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Hi Readers Happy Women’s Month! This is the month where we celebrate and treasure women and girls although you should celebrate women every day. It’s important that every day we celebrate women and girls and all the accomplishments that we bring into this world as our Earth is our Mother. So for this post I will highlight females that have made an impact on my life or who I look up to, are our historical figures to help us go to the future and I feel are making a big splash in this world for women. 

Women In My Life Who Inspire Me: 

Family: Of course I should start off with my mother. She is my biggest inspiration in my life and is my best friend. I love her courage, love and passion. She is the kind of person who would give you the clothes off her back if you need it. Very cultured and spiritual and has instilled that in mine and my siblings upbringing. Next of course you have my two sisters who are different in ways but also a lot alike. They both are very loving people who care about others before themselves and would go to bat for you if you were in a pinch. Both very independent people which I am learning from. Then you have my niece Laila who is 11 and growing into a fine young lady. She is very independent and will probably become a famous Youtube star one day. I love her she is best. Then of course you have my aunts. Both strong women who are very nice, smart, cultured women who are like the back bones of their families. Always taking care of their children and siblings when they need them. Of course can’t leave out my cousins. Each one of them is as strong has their mothers and loving to boot. All of them are travelers and some of them have beautiful kids. Lastly of course you have my grandmother. She is a feisty one even in her old age but caring and compaction it at the same time. Sadly I didn’t get to know my grandmother on my dad’s side as she died of MS when my dad was 17 but just from seeing pictures of her and hearing my relatives talk about her at family reunions I know she must have been an amazing loving women.


IMG_1095[1] IMG_1094[1] IMG_1093[1]  IMG_1092[1] 

Now I have a lot of spiritual aunties & cousins that look after me and are big in my life even if I don’t see or talk to them every day. There are way too many to name but you know who you are and remember I appreciate you. 

Friends: My best friend/sister Keisha is the most loving, caring, self-sacrificing person I know. She is always giving out love and lots of laughs even if she thinks she isn’t getting any in return. She is a beautiful person inside and out and the person I’ve known the longest outside of my family.

Then you have my other sister friend Bronte. She is a beautiful spirit as well. Such a hard worker who loves hard and gets the job done when given a task. Although I’ve only really known her for 5 years she is one of my favorite people and we just vibe together so well. I am blessed we were able to be on the same AmeriCorps team together.IMG_0143

Lastly of course you have my best friend forever Katherine. We have known each other since kindergarten and have been through everything together. She is also a very loving person who is a great friend. When I need some time to just go have dinner, watch a move to go shopping she is right there. 

Work: So I’ve only ever had two jobs in my life but during both I have met some amazing women who are important in my life. Through AmeriCorps in 2011, I was fortune to have a female TL Karly who I can admit I gave a run for her money and we didn’t always see eye to eye but at the end of the day was a really nice person.

Also I had a really great corp member TL named Anna who was really awesome. There was a point when Karly had to help another team who’s TL needed some time off by being their TL for a round and Anna had to step up and become our TL. Anna was awesome despite all the stuff we put her through acting like 2 year olds but she really took charge as a TL and took her leadership seriously. She was amazing! 

There were other amazing women on my team like Meghan, Karla, and Megan. 

Then of course on my shuffle team I had really awesome women on there too like Anna, Dani, Katie & Jill. 

Plus all the women I met during CTI like Anne, Kristyn, Kylie, Ashleigh, Kelly, Shira, Jo, Miranda, Stephanie, Taylor and others.

Then we I came home from AmeriCorps I started my job at the non-profit Rural Coalition that works on agro-policy and farmers rights. I met a lot of amazing women through this work and some of who I am still connected to such as Angela, Tracy, Tahirah, Laura Thea, Diana and others. 

Also through the Rural Coalition I became a part of this wonderful organization Rooted In Community. There are a lot of amazing women in that organization which works on youth food justice leadership. Women who currently work with RIC, are affiliated with and who have moved on to other amazing things like Zoe, Kristin, Nellie, Kim, Beatriz, Nikki, Celeste, and others. There are a few that I wanna shout out and give props to as they have done so much through their work. 

Vicky from Food What?! is an amazing farm worker activist who cares a lot of the wellbeing and fair treatment of Farmworkers as her mom is a Farmworker herself. She is doing amazing work with the Student Farmworker Association and is just an awesome person. 

Then you have Ari who is from New Jersey and is really cool too. She is person who has been on the RIC advisory board the longest and has really helped to mold and craft RIC into what it is today. She puts her heart and soul into RIC and the other projects she does and has a really sweet spirit. 

Next you have Sahiro from Lots to Garden who is a boss! I have watched her really come into her own through RIC and become a real food champion in her community in Mane. 

