countless others that. 

Now this is how I feel about this whole thing. Yes racism is racism no matter how a person conducts themselves sadly racist don’t care. Your black I am white I think I’m better then you and so just because you put on a suit and tie doesn’t mean I think your any better. On the other hand, Kendrick does have a point. Get your act together black people! Yes you do need to have some respect for ourselves and not just for anyone else but ourselves. Yes I understand how people feel they don’t have to have any respect for themselves due to systemic racism but you in your heart should feel like dame I want more for myself then this craziness. Just because I live in this environment or people look at me this way I still should wanna conduct myself better even for myself.




Anyway so then people where not feelin Kendrick anymore for what he said and felt like he was not representing us right but then his softmore album “To Pimp A Butterfly” came out and every one became a fan again. I will admit he did have some good hits on the album (although I like J Cole’s album better) like Mortal Man, the live version of “i” and Blacker the Berry. At the end of the day though I don’t hate Kendrick and I feel like he does have something to say. 

Next is more of a larger issue of celebrities being wishie washy on racism and other issues one minute and then not caring at all the next.



Perfect example is the whole Raven thing that she said on the View about the first lady. What happened was they were talking about how a guy at Univision said a racist comment about the first lady. He said that she looked like she could be a cast member of the Plant of the Apes movies. Now Whoppi was sitting there too and she thought it was blatant racism but Raven said maybe some people just look like monkeys. I kind of don’t know how I feel about that considering when she was on Oprah a few months ago talking about how she just wants to be American but not be labeled just be a person, I thought she was making a point (not that I think I’m American). How she is a blend of many different cultures and takes the good from all of them really resignationed with me. Plus Raven is one the few ’90s stars that is actually doing well and has not gone off the deep end so to speak and I admire that. But I’m not sure how I feel about how she handled this situation. I don’t want to put you on to my bad list but your getting close.




Another example would be when Common went onto Jon Stewart’s show and talked about race. Now Common has been a conscious rapper since the early ’90s and I have been a fan and have thought he was really talkin about something. Then recently as you probably know he won the Oscar and other awards for the song Glory from the movie Selma which he was also in. So with that everyone is so happy and proud of him at this time as the song very much talked about things that happened back in the day but are relevant today as well with the Black Lives Matter movement. But then sadly now that Common has won his Oscar and everything he has now decided we all need to hold hands and come together to help end racism. Extend a hand in love don’t raise your fists. That we don’t need to dwell on the negative past that has been done but think to the future. We know racism excite but we need to look past it and bring the races together. Help us to help you and we will try to help ourselves as well.
Ok for Raven I kind of have let is slide a little about what she said although it was totally wrong it wasn’t as weird as Common’s comments. What Common said was crazy sorry to say it. To say that we don’t need to dwell on the negative past and stop bringing it up like the way Jewish people need to stop bringing up the Holocaust or stop bringing up the made up government event 9/11. I’m not saying those events were not terrible and messed up but they get to talk about the few years that their events happened versus our event that happened over a span of 500 years and we still feel the effects of them everyday. If we don’t know our past and talk about it how are we ever going to fix the future?! Now of course I’m all about non-violence I’m a hippie that’s my whole approach to social justice through non-violent protests but at the end of the day you gotta care. To be passive about racism is going to get you no where you have to do something to make it go away. And I mean like I said I’m a hippie so I do like when he said we need to just bring everyone together but only if we are all willing to work together and have respect for each other. It can’t be a one sided game we unite but then the other side decides oh well we still hate you. I’ll admit this Common interview saddened me the most because I really looked up to him as someone who was really spitting some knowledge and caring about us. I mean I do still respect Common and feel like compared to others in hip hop and music in general he actually tries to do us right. I think he is just a little blinded by his Oscar right now.


Oh and of course you have one of the original new blacks Pharell who I love your music and your message of togetherness but not the way you diss us. My mom and I watch that TV show the voice which he is a judge on last season and this one. He when ever there is a black person on his team he will sell them down the river for the white person even if they were clearly better. Come on man? But it’s not just you Usher & Cee-Lo would do it to. Anyway I still like you as you have your I Am Other platform and you are big on women’s rights which I respect but get it together homie. 