Lastly, you have Maya who also started her work in Food Justice at Food What?! and has become super well known around the youth food justice scene. She has won multiple Brewer Youth Awards and the face and a big driving force of RIC. She is a really fun, caring, super cool person. 

Then through Angela from the Rural Coalition the group EcoHermanas came about and being that it’s a women’s group who works on projects working with Mother Earth I have met many amazing women through it. Aleya, Jessica, Lia, Tahirah, Angela, Caryl, Penny, Akiko, Sade, Ada, Kari, Molly, Viviana, Angelica and others.


Historical She-ros: 

Bessie Coleman- She was the first female African American pilot. Due to her being a black women Bessie who at 18 got a job as a manicurist to war soldiers who would tell stories of their time in the air which excited her, but she had to travel to France to learn how to be a pilot due to prejudice. After gaining her skills as an aviator pilot in 1922, she started a career at the air shows and her nick name became “Queen Bess”. As her fame heightened she was offered a movie roll which she except until she saw her first scene was her with tattered clothes on and a pack walking off stage and she didn’t want to portray the white lens of a black person so she declined. One of Coleman’s dreams was to open a school to teach black kids aviation but died in a plane accident before she could at only 34. #revolutionarychick 

Madam C.J. Walker- Madame C.J. Walker was the first female American (not just female African American take note) to become a self-made millionaire. She made her fortune by making a successful line of beauty and hair products for black women under her company Madam C.J. Walker Manufacturing Company. (Hear that ladies she was the first to help you tame the kitchen lol) Like most women at the time Walker started early hair loss. and started to learn about hair from her brothers who owned a barber shop in St. Louis. Then in 1904 she became a commission agent selling the black owned hair care products for Annie Turnbo Malone. After she moved to Denver and married and emerged with the name Madam C.J. Walker and independent hairdresser and retailer of cosmetic creams. In 1906 she employed her daughter to operate the mail orders in Denver while Madam and her husband traveled through out the east and south settling in Pittsburgh and opening Lelia College (in honor of her daughter) to train “hair culturists”. In 1910 Walker ended up moving to Indianapolis where she built her headquarters, factory, and hair salon and beauty school. Her business was also starting to become popular beyond the US in places like Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Panama and Costa Rica. Madam C.J. Walker also gave money to great causes like the Silent Protest Parade which was a public demonstration of more than 8,000 blacks to riot the killing of 39 African Americans. She also helped countless black women learn about women’s independence, budgeting and grooming in order to help them build their own businesses as well as giving $5,000 (65,ooo today) to the NAACP anti-lynching tree. Madam C.J. Walker died in 1919 of hypertension at 51. Her daughter soon after took over the business. #revolutionarychick 





Fabela (Cesar Chavez’s wife)- Ok so I just watched the movie Cesar Chavez they made last year last night and it was pretty ok. It shows the struggles of Cesar and the United Farmworkers in the ’60s in California. Now you always hear so much about Cesar but what about his wife. She had just as big a role as he did in the struggle. Helen went to bat for her husband and the farmworkers and even went to jail for them. She did her duties as the mother and wife taking care of their 8 kids but also helped in the credit union and working 10 hours a day. Although her efforts are mostly overshadowed the tireless contributions of her and other women in the movement are what kept it going strong.

“Baby Ester”- She was a singer named Ester Jones who was with the Cotton Club and whose signature sound was her baby doll voice. She used it a lot when she would sing songs such as “I Wanna be Loved by You” (Boop-Boop BeDo) which was later used to make Max Fleischer’s Betty Boop cartoon. She tried to get rights to the cartoon till the day she died. #ripoff #revolutionarychick 

Native Women I Listen To: 

Fawn Wood- Cree 


Walela- Cherokee


Three Generationz- Choctaw 



Spotted Thunder- Lakota from the Pine Ridge Reservation (which I have been fortune to visit) 

Black Women Who Inspire Me: 

Susie from the Rugrats-

Ok she was defiantly a very looked over character in the show. As the only black character in the show I think they should have looked at her character a little more. She didn’t even get to be in the Rugrats Movie or when they went to Paris. She was really cool person on the show. I think she was like a mentor to Tommy and the gang and a lot nicer then Angelica. We learned about Kwanza from Susie plus Susie could sing. She was all around a great character for young girls and those of color. 



Raven Symone- 

Raven is such an inspiration to me. She has always been herself and never compromised herself to be famous. She has a level head and is very down to earth and unique. I just love her! Plus she is hilarious!




Tia & Tamera- 

Growing up Tia and Tamera where everything. I used to love watching them on Sister, Sister. They played very down to earth black girls who live in the suburbs with very fun parents. Then in real life they are just as down to earth and able to not get rapped up in the Hollywood life style. Plus they make really cute babies 🙂 




 Rainbow from Black-ish-


First off she is played by Tracy Ellis Ross who is beautiful have you seen her hair game? Anyway her character is awesome too. She plays the wife who is a doctor opposite Anthony Anderson and she comes from biracial parents. Her mom is black and a spiritual healer and her dad is white. Her character reminds me kind of a mix between me and my oldest sister. Rainbow is kind of hippie at times but she is cool. 



Maimouna Yousef-

gets her spirited voice and talent from her mother and grandmother who where and are other worldly singers themselves. As long as I’ve know them they have been a music family and it helps to keep there culture alive. On her mother’s side she has Choctaw, Chickasaw and Cherokee from Mississippi and on her father’s side they are descents of Africa (African American). In a lot of her music her cultural upbringing bleeds through wether a song about an African queen or a Native traditional song. Being a product of the DMV (DC, MD, VA) she would go travel a lot through Baltimore where she grew up, DC where she currently lives and Southern Virginia where her grandmother’s land lays and where her mother now lives. 

 Willow Smith- Flowers, 8


Very melodic & conscious. Beautiful at only 14 years old. She knows more than most adults know and has this spiritual way about her and it comes out in her music. Say what you want about Will and Jada’s parenting but they must be doing something right. Don’t sleep on her. 

 Earl Greyhound-


They are a really awesome hippie band that make modern rock music and it goes hard. Kind of like a hipper version of the Foo Fighters (sound wise) kind of grungier like Nirvana or the Cranberries. Their fronted by who I call my hippie goddess crush Kamara Thomas who is this bad ass black hippie chick who can rock on bass and sing. Then you have the white hippie guy and the black drummer. It’s a recipe for greatness although sadly they are no longer together Kamara Thomas put out some solo stuff a while back. Check these guys out they are also Afropunk alum. #revoultionarychick #hippielife 

Queen Latifa-

 Latifa is a female MC, actress, talk show host and spokes women for Covergirl. Queen has been going strong since the late 1980s where she got her start in New Jersey. Being one of the first female MCs alongside MC Lyte, Salt & Pepper, Yo-yo and Monie Love she is an important figure in music and the hiphop game. She and the other MCs have paved the way for such greats as Lauryn Hill, Missy Elliot and Eve. She is very much into the power of women in music as well as being very Afrocentric. She has a few songs out like “Ladies First” & “U.N.I.T.Y” where she talks about women being important and independent and for us not to let a man call us a bitch or a hoe. UNITY also takes about domestic violence especially with in the black community. Latifa got her start in acting when she made a few guest appearances on the Fresh Prince of Bell Air. She has been in countless movies and TV shows as well as staring in the ’90s sitcom Living Single and having her own take show twice. She is an inspiration to countless women everywhere and an icon for the ages. #revolutionarychick 


Tamar Kali-


The original Afropunk women or at least in the documentary. She is kick ass! She is from NY and plays a lot of punk/hardcore music that goes deep. Like most punk music it comes with a really empowering message that inspires in this case young women and girls. One song talks about rape of young women while the video tells the story of a young black girl who likes punk music but all she sees in white faces and having to deal with self-image. She also comes from a rich ancestry of being Gullah Geechee and Cherokee. This chick goes all out and even has an orchestra which she directs along with her hardcore music. #revolutionarychick 













Laverne Cox- 

As a spokesperson for transgender people especially those of color Laverne Cox has become a worldwide name. As one of the stars of Orange is the New Black, Laverne has used her fame to help uplift the voices of those who are voiceless. She is the first openly transgender person to be on the cover of Time Magazine also the first transgender women to be nominated for an Emmy award. She also made her own documentary for Logo & MTV called Laverne Cox presents the T word where she told the stories of young transgender youth and their struggles. She is a beautiful all around amazing person who truly cares about these issues as they affect her life every day. 



She was in a band before doing the solo think and she has got chops. She is very much doing her own thing and proud of it. Her music is very colorful and makes you think. Plus she is proud black women who in her songs will tell it like it is. She is def. one to listen to. #revolutionarychick 

 The Internet-

Ok so if you are a fan of Odd Future then you should take a listen to them. The Internet is Syd the Kyd and a few other Odd Future members who started a band. You can basically say they just make super chill music (trip-hop, neo-soul). Plus Syd’s voice can just put you to sleep like a warm bath. Also Syd is a lesbian so she says “she” in a lot of her music and has girls play lead opposite her. (Yay for representation of black lesbians) #revoultionarychick with #revoultionarydudes 