Now on to the biggest issue that we have to deal with in the past few days, Jay-Z and Tidal. Now if you know me you know that I hate Jay-Z. I will listen to a few Jay-Z songs every now and again but as a person I hate him and his wife. Together him and his wife are worth $1 billion. A billion dollars! Now if you don’t know Tidal is Jay-Z’s new streaming service where basically he gathered all his rich friends (#illumanotie) to make a streaming service where consumers have to pay $20 a month a month to stream like a 4 min song. I mean really?! $240 a year! Now of course they have a low tear service that is only $10 but no free service. Its suppose to be a service owned by the artist as they take back control of their music so they can make money off it. Apparently Spotify and other streaming websites are not paying the artists but penny’s to the dollar. Most of these artist who are apart of Tidal are multimillionaires do they really need more money? Madonna, Alica Keys, Daft Punk, Usher, Deadmaus5, Bey, J, Cole, RihRih, Nikki, Jason Alden, Coldplay, Calvin Harris, Daft Punk, Jack White and others have all jumped on the bandwagon.




What really pisses me off though is the fact that there are people out here who can not afford $20 a month people out here are poor. Most of the people who listen to this music are college kids, working class people or even live below the poverty line so that $20 could go to something more important like dinner, part of your rent or a ride on the subway to work. I have herd a lot of people making the argument that because the internet is free and because most of these people’s music gets leaked on the internet all the time anyway its not like its a big deal if you don’t use this service. I will admit that I do use Spotify Premium which cost $9 to stream my music because I don’t have $1.29 iTunes thinks it can charge me per song or $7.99 per album. Plus I have to really like a song or album if I am going to buy it. For $9 you can stream basically anything and I hear there is now a student discount on the sight so I’ll be using that. 



What gets me is that these artist who can come together and do a whole press conference and talk a good game about changing music and blah blah blah could not even be bothered to come out and do the same thing for our people when we need you. When our people where out there protesting and marching for the people who are being killed on a daily in these communities by these racist pigs where were you then?! If ya’ll got so much power then why not use it to help your people! Don’t use our grassroots activism against us. They were posting but messages on FB & Twitter all about #tidalforall and turning their pages blue and trying to hype us like they were about to end aids. You couldn’t tweet at SAE or comment on Mo’Ne Davis the 13 year old being called a slut but you can go ham to fatten your pockets. 



Lucky for me I don’t listen to most of these artist and the ones I do I will just find another way to listen to their music. Oh and I do feel bad for Cole because he was up there lookin straight up depressed and sad that he had to be there because this is that same capitalistic crap that he is always talking about in his music and interviews. I hope one day he becomes free of Jay-Z’s hold and goes on to do Dreamville and make beautiful thought provoking music. Jay-Z might have given Cole to the world but you’ve done your part now step off.

And further more how will underground and indie artist benefit from this service? I have a feeling that after most of the money goes to Jay-Z then it will still go to record labels and such so in the long run how much more money will these artist really get?

I don’t know but in all I will surly not be using this service. They can all go take their pertenus new black and white and who ever selfs and just keep it moven and I honestly hope they fail because in the long run it won’t matter anyway ya’ll will bounce back but the rest of us who gave you our $240 a year might not. Think about it!


IMG_1570 IMG_1569

On a positive note though J Cole recently put out his music video for GOMD. Now if you can get past the lyrics and look at video as a story it’s amazing. It’s takes place in slavery where Cole is a house slave & you have the field slaves and Cole goes to greet the field slaves he gets dissed. Then he ends up steeling the masters keys and taking the field slaves to the masters gun sheed and he is passing out guns. Then the masters daughter & some other guy follow them and the daughter pushes him away. Later the field slaves come out with the guns and capture the master and people and shoot them and burn them at the stake then dance around them as they burn. I wish this could have happened to all slave owners. Great job Cole once again! 


Ok so here are a few videos for you to view. Remember folks as much as what these celebrities say don’t matter in the end they sadly do matter. I try to turn the other cheek with this stuff but they are all over the place. 




Till Next Time Peace✌️

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