 Elle Varner-

she is a singer/songwriter who makes very real very relatable songs. Her songs are her and a guitar for most of them. She is also not afraid to talk about touchy subjects. Another great one to listen to. #revoultionarychick


Tracy Chapman- 

Tracy is a folk/R&B singer who is big in being an uplifting voice. She has been going strong since the ’80s and is a figure in the African American & gay community. Her is voice is very soothing and she beautiful. 






she is a singer hailing from Sweden who came out last summer. Her music is very pop/R&B with some electronic influences and a good message to it. #revoultionarychick 


This is the band of Zoe Kravitz, Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet’s daughter. It’s a great band that got that rock-pop vibe with an electronic feel to it plus her vocals are on point. Zoe has learned from her parents well. She learned from her mom on the fashion front and being very creative with her style and from her dad on the music front and how to be a great musician. Plus when you’ve got one of the original Cosby kids as your mom and two really hot dads (Lenny Kravitz and Jason Mamoa) you win in my book. #revolutionarychick 

 Emeli Sande-

EMELI SANDE at Premiere of The Great Gatsby 

she is an English R&B/soul vocalist out of Britain who started making some noise but I feel like not the kind of noise she should have as she came on the scene commercially right after Adele. Her vocals are amazing though! It’s kind of neo-soulish in a way but very good. She is another great female singer not afraid to tackle difficult issues in her music. I love her! Check her out. #revolutionarychick 

 Janelle Monáe-


Janelle is an inspiration to girls of color everywhere. From her natural hair to her suit and tie to her incredible dance moves she makes it less about looks and more about the music. Growing up in Kansas City to working parents she adopted the suit & how it represents the everyday person. She feels a responsibility to her community and to young people everywhere to give them a positive outlook on life. She has won the 2012 Black Girls Rock! Young, Gifted and Black Award and is a spokes person for Covergirl. #revolutionarychick 

Other Women Who Inspire Me: 

Angelina Jolie- 

She is one of my idols. The humanitarian work that she does being the mainstream is amazing. What I love the most is that despite the fact that she is famous she does this work out of her heart and that she really cares. Plus she cares a lot about women’s rights. Oh and if that’s not enough Angelina is a super cool mom who lets her children express themselves in any way that feels right to them and that is a true parent. 







MIA is a Sir Lankan hiphop artist who ties political lyrics into her rhythms. She talks about wars, politics, racism and more with very danceable beats. Listen to it on Spotify or YouTube and her other music and you decide. I think she is a bright talent and we need that especially in the hip-hop game today. 

Ellen DeGeneres-

is so funny and a real inspiration. Ellen is the bomb and is so comfortable being herself in a world full of fake people. I love her spirit and her willingness to stand up for what she believes in. If you take away that fact that she is gay you would just have an awesome person and the fact that she is gay just adds to the fact that she is so awesome.




Harry Potter fans I love me some Emma Watson and not just because she is a feminist and awesome. I loved her as Herminie in Harry Potter and she is just a really amazing person. I wonderful actress who speaks her mind about issues that are important to her. 



is a pop-punk band out of Tennessee. They recently have won a Grammy for their song Ain’t it Fun off their 2013 self-titled album Paramore. They have also recently rereleased their self-titled album with a few new tracks and some live recordings at Red Rocks in Denver. I like this album a lot as it is a very therapeutic record. It talks about growing up, learning to be happy and sort through all the bs in between. Favorite Songs: Fast In My Car, Now, Grow Up, Moving On, Ain’t it Fun, Still Into You, Anklebiters, Holiday, I’m Not Angry Anymore, Be Alone New Songs: Escape Route & Native Tongue Haley has a beautiful voice and her growing pains and beauties and how she describes them on the album as a 23 year old women going these it’s helpful to know someone else is going through them too. 


The indie electro pop band from England Florence + the Machine is putting out an album on June 6th called How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. They put out a few promos songs & videos from the album. I like the melodic sound of group and Florence Welsh’s vocals are so hauntingly beautiful. It feels like a very artistic band. New Songs: What Kind of Man & How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful I am very excited about this new album and the new songs sound great! 



The Bridge- Skulastic
A hiphop tune that make you like you went back in time to the more pure hiphop. It’s a great tune if you love the old skool. 



Books to Read: 

Revolutionary Women: A Book of Stencils by- Queen of the Neighborhood Collective
A radical feminist history and street art resource for inspired readers! This book combines short biographies with striking and usable stencil images of thirty women activist, anarchists, feminists, freedom-fighters, and visionaries. Queen of the Neighborhood is an all-women collective of writers, researchers, editors, and graphic designers originally hailing from Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Ok so here is some music, interviews & more from some amazing ladies! Till Next Time Girl Power! 💁🌸✊ #revolutionarychicks 



